TikTok Influencer Gives Illegals “Tips” On Home Invasion And Squatters Rights

TikTok Influencer Gives Illegals “Tips” On Home Invasion And Squatters Rights

TikTok Influencer Gives Illegals “Tips” On Home Invasion And Squatters Rights

An illegal alien is using TikTok to provide illegal aliens with tips on home invasion info and squatters rights. Yes, you read that correctly. Illegal aliens are being provided with directions on where they can invade a home, squat, and leave homeowners with zero recourse. 

A migrant TikToker with a 500,000-strong online following is offering his comrades tips on how to “invade” unoccupied homes and invoke squatter’s rights in the United States.

Venezuelan national Leonel Moreno, who goes by the handle @leitooficial_25 on TikTok and Instagram and appears to live in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio, said in a recent video that under US law, “if a house is not inhabited, we can seize it.”

He appeared to be referring to adverse possession laws, commonly known as squatter’s rights, which grant unlawful property occupants rights over the property they occupy without the owner’s consent.

Well, that will certainly cause legal, monetary, and potentially physical danger problems to the property owners. Furthermore, this could pose a danger to realtors and their clients if they walk into a home and find themselves face to face with illegal aliens. Especially when you have judges ruling that illegals CAN own guns here in the United States!

It’s already happening. 

The fact is, she was arrested and the squatter, who had only been in the home for LESS THAN A WEEK, had more “rights” than the lawful property owner according to the laws of the State of New York. Yes, really. 

How DARE she, the lawful homeowner with an actual property deed in hand, change the locks so that no one can break in?

Less than 10 minutes after police left and the locks were changed, the man who claimed to be the one actually leasing the house showed up with another man police already escorted off the property. They pushed through the front door.

“Do you see this this guy just literally broke down my door, broke through myself and my daughter,” Andaloro said.

Police showed up a second time and told Andaloro “he can’t be kicked out, you have to go to court.” They consider it to be a landlord-tenant issue and by law, it has to be handled through housing court and not with police.

Because Andaloro changed the locks, they arrested her for unlawful eviction.

The problem is, with these leftist laws in New York, someone can arbitrarily break into a home, start living there, and be given a pass on everything, even if they have ZERO paperwork showing they have a right to be there. 

No rental agreement? No problem

No utilities in their name? No problem

No title or property deed? No problem

Damage to the property? Squatters aren’t liable

The lawful property owners are left holding the bag, while the squatters – especially illegal aliens, get away scot free. 

Quite honestly, invading a home and living there is against the law. It SHOULD be against the law everywhere, but it isn’t. Yes, unfortunately, most if not all states in this country have laws giving squatters rights over lawful property owners. 

And here’s the problem with these laws, which Leonel Moreno is urging illegal aliens to take full advantage of:

Squatters are people who begin living on a property that does not belong to them.

After a period of time, which varies by locality, squatters can become protected by “squatter’s rights,” which makes removing them more difficult. Longer stays can even result in adverse possession, which transfers ownership of the property to the squatter.

In order to get a squatter off of a property, owners may have to go through the legal process of eviction.

The best deterrent to having squatters is conducting regular property inspections and implementing security measures.

In New York, and I’d imagine quite a few other liberal states such as Massachusetts, Oregon, Michigan, Washington… the squatters have MORE rights than the lawful property owners! 

It’s not simply showing the legal property deed, showing that there was never a lease agreement signed, or that utilities were never put into the squatter’s names. Nope, the property owner is the one who has to jump through months and YEARS of legal hoops to get these cretins removed from property that IS NOT THEIRS. 

Keep in mind, issues with squatters is not just a uniquely illegal alien issue. It’s happened before and since with Americans themselves breaking the law, causing destruction, and driving legal homeowners into bankruptcy. Furthermore, many blue states (and even some red) put a moratorium on evictions during the pandemic, which ALSO penalized property owners. 

But now we have illegal aliens themselves giving tips on how to invade the lawful homes of Americans and invoke squatters rights, leaving the property owners high and dry. 

