Texas Lawmakers Scuffle After GOP Rep Calls ICE On “Sanctuary City Law” Protesters [VIDEO]

Texas Lawmakers Scuffle After GOP Rep Calls ICE On “Sanctuary City Law” Protesters [VIDEO]

Texas Lawmakers Scuffle After GOP Rep Calls ICE On “Sanctuary City Law” Protesters [VIDEO]

Over the Memorial Day weekend, I found myself in more than one debate over whether or not Montana’s newly-elected representative, Greg Gianforte, should have placed his hands on a reporter who reportedly shoved a mic in his face. While I support the right to self defense without question, no one knows what really happened in that room between Guardian reporter, Brad Jacobs, and Gianforte aside from the two of them and a couple of witnesses whose memories may or may not be accurate. I’m of the opinion that Gianforte should have either called security or the police, whichever was appropriate to his situation. I know that this has become the unpopular opinion as of late, but the reporter, as far as I know, was just doing what reporters do: asking a question. Was he rude? Maybe. But so what? The guy was practicing his First Amendment right. So if Gianforte can’t handle obnoxious reporters, then the dude ought to consider another line of work. Which brings me to my point: as most of the nation was observing Memorial Day yesterday, in the Texas state capitol at least two legislators from either side of the aisle got into a heated exchange, with one allegedly threatening bodily harm on the other, and the other allegedly promising to assert his Second Amendment right to self defense. From Legal Insurrection:

Demonstrators outside the Texas legislature protesting the state’s new sanctuary city law. (Photo Credit: ABC News)
[Monday] was the last day of the Texas legislative regular session. But before the typical closing ceremonies were held, a near brawl broke out between lawmakers.

Stoked by anti-SB 4 protestors, Democrat and Republican lawmakers exchanged harsh words and a few shoves. Senate Bill 4 is the state’s Sanctuary City bill, which would require local and campus law enforcement to comply with federal immigration communication laws, or be subject to civil and criminal penalties. Governor Abbott signed the bill into law earlier this month.

At the center of the SB-4 conflict was Republican state Rep. Matt Rinaldi, who said he called Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on protestors carrying “I am illegal and here to stay” placards. After being manhandled and harassed (Rinaldi claims), he responded to an alleged threat on his person by saying he would respond to any attempts on his life by shooting the offending Representative in self-defense.

As you can see in the video, it appears the Democrats were the physical aggressors. Cuz Rinaldi is a big, racist meanie who says unkind things, or something.

Here’s Mr. Rinaldi’s statement on the incident…

…and Mr. Romero’s:

SB-4 protesters filled the entirety of the Texas House gallery. (Photo Credit: ScreenShot)

“Let me be clear.” Straight outta the Liberal Cliché manual. Translation: Most of what I’m about to say is pure bull-pucky.

One of these two men is fact-challenged. So which one is it? Given their vastly different memories of the incident, it’s difficult to tell without a lie detector test or a little expert statement analysis whose version is closest to the truth. Regardless, we’re likely to hear more in the coming days, and the truth is guaranteed to lie somewhere in between. Suffice it to say, Mr. Rinaldi, as he stated, is now under DPS protection. So to warrant that level of security, there must be a pretty compelling reason.

What a great example the lot of them are setting for our impressionable children, eh? Something tells me threatening your colleagues on the House floor is a big no-no, but it seems Democrats, and some Republicans, are increasingly of the belief that violence is an acceptable response to ideological differences.

Meanwhile, here are the highs and lows from this year’s Texas legislative session (scuffle video at 3:28):

And might I just say…WOW on the forced HPV vaccination of foster children. Seems Democrats are totalitarian loons all over the globe, but I digress.

While it’s yet another case of he said/he said, this country is at the boiling point. Mr. Rinaldi was perfectly within his rights to contact ICE on those who openly bragged that they are residing in our country illegally, if in fact they were. Was it a wise choice? Maybe. Maybe not. You make the call. Regardless, his actions, wise or otherwise, don’t rise to a physical assault on the Democrat representatives any more than the Guardian reporter’s did (again, as far as I know) in the Gianforte/Guardian journalist incident. People, we have to be better than this. Our message is the logical, smart, common sense, provably-workable one; theirs is nothing but an unprincipled mass of power-hungry gobbledly-gook replete with violent rhetoric and fear mongering with a long trail of failure behind it. It’s all they have. Their power has been historically diminished. They know it; and they want it back, by any means “necessary.” Yes, I want the Republicans in power; I also want them to keep their damned promises, which they’ve failed to do as of yet. But am I willing to resort to physical violence in order to force my will on to others? No. And I’ll be damned if I become what far too many on the Left are: a bunch of lawless, whiny, emotional, violence-prone, lie-spewing children stomping their feet because they didn’t get their way. And that’s just flat-out gross.

