Theme Of Trump’s State Of The Union Speech: “Choosing Greatness”

Theme Of Trump’s State Of The Union Speech: “Choosing Greatness”

Theme Of Trump’s State Of The Union Speech: “Choosing Greatness”

In the midst of the understandable backlash regarding the abortion bills put forth in New York and Virginia, along with Wreck-It Ralph’s KKK/Blackface debacle, the White House has been working on Trump’s State Of the Union speech. It’s overarching theme is a positive one. “Choosing Greatness”

Despite the potential for another government shutdown and President Donald Trump’s threat to declare a national emergency, the White House said Friday that his State of the Union address on Tuesday will take an optimistic tone — presenting “an inspiring vision of American greatness” and a call for bipartisanship in a divided Congress.

A senior administration official told reporters the speech is titled “Choosing Greatness” and outlined five themes that the president is expected to zero in on during the speech; including immigration, trade, infrastructure, health care and protecting America’s national security.

I’m sure the Democrats and media are already working on the spin regarding the theme and anything he’ll have to say during the speech. In fact, ABC News is already trying to spin one of the excerpts that was shared with them.

“Together we can break decades of political stalemate, we can bridge old divisions, heal old wounds, build new coalitions, forge new solutions and unlock the extraordinary promise of America’s future,” the president will say, according to the excerpt. “The decision is ours to make.”

Though the excerpt suggests the likelihood for a verbal, symbolic olive branch to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the new Democratic House majority, it’s unclear whether the president will present any new positions in terms of compromising on contentious issues like immigration and health care.

He’s likely to face an icy reception from many members in the chamber, after saying on Twitter Thursday that the Democrats “are becoming the Party of late-term abortion, high taxes, Open Borders and Crime!”

Well guess what? The Democrats ARE the party of abortion, crime, high taxes, and open borders.

Congressman Dan Crenshaw went to the border to see for himself what is going on. Everything he saw is the very opposite of the Democrat/media spin.

Keep in mind, just the other day a truck was stopped at a border crossing. What was hidden in it? Enough fentanyl to kill well over 38 million people. Senator Tom Cotton makes a good but very uncomfortable point.

Will Trump declare a national emergency regarding the border during or after his State of the Union speech? We will find out later this week.

Trump also plans to discuss foreign policy which will include the topics of Venezuela and North Korea. He’ll discuss healthcare and quite frankly I hope he slams the Medicare for all crap espoused by Bernie, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Kamala Harris, and the others.

Will he discuss abortion? I hope he does. He was correct when, on the campaign trail he stated that abortion rips babies from the womb. As we’ve now seen in New York, Virginia, and Rhode Island, the Democrats don’t care about the sanctity of life. They are the party of death and I truly hope Trump calls them on the carpet in his speech.

Personally I like the theme “Choosing Greatness.” We are a Republic of ideals and higher aspirations. We are a Republic that should always strive for the best in us. We are a Republic that is a beacon of hope and freedom for many.

In my opinion, “Choosing Greatness” means choosing life. It means choosing strong defense and security. It means choosing to honor and uphold all that is espoused in our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.

The State of the Union address is on Tuesday February 5, 2019. Will you be watching? I will.

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