The New Playboy Club and a Feminist Beer Hall, Really

The New Playboy Club and a Feminist Beer Hall, Really

The New Playboy Club and a Feminist Beer Hall, Really

Times Square in New York City is known as the Crossroads of the World. Between 42nd and 47th Streets, there can be found anything your heart desires. And I do mean anything. Me, I want a lounge chair, a bucket of buttered popcorn and a tub of Diet Soda. I want them right in front of the new Playboy Club, which is next door to the Cachet Boutique Hotel, which is next door to a Feminist-themed beer joint. You want in on this too, right?

“The New York Post” writer Jennifer Gould Keil thinks that things could get awkward:

This could get awkward.

A feminist-themed beer hall is opening next month on West 42nd Street — and it will be located just two doors down from the new Playboy Club.

Treadwell Park, a popular craft-beer joint, is opening a 6,500-square-foot location at 510 W. 42nd St. with a 200-square-foot tasting room that will celebrate women’s contributions to the history of beer — from Ninkasi, the Sumerian goddess of beer, to Hildegard of Bingen, the 12th-Century German mystic and brewmaster.

“The goal of this room is to highlight and share just how influential women have been to beer, starting from the beginning,” says beverage director Anne Becerra.

And, beer has been influential in getting some women a “date”, as in beer goggles. Sorry, not sorry.

Will they have a beer named “Toxic Masculinity”? Hmmm? Are men allowed to drink feminist beer? Is that gender appropriation?

Can you believe they are leaving out St. Pauli Girl? Is she not at least as high-tone as Ninkasi of Sumeria or Hildegard of Bingen? Maybe if she changed her name to Girl of St. Pauli they would let her play.

More from “The New York Post”:

Meanwhile, as exclusively reported by The Post in June, a new, luxurious flagship of the Playboy Club — a 14,000-square-foot mammary mecca that’s angling to introduce millennials to Hefner-style decadence — is slated to open in mid-September at 508 W. 42nd St., just a few steps away.

The hiring pool for both establishments will be HIlarious. Birkenstocks and braids versus high heels and pert breasticles. Dig this video from 1962 in which Barbara Walters, several dozen faces ago, tries out the Bunny World of Playboy.

What if, when leaving the Playboy Club a gentleman happens to meet a young woman leaving the Feminist Beer Joint and wishes to debate her. Since debating is the new catcall or wolf whistle, how offended will she be? And, oh, the delicious pictures to be gotten the next morning in front of The Cachet Hotel. That is, assuming the woman agreed to the debate and that the debate was a level playing field, intellectually. Negotiations could have taken all night, if you take my meaning. If I were on the staff of “Page Six” at “The New York Post”, I would have a photographer on permanent stake out in the 500 block of West 42nd Street.

Will the feminist beer servers repair to the Playboy Club after work? The Playboy Bunnies cannot go to Treadwell Park. A beer belly would not work with a Bunny Suit.

Better order your lawn chair and buttered popcorn now. It could get crowded.

Write your own jokes in the comments. I am sure y’all are far more clever than I.

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  • GWB says:

    I want to see the feminists come out and try to protest and block the playboy entrance, then the bunnies come out and beat them up.
    Yes, I guess that’s patriarchal male privilege violence, or something. I don’t care.
    Just don’t let the NYC cops catch you taking bets.

  • Wfjag says:

    The feminist beer garden two doors down from the Playboy Club – so lesbians will have two places to go ogle. What’s the problem?

  • Not bob says:

    “Dare to beer” could be the slogan for both clubs. Perhaps, after the obligatory “vaginal yeast” IPA, the brewery could offer an estrogen-gin and tonic.

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