Teen Vogue: COVID Is Still Happening, Stay Scared

Teen Vogue: COVID Is Still Happening, Stay Scared

Teen Vogue: COVID Is Still Happening, Stay Scared

In between the windows of woke propaganda spewed out to our young, impressionable minds in Teen Vogue, comes this little nugget from “news and politics” author, young Lexi McMenamin.

Lexi, who identifies as they/them, starts her OpEd out with “Hey, did you know we’re still in a pandemic?”

Heeeyyyyy teens across America. I’m Lexi and I’m here to tell you to keep that filthy face diaper on your face even when you’re outside and not near any other human being!

Like, I get it. I really do. I’m living here in hell alongside you, trust, getting misgendered and drowning in debt and struggling to keep my mental health together like everybody else. And I’m worried I have COVID again.”-Lexi McMenamin, Teen Vogue

Like, she gets it. She is in hell because she is misgendered. (I just contributed to the living hell, apparently, so I will go forward referring to Lexi as “they” and use grammatically incorrect English because Lexi is a singular person.) The extra icing on the cake? They’s in debt and struggling to keep their mental health together-hanging by a thread. Like, this is bad, yo.

I get it, there’s a lot happening. You only need to do a quick sweep of our recent political coverage to get the gist: Politicians are coming at trans people and LGBTQ rights broadly, while cruelly targeting children; every day you go outside in America carries the risk of gun violence; and, on a random Friday in June, abortion went from being barely accessible in some parts of the country to no longer being a constitutional right. And gas is still nearly $5 a gallon.”-Lexi McMenamin, Teen Vogue

Like, this is the dysfunction we’re living in. This “news and politics” writer (and English major) claims “Politicians are cruelly targeting children” while in the same breath saying “abortion is barely accessible”. I’m, Lexi?Who’s really cruelly targeting children here? Moving right along. Lexi has been lead around the political science liberal bubble at Fordham University through her nose ring so much that they cannot even logically understand why the above is such a contradiction. They is still hyper-focused on why they may have the ‘Vid. Again. In fact, they’s convinced they has COVID again.

Maybe you’ve also had COVID at least once, and — like I did — thought that might make you protected. But with the introduction of new omicron subvariants, doctors say your immunity — even with the vaccine, booster, and a prior infection — may wane.”-Lexi McMenamin, Teen Vogue

SAY IT ISN’T SO, Lexi! You just came out and said it yourself. The vaccine does not protect against all COVID strains. Like, you get it now, right?


In comes Lexi’s supporting evidence from The Daily Beast and, all hail, Dr. Anthony Fauci:

Dr. Anthony Fauci suffered a COVID relapse after a dose of Paxlovid, and later said round two kicked him down worse than round one. But like, let’s return to office, right?? Gotta work through it! Despite doctors’ warnings that continuing to work through illness negatively affects your recovery, officials like Dr. Fauci, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, and San Francisco mayor London Breed all announced their intent to work remotely during their recent COVID bouts.”-Lexi McMenamin, Teen Vogue

Like, you self-entitled, spoiled brat who probably gets to freelance from your Brooklyn flat and wears a mask from your apartment to the corner Bodega for an oat milk run in your gentrified neighborhood.
Or perhaps, you’ve worn a mask to a local Night of Rage and then claim that you were around lots of people, may have COVID and therefore, cannot come to the office. YOU are the problem. You know, Lexi, some of us, like, don’t have a choice but to return to the office because people like you are like, running scared of your shadows and/or milking this for all its worth.

Lexi goes off on NYC Mayor, Eric Adams for saying “we need to learn to live with COVID”. Cue the hysterics and turn them up to eleven:

We actually don’t. Plenty of us simply cannot live with COVID. It will kill people. There are plenty of immunocompromised people in this country who — for more than two years — have been provided with few options besides staying inside and restricting how much they see others, which we know is unreasonably taxing on mental health.”

