Taylor Lorenz Offers More Excuses For Doxxing

Taylor Lorenz Offers More Excuses For Doxxing

Taylor Lorenz Offers More Excuses For Doxxing

Let’s just stipulate right off the bat that Taylor Lorenz is a sad human being who gets off on flexing her media power.

Somehow, this woman of unspecified age (she says 43 NOW, but no one can confirm anything amidst all her lies) has appointed herself the moral arbiter of all things social media, for old media. First at her previous gig at the New York Times (remember how she was allllll about fifteen year old Claudia Conway’s TikTok, even though she is now stealth-deleting old tweets), and now for her current job at the Washington Post. And as the moral arbiter for social media, Taylor Lorenz worked to dox the woman behind the “Libs of TikTok” Twitter account.

On the day of the doxxing, Lorenz offered this excuse:
You see, “Libs of TikTok” is just SO POWERFUL, that Taylor Lorenz simply HAD to expose the person behind the account for… retweeting publicly posted videos from TikTok of leftists who openly brag about what they do. Again, TikTok, like Twitter, is an open platform. If you post something there, the entire ecosystem of the internet can see it, unless you specifically protect it (but then you don’t get the dopamine rush from all those sweet, sweet clicks and views). And the videos that “Libs of TikTok” posts aren’t hidden – these are people who are LOUD AND PROUD about what they are doing. It’s just that once the spotlight is on them, we’re not supposed to notice that these are people that many parents would prefer to not have around their children.

And “Libs of TikTok” points out these people, so Taylor Lorenz calls that “power” and then doxxes the woman behind the account as an Orthodox Jew and links her real estate license in the piece. This gave the super tolerant left a name (which sent many out to harrass the WRONG person, which Lorenz acknowledged but didn’t actually tell anyone to stop) and a home address, which the Washington Post deleted and then denied that any personal details had ever been linked at all.

Then Taylor Lorenz offered another excuse – she’s just a good journalist and the right is mad about it. Nope, that one didn’t wash, either.

So here she is, on Brian Stelter’s show, offering yet another excuse. First, she continued insisting that there was no way that SHE exposed ANY personal information about the woman behind “Libs of TikTok.”

Then, she offered this doozy.

Except that this excuse conveniently ignores that Taylor Lorenz, in the course of her investigation doxxing, would have discovered that the woman behind “Libs of TikTok” was not a “foreign actor” and just a private citizen reposting what others had put up. And she STILL went forward with the doxxing, because the intent was to stop “Libs of TikTok” by siccing the mob on her, not because this was “essential” journalism and something the public absolutely NEEDED to know.

And there is something about really gross in Lorenz’s justification that this MIGHT have been a “foreign actor,” and then she deliberately makes sure her doxxing includes the fact that the woman behind the account is an Orthodox Jew. Which had absolutely NO bearing on anything, but Taylor Lorenz just wanted everyone to know that! There’s a very disgusting undercurrent to that implication.

And whether she wants to admit to it or not, Taylor Lorenz is responsible for the doxxing of the woman behind “Libs of TikTok,” the vicious and ugly harrassment of a woman with the same name who is completely unconnected to the account, and the death threat that Twitter refused to take down (because it “didn’t violate their policies”). And the mainstream media at large wonders why they have lost institutional trust. It’s because they hire people like Taylor Lorenz, and then attempt to twist the narrative to suit their purposes.

In a society that valued decency and honesty, Taylor Lorenz would never be able to work in media. Instead, she’ll probably get some kind of award for her “stunning and brave” doxxing of private citizens – which tells you all you need to know about the current decayed state of the old mainstream media.

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  • Cameron says:

    What’s even more heinous is that the people who pay her are just fine with this. They’re going to miss civility when it’s gone.

  • GWB says:

    You missed the part where the folks who helped her write the piece and helped her dox the LoTT person are paid by a foreign government. And that foreign government is… Germany.

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