It’s absolutely offensive that illegal aliens are being given greater rights over that of Americans. And the Biden Administration doesn’t give a damn. 

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  • Hmm… Perhaps homeowners should be watching episodes of “Breaking Bad.” Some people have told me that those shows give excellent advice on the proper disposal of evidence.

  • Blackwing1 says:

    So what the collectivist/statist/authoritarians actually WANT is for the homeowners to forcibly “evict” the squatters, and then arrest the law-abiding owners as criminals (see Rand’s “when we don’t have enough crimes we simply make them up”).

    What is really going to happen will be goons-for-hire who quietly “disappear” the squatters for a fee, particularly after a few home-owner amateurs get caught doing it on their own. Whether the squatters are beaten, crippled or killed is of zero interest to the c/s/a’s since they have no concern for the welfare of the squatters, only for the power and control over the law-abiding home-owners that they regard as the “little people”.

  • Blackwing1 says:

    On t’other hand, maybe there’s now a market for “professional” squatters that you could hire to occupy your home for a very low fee, while the owners are still paying for utilities. They would maintain the property (yard and house), keep it occupied, and leave when the need for them is over. Given the cost of short-term rentals, getting a “certified and bonded squatter” (so that you’d have a guarantee that they’d leave) should be no problem.

    In any major city you’v got a plethora of college students who would love to take advantage of such a situation for anywhere between a few weeks to a few months or even a year, if that’s how long it took to dispose of the property. Not only are their rent and utilities paid but they’d get a little cash for doing minimal work, and giving them the opportunity to learn how to take care of a house.

    I’m sure the blue states will find a way to declare the hiring of house-sitters to prevent squatters to be unlawful somehow.

    • GWB says:

      You might run afoul of one issue, though, in what I wrote below. Many jurisdictions have broken contract law such that it doesn’t really bind the payer. Much like a rental agreement, they could go wailing to a bleeding-heart judge and have your contract nullified.

      And don’t think the regular squatters wouldn’t soon be trying to get hired in those positions. Then you’re REALLY screwed.

      And, note what my solution is below (if you are in a jurisdiction where the squatter has more rights than the owner), as connected to your possible answer above.

  • GWB says:

    Yes, unfortunately, most if not all states in this country have laws giving squatters rights over lawful property owners.
    This is only sortof true. In almost every locality still practicing “common law” there has always been a rule that if someone inhabits abandoned property, continuously, and (often) making any improvement in said property, after a certain period of time that property becomes theirs.
    In common law, that occupation was usually 7 years. IOW, the owner had to really have abandoned the property. If the owners (or owner’s agents) showed up anywhere in that time and told the squatters to get off, it was treated as a trespass issue. If they didn’t immediately leave, you called the police and they were forcibly removed.
    And,this is right and good. It enforces the concept that if you own property you had best be actually using it, or a settler might come along and make it theirs by using it. (Note the requirement in common law to have made improvements – you built a house on land, you created a field and sowed crops, etc.)
    But, the left came along and decided that squatters (by virtue of being ‘underdogs’, I guess) were victims. Then they conflated “squatter’s rights” with “evicting tenants” (people with whom there is a contract) and birthed a whole new pile of malarkey. And they had help with that by some libertarians as related to leased gov’t property.

    put a moratorium on evictions during the pandemic
    Yes, and that was a violation of the takings clause. Period. But remember there is also a difference between tenants with whom you have a contract and that relationship falls under contract law, and squatters who only have right (under just law) by virtue of abandonment. Part of where the injustice comes in is by 1) weakening owners’ rights under contract and 2) conflating squatters with tenants.

    My answer is this (because I live in a state that is still nominally free):
    You approach the house and determine some squatters have moved in. You then plan an approach while they are not present to approach and re-enter the property. Once you have done so, ensure you can prevent entry through doors and encamp. Armed. The moment they force entry, shoot them down – they are invading an occupied dwelling and are obviously a threat. And, you solve not only your home invasion problem, but possibly the threat to your neighbors’ property, too.

  • Cactus Jack says:

    If they are on my property they will be able to squat in a six foot deep hole somewhere on the hundreds of acres out back.

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