We’re still treating populations as disposable, and the government is still being way too cavalier with a deadly illness that has serious outcomes like long COVID, which is still being studied.-Lexi McMenamin, Teen Vogue

Like, oh my God. Treating populations as disposable? Like innocent, unborn babies, Lexi? What say you and Teen Vogue? And, don’t even talk to me about how taxing “not having any choice but to stay inside” was on school-aged children. My guess, Lexi? You’ve had the opportunity to attend in-person school through elementary, junior high, high school and college. Not sure what your excuse is for your mental dysfunction except for the fact that you are a “journalist” and you want to stir up panic with young people who read your columns as gospel, hanging on every word. Keep them insecure about their surroundings. Keep them in fear. Keep them questioning their abilities to make decisions and their identities. That will keep at least one of them from taking your job. Feed the narrative: Make them think they’re important and they’re doing something for “the collective greater good” by not socializing and wearing a muzzle. Yeah, like all of that would emotionally help them:

There are lots of problems knotted up in COVID: a faulty fixation with individualism that gets pitted against the collective; structural, systemic, and cultural ableism; and frankly, attention spans that get turned into Swiss cheese by the news cycle.

Obviously, part of what’s driving people back into public spaces is the human craving for social interaction, but it’s also hubris, enabled by a government and financial system that make too much money off our fallibility and short-sightedness to intervene.”-Lexi McMenamin, Teen Vogue

But, but, but…I thought it was important to honor the individual? Or is this just when said individual “identifies” as the opposite gender or cake or a cat? And, BINGO, there it is! Attention spans like Swiss cheese in the news cycle. Political agendas shifting. And, by the way, the government DID intervene, Lexi, and you know what happened? People in the real-world lost their businesses and thus, their ability to live and support their families. Our students are flailing and failing at social skills and at academics in school. Those who were depressed, got even more depressed during lockdowns and some who had problems with drugs and alcohol turned back to those vices. We won’t even discuss suicides.

We deserve a country that will actually do something about a problem as drastic and wide-sweeping as a pandemic. In the meantime, don’t throw out your masks. We’re all we got.”-Lexi McMenamin, Teen Vogue

If Lexi McMenamin thinks we deserve a country that would do something about anything, then why in the world did the writers at Teen Vogue stump for freaking Joe Biden? And, as far as those masks are concerned? Burn them in a bonfire. They are about as useless as government control and anything printed in any edition of Teen Vogue.

No, Lexi. You don’t get it. Like, you really don’t.

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  • Taylor says:

    To some people, 2020 was the best year of their lives. They will not let go of COVID.

  • Cameron says:

    Good grief. This woman peaked in her Sophomore year of high school and never evolved.

  • Scott says:

    And with the upcoming election, and the fear porn on the daily news, we are unquestionably living in 2020-TWO

  • Geoff says:

    It’s interesting to watch people suddenly realize a biological reality that they’ve been completely ignorant of their whole lives (and somehow now cannot deal with it); that we live in a sea of pathogens. Each day our immune system encounter a dozen or more potential infectious agents that it has to deal with. They act like this a pandemic was a previously unheard of thing in their lives (no, the last Pandemic in the US was 2009… novel influenza A H1N1 virus). Where was this author’s concern for immunocompromised people in the past when it comes to preventing the spread of other bacteria and viruses? Even things like the common-cold causing Rhinoviruses can cause death when they spread in nursing home (particularly with older adults with COPD).

  • Bill Serra says:

    Isn’t Fordham University a catholic school? Isn’t this the school that Urooj Rahman–the cop-hating felonious molotov cocktail throwing lawyer–graduated from? WTH happened to catholic schools?

    • Scott says:

      Well, the catholic church currently has a socialist as a Pope, so he’s doing his best to destroy it like all socialists do..
      Nothing like when J2P2, or Der Panzer Pope held that position..

    • Frank says:

      Scott is right, but most US Catholic colleges and universities formally declared themselves separate from Church governance back in the mid-1960’s. Cynics might suggest they did this to facilitate the receipt of tons of Federal money, but whatever the reasons, in the succeeding years most of the schools gradually gave up the mission of what was once called a “Catholic education.” This prompted Archbishop Fulton Sheen to remark that the best way to ensure your kids lost their faith was to send them to a Catholic school. He said that in the late 1970’s. Fordham still calls itself “Jesuit”, but the Jesuits were the ones who organized the rebellion, and the Jesuit schools ran faster away from upholding Church doctrines than anyone else. So I would guess this young lady is a fairly typical product of a present-day Fordham indoctri…, er, education.

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