Tina Kotek Is The Original Defund The Police Candidate

Tina Kotek Is The Original Defund The Police Candidate

Tina Kotek Is The Original Defund The Police Candidate

As the date closes in, the state of Oregon looks to three women as their future governor: Republican Christine Drazan, Independent Betsy Johnson and Democrat, Tina Kotek.

And while Kotek is trying to walk back her “Defund the Police” wack (as illustrated in Wednesday night’s last gubernatorial debate), The Portland Police Association’s president, Sgt. Aaron Schmautz, is making sure Kotek’s words and actions come back to haunt.

A little of the back-story here. Republican candidate, Christine Drazan, dubbed Tina Kotek “The Original Defund The Police Candidate”. Take a look:

I mean, she’s not wrong. Kotek’s response to this charge?

When people call 911, they need to feel safe and have the right response at the right time. I’ve always supported our state police.”-Tina Kotek

In fact, she’s always been a supporter of the police and law enforcement, so she says.

Liar, liar, there’s a building on fire in downtown Portland somewhere…right, Tina?

On one such occasion, (Kotek) responded that the police response to an overt attempt to burn down a building – that was adjacent to multiple businesses and houses – was ‘just an empty building,’ and that the force used to defend that building was inappropriate. I think that just demonstrated a lack of focus. And it demonstrated a lack of support for law enforcement.” -Aaron Schmautz

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire. C’mon everybody, let it burn. So happy the Internet is forever:

How about the “actions” of the protestors on those hot summer nights of 2020, Tina? Bricks, ball bearings, paint-filled items, bottles and rocks were among the items thrown at officers during these-(ahem)-“protests”. These “protestors” also destroyed innocent residents’ property, pointed lasers and threw Molotov cocktails at cops, and pretty much wrecked the City of Portland.

Completely unacceptable of the cops to step in and attempt to stop this, says Tina.

Then, there was her staffer, Kristina Narayan, who was arrested along with 58 others during a demonstration that broke out on a Saturday night in September where rioters hurled firebombs, rocks, and mortars toward police officers. Was this unacceptable in the mind of Tina Kotek?

Of course not. A great progressive Democrat like Tina Kotek knows a stellar Marxist soldier when she sees one. Kristina Narayan was just practicing her “freedom of expression”, apparently.

Every person – including members of my staff – has the right to stand up for what they believe and engage in nonviolent resistance. Kristina’s experience is similar to what other Portlanders have experienced over the last few months. We need peace and accountability.”-Tina Kotek

Tina Kotek’s campaign was quick to come to the rescue for Fox News Digital:

Tina has always supported funding for local law enforcement, and as Governor, she will work with them to make our communities safer. In contrast, Christine Drazan is tying herself to violent extremists – including a far-right militia leader and the guy who helped bankroll the Jan. 6 rally. Tina is the only candidate for governor who will keep Oregon families safe and stand up to extremists.”- communications director Katie Wetheimer

Umm, Katie? Instead of pointing to your opposition, perhaps you should remove your blinders. Honest question: is Antifa rioting in the streets just a “practice of freedom of expression” or are they actually violent extremists?

With the homicide rate increasing as much at 219 percent in the city of Portland from 2019 to the present date, we hardly think families in Oregon are any safer. During this time of increased criminal activity to include homicides, shootings, thefts, homelessness and drug addiction in the state of Oregon, Tina Kotek was not living under a rock. She was in the thick of Oregon politics. She watched this happen. She pretty much condoned it. She sided with the violent extremists and employed thugs as her staffers. Tina Kotek has not yet stood up to extremists. She never will.

Let’s not even talk about drug decriminalization in Oregon (Measure 110). Got crack? No problem. Tina Kotek is not quite ready to give up on this disaster experiment of letting addicts wander around with a small amount of poison on their person. “Decriminalizing drugs will keep an addict from suffering the harsh consequences of their actions and possibly being thrown in jail”, as the story goes. This leniency, supposedly, makes a drug addict actually want to go to treatment! And this…this good will has made the city streets of Portland so much safer for our families, don’t you think?

Then, there’s this Tweet from Tina that has not aged well at all. Here is where she spins the story about how “unacceptable” student scores are in the state of Oregon (after she largely supported COVID lockdowns):

Kotek has been a close ally of the powerful teachers’ unions in the state and repeatedly led votes along party lines to block Republican-led efforts to reopen the state’s schools.

Unacceptable. Kotek sure likes that word. You know what else is unacceptable, Tina? Crappy test scores and kids who don’t know how to read.

Oregonians, if you want more of The People’s Republic of Oregon (AKA Kate Brown the Second), then go ahead and vote for Tina Kotek, The Original Defund The Police Candidate. Here’s to hoping there are some sane folk still living in that state who have perked up and listened to Tina Kotek when she spouts off about people having “the right to stand up for what they believe and engage in nonviolent resistance”.

In fact, we all should stand up for what we believe in and engage in nonviolent resistance the way we know how. No bricks, no bottles, no lighting stuff on fire. Just a check in a box, a sealed envelope, and it’s all good. It’s time to pull Oregon (and some of our other states) out of their wretched existence because if they stay the way they are, that would be…well…


Photo Credit: Tony Miller via Wikimedia Commons/Creative Commons Public Domain Mark Owner

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