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  • Scott says:

    Great post Jodi. I’d bet there’s some video / audio of the house floor, and as you pointed out, the DPS protection likely doesn’t come without reason.. People, including politicians need to learn to be civil in their disagreements, you can’t threaten violence just because someone disagrees with you (now if the R was actually threatened, his promise to exercise his 2nd Amendment rights in order to defend himself was totally justified, IMO) As for him calling ICE, PERFECT! the sjw howler monkeys keep saying it’s not realistic to deport all the illegals.. well maybe not, but when they gather together, and proclaim themselves as illegals, why would you not take advantage of it? If we allow (or as the dims reportedly did, encourage illegals to break the law, IN a state capitol) then the rule of law means nothing..

  • GWB says:

    the reporter, as far as I know, was just doing what reporters do: asking a question.

    Jodi, not a single version of events has that as all the reporter was doing. He entered a room he was invited into, and he shoved his phone into Gianforte’s face. That might not be enough to warrant an a**-whupping, but it certainly is more than “asking a question”.

    The guy was practicing his First Amendment right.

    No, he was arguably committing assault. If you enter my house uninvited and start screaming in my face or shoving a recorder in it, you are NOT exercising your first amendment rights.

    Rep Romero’s statement is patently false from the get-go, since he claims they were all citizens – despite the signs proclaiming the illegal presence of many of those protesters. (Unless, of course, the protesters were liars – which I wouldn’t put past them.) So, everything after that is questionable – at best.
    Also, Rinaldi was right that the protesters don’t love America. They want America to be Mexico. Or some other country. So, clearly they do NOT love America.

    WOW on the forced HPV vaccination of foster children.

    And the HPV vaccinations were when I began resisting mandatory vaccinations.

    Their power has been historically diminished.

    IMO, you’re citing facts not in evidence. But hope springs eternal.

    I say good on Rinaldi for calling ICE. And for arming himself.

    • Jodi Giddings says:

      GWB: Reporters do this garbage all the time. Again, if Gianforte can’t handle them, he should find a different line of work. We’ll have to agree to disagree.

      Agreed on Rinaldi; there’s a reason he’s under DPS protection. Mr. Romero’s version rings false to me.

      Dems have little power nationally. Here’s hoping they have even less next year.

      • GWB says:

        He entered a room he was not invited into


        While I agree that gentlemen don’t do that sort of thing (Gianforte)), when do we ever start enforcing some consequences on people being a-holes? It’s true that I shouldn’t beat the crap out of someone for poking me in the chest. But if he won’t stop, no matter what I do, when do I finally get to draw a line and say enough is enough? Eventually, he’s going to pull back a broken finger or a stump (or a sprained elbow as I arm-bar him).

        But, I understand your position and respect it.

        • Jodi Giddings says:

          Thanks, GWB. I completely understand yours, too. But it’s why pols have security or 911 on speed dial. The Left has gone bonkers, and think they’re above the law. Why wouldn’t they? They have been, at least openly, for eight long years.

          • SDN says:

            “But it’s why pols have security or 911 on speed dial.”

            Oh? How did that work out in Berkeley? or at the Portland Rose Parade? or at any of a couple of dozen colleges?

            Earth to Jodi: when one is dealing with
            any union law enforcement,
            a Democrat controlled city (like Austin),
            involving any Government Victim Group (like Hispanics / illegals),
            relying on 911 is a fools game.

            There is no such thing as rule of law in this country any more.

            • Jodi Giddings says:

              Earth to SDN: Portland? Berkeley? Rioters? Apples and oranges. The guy is a politician, in Montana; he cannot go around manhandling annoying reporters who rudely stick mics in his face. Kapiche?

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