The Resistance: Divorce Your Republican Husbands!

The Resistance: Divorce Your Republican Husbands!

The Resistance: Divorce Your Republican Husbands!

The Resistance is upon us. November is coming. All ye fair maidens of the land unite…it’s time to divorce that ogre you married who voted for Donald Trump!

At least feminist author, first of her name, warrior of women, Jill Filipovic seems to think so.

Filipovic sung the praises of Stormy Daniels, calling her a “feminist hero“:

But the country is also watching her dogged refusal to be quiet and her unflagging insistence that she isn’t the one who should be embarrassed. We’re seeing a woman who refuses to wear either a scarlet letter or a superwoman cape, and she stands in sharp contrast to a self-aggrandizing president who may face serious consequences once this all unspools.

Forgive me for bringing out the claws but I don’t exactly think “champion” when I think of someone who demeans themselves by having sex on-camera and moaning loudly for money.

Filipovic, political writer for Cosmo, who said all men who voted for Trump hate their wives:

“Reminder to women: A lot of men who hate Hillary Clinton hate her because they hate you, too. Yes, including your Trump-voting husband.”

And so it continues, the crusaders in their pink pussy hats and vagina costumes would like you to divorce you truck-drivin’, gun-toting’, tobacco-chewin’, Trump-votin’ husband. Why? Because, Brett Kavanaugh.

But we shouldn’t be surprised at all, right? This remark isn’t too outrageous and we’ve seen this before, ladies:

You see, women married to Republicans, you were shamed into voting for Trump by the brutish men you are married to. You were cowering in the corner and so afraid that your big, bad husbands were going to “discipline” you for voting for a woman such as Hillary Clinton. You were quaking in your boots so much that you blindly made that check in the box for a the man on the Republican ticket back in 2016. It’s time to fight back! Get yourself a Michael Avenatti and serve that big, bad, sperm-donor of a man some divorce papers! After all, you don’t want the disapproval of Queens Hillary and Michelle, do you? Go on, divorce or off with their heads!

These poor excuses for women need to stop. Really. Especially Filipovic who went from feeling outraged over wolf whistling to wondering why men no longer find her aging appearance attractive. Make up your mind, woman! Personally, the closest I got to divorcing my (very Conservative, Republican) husband was when he hauled my butt up Mt. Fuji in Japan in the middle of the night back in 2010. Yep. It was at about Station 8 up the Yoshida trail when I uttered the “d” word at him peppered with several colorful curses.

Confession: I was not a declared Republican when my husband and I met. In fact, I was still believing some of the dung that was spoon-fed to me during my time in college and in the media field. I was a registered Democrat and changed my party of affiliation to Republican in 2001. What happened? I met perhaps the most selfless man and Marine. One who would give every thing to fight for those he loves and even for strangers to keep our country safe. I met a man who was not afraid to pray, to laugh at himself and to cry. I met a man of character who is a man of his word, a man of integrity. This is the man I married who is a wonderful husband and father, my fiercest advocate and my best friend.

Wow. And now, I take a trip down memory lane. To think how I missed out on sooooo much by being married to my uptight Republican husband! (Sarcasm meter is running high here, folks…)I probably would have been saddled with the stoner who called me a “manipulative c—” after I put my foot down and told him that I wasn’t going to drive his drunk, lazy a$$ to deliver illegal substances to his high school BFF so she and her husband could smoke it up in front of their kids. Registered Democrat. I could have ended up with the narcissistic schmuck who emotionally abused me and told me (after I found him in a compromising position with an underage girl) that he wanted something more “cerebral”. Registered Democrat. I could have ended up with a slew of pretentious jackasses who all thought they were more superior than I. The costume designer. The poet. The musician. The philosopher. All registered Democrats. Yet, according to this screwed up logic, any woman who believes in equality for women does not belong voting Republican and/or being married to someone who does. Jill Filipovic says so.

Ladies from both sides of the aisle, you have every right in this great country to vote for whomever you choose, to claim whatever party you choose. But ladies on the opposite side of the aisle, huddle in for just a moment. Think about this and use your God-given brains. I mean, after all, why on Earth would you take advice from someone who writes for a magazine that provides equally as bad and ridiculous advice on self-esteem and sex? Just saying.

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  • Darleen Click says:


    Single ladies? Are you reading this? Here’s a dating tip: The worst males are the ones who claim they are “feminist”.

  • John C. says:

    I do not have any objection to a female President; if Nikki Haley runs, I will vote for her happily. My objection to Hillary Clinton is that she is HILLARY CLINTON, a dangerously corrupt politician who happens to be female. But since the “progressives” believe in the group rather than the individual, obviously my only possible objection to her is that I can’t stand the thought of strong women. Hell, I married one.

  • Jim says:

    ‘The worst males are the ones who claim they are “feminist”.’

    Are they actually male or have they been psychologically gutted by the Sisters of Grievance whom they are terrified?

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