Texas Hospitals Are Already Overloaded. Gee, I Wonder Why?

Texas Hospitals Are Already Overloaded. Gee, I Wonder Why?

Texas Hospitals Are Already Overloaded.  Gee, I Wonder Why?

The Pravda is at it again, The New York Times has the the latest Corona panic-porn headline: Texas Hospitals Are Already Overloaded. Doctors Are ‘Frightened by What Is Coming.’  It’s just so predictable.  What they don’t tell you in their Chicken Little “sky is falling” article is that federal authorities are literally busing 200 illegal immigrants A DAY to Austin and Houston after deliberately NOT testing them.  No, they want to focus on Gov. Abbott’s decision to allow legal citizens to manage their healthcare as they see fit:

“The sudden increase of infections has refocused national attention on the efficacy of masks and comes as the state’s governor, Greg Abbott, remains firm in his refusal to enact any statewide mandates requiring masks while also prohibiting local officials from doing so in their own communities. To help manage the surge, Mr. Abbott appealed this week to health care workers outside the state to travel to Texas and help the overloaded hospitals.”

Yet, a local Central Valley news article, details the logic of why they don’t want to test these illegal aliens:  

“These migrants aren’t being tested. Border Patrol doesn’t test them. We much less don’t have the infrastructure of testing and quarantining. When you test then if they’re positive then there’s an obligation there, or duty, to quarantine and that’s expensive and the NGOs don’t really have that capacity here locally,” Saenz said.”

So seriously, the Federal government under the direction of Ficus Biden, is screeching on every cable outlet they can get Fauci in front of: “WE MUST GET VACCINATED!  WE MUST WEAR MASKS AGAIN!” While simultaneously shipping randos from Central America, Mexico, Wherever (But NOT Cuba, nope – those folks are thrown under a bus, not on one.)

Yeah, if you can’t see what the plan is from this vantage point, you are either willfully ignorant or just stupid.  They MUST keep the hysteria going.  Whatever it takes.  If a few lives are lost here and there… shucks.  That’s a damn shame.  Because the Democrats know they are likely to get their asses whipped in 2022, they must fan the flames of “emergency protocols.”   This is to either justify H.R. 1’s “For the People Act” to be rammed thru Congress, or failing that, allow for another round of mass mail outs and ballot harvesting.

Civil Liberties be damned!  I was listening to Dan Bongino, as I am want to do more these days, and he was playing a recent sound-bite of Dr. (I wasn’t elected by anyone) Fauci:

“But when you’re talking about local mandates, mandates for schools, for teachers, for universities, for colleges, I’m sorry, I mean I know people must like to have their individual freedom and not be told to do something,” he said. “But, I think we’re in such a serious situation now that under certain circumstances mandates should be done.” 

And Bongino rightly pointed out that he couldn’t seem to find the “Serious Situation Clause” in the Constitution.  Go look.  I’ll wait.  No?  You don’t see it either?  Apparently RINO Arnold Schwarzenegger can.

Say’s the guy who spent years lying to his wife about a kid he kept in secret.  Yeah, I’m not sure I’d concern myself with someone who wants to act sanctimoniously about obligations and responsibilities when he couldn’t even keep his pecker in his pocket.  

What I love the most is the argument from people that I should be doing one or the other or both (get vaccinated or mask up) “For the good of OTHER people.”  My statistic risk is ridiculously low.  Like, if I had these odds to win the lottery, I’d pull all my money out of my 401K right this freaking second and buy some tickets.  But the same group of people shaming me for saying “My Body, My Choice” are the same ones advocating for restriction-free abortions.  

The last known count I could find was from 2019.  The U.S. performed roughly 888,000 abortions that year.  As of 5 HOURS ago, we’ve had 619K COVID deaths in the last 18 months or so.  If we just look at the number of COVID deaths in 2020, we ended the year at 344,000.  That’s less than HALF of the babies we knowingly and willingly kill on average each year.  If we were serious about “protecting others” then let’s quit killing children in the womb.  

Wait, you’re going to come back to “My Body, My Choice” aren’t you?    Just not MY Body.  Not MY Choice.  You know what? Go pound some sand.

It is completely clear to me that there is no serious concern among politicians about The Corona.  They cannot have it both ways, side-ways, and backwards at the same time.

  • *Get vaccinated so you can get back to “normal”
  • *Wait, vaccines don’t stop folks from spreading The COVID, wear a mask
  • *Hospitals are over run AND YOU WILL DIE!
  • *Obama can have a ginormous party without masks because he’s like a GOD
  • *DeSantis and Abbot must WANT people to die
  • *Just in case you weren’t sure, we will NEVER get back to “normal” as long as there is a risk of losing power 

So you can bet we will continue to see news that Texas and Florida hospitals are being overrun.  Children are now the super-spreaders.  We are now in an anti-anti-bullying phase of discourse now. Remember when just a few years ago, that was a BAD thing?  Guess now, not so much.

“Bullying is everywhere it Shouldn’t be!” by Jacey F. is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Featured Image: “Bullying is everywhere it Shouldn’t be!” by Jacey F. is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0, cropped and modified

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  • Bucky says:

    So basically when it comes to “migrants” and KungFlu infections the gummint policy is “don’t ask, don’t tell” because they don’t have the means of dealing with infected people coming across the border. Better to bus them into Texas and then let Gov. Abbott take the blame.

    Remember Ashli Babbitt!

  • ontoiran says:

    firing nurses and doctors who don’t want the jab may not help the situation

  • ROP says:

    Arnold ( whos relative was a Brownboot and SS officer YOUR TERMINATED!
    The evil doesn’t stop until we do as Rand Paul says and resist ! and Resist we must our country is at stake !
    Governor Abbott Needs to bus them to Washington DC Use Texas Marshalls to uphold the law and arrest these traitors.

    We are in a fight not of flesh and blood but principalities of evil
    2020 was 116th Congress
    Biden is # 46
    Biden was confirmed on Jan 6
    Fauci is the false prophet
    The TV and Dominion were the Blasphemes statues
    Biden is the prelude to the Anti christ

    If we humble ourselves and pray the LORD ! will take them out

  • GWB says:

    I think we’re in such a serious situation now
    No. We are NOT. A few people (percentage-wise) are in a serious situation. Me, I’m doing fine. As are more than a couple hundred million like me. As long as some fascist a**hole doesn’t shut down their business or turn them into an asthmatic by forcing them to wear a diaper on their face.

    “Screw your freedom…with freedom comes obligations and responsibilities.”
    Screw you, Ahnuld. I happen to think you don’t know what any of those three big words means.

    Go pound some sand.
    Awwww, you’re being nice.

    we will NEVER get back to “normal” as long as there is a risk of losing power are people who believe you can eliminate all risk

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