Tara Reade Story Fueling Biden Speculation

Tara Reade Story Fueling Biden Speculation

Tara Reade Story Fueling Biden Speculation

The elephant in the room that the media is desperate to ignore when it comes to Joe Biden is Tara Reade. Her story is creating some real headaches for Democrats, even if they don’t want to admit it.

The media, of course, it doggedly determined to airbrush this straight off the news pages by pre-emptively declaring Biden “cleared” of all the allegations against him – even though the New York Times stealth-edited the article declaring Biden’s innocence at the behest of his campaign to delete the part that pointed out ALL THE ALLEGATIONS AGAINST HIM.

While questions are still open about Tara Reade and her claims, it is undoubtedly true that she has more circumstantial evidence in her favor than Christine Blasey Ford was ever able to produce about Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The most recent one involves a phone call that Tara Reade claimed her mother made to the “Larry King Live” show in 1993. And then a clip was discovered that looks to match up with her story.

Tara Reade confirmed that the caller was her mother.

Remember, Christine Blasey Ford named witnesses to the alleged party where she was supposedly assaulted. None corroborated the party, or that Ford even had met Kavanaugh. Tara Reade has contemporaneous corroboration, proof that she did indeed work for Joe Biden and was then demoted, and now this Larry King video. Is this definitive proof? No. Is it a whole hell of a lot more compelling than what the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee ran with against Brett Kavanaugh? Yes. What does the Biden campaign say? “No comment.” Really, what did you expect them to say? Perhaps Biden could say that he doesn’t remember Tara Reade and get away with it… but that would open yet another can of worms. And the Biden Senate records are currently in a closed archive at the University of Delaware.

The Democrats and their allies have contorted themselves into pretzels to pretend that one situation is not like the other. But some of the Bernie Bros and those on the harder left are starting to use the Tara Reade allegations to start a #DropOutBiden hashtag, supported by Hillary superfan Peter Daou.

Also pushing Biden to drop out is former Sanders surrogate Briahna Joy Gray. She will not support Biden, and is still hoping for a Bernie upset at the convention somehow while pointing out that Biden is not a palatable candidate to the hard left.

Gray told Emma Green that the Democratic primary is far from over. “The Democratic Party would like us to believe [we’re now in the general election season], and they behaved that way even before Bernie Sanders dropped out of the race. But we are, in fact, still in a Democratic-primary season. Biden is only the presumptive nominee,” she said, before adding, “And there’s all kinds of whispers and rumors about whether or not something might happen at the convention, which might mean Joe Biden isn’t even the nominee.”

“Are you talking about the Tara Reade allegations?” Green asked.”

“There’s a lot of reasons why Democrats might want to substitute a different person for Joe Biden as the nominee,” said Gray. “The Tara Reade allegation has been handled abysmally by the press. If anyone looks at this closely, then they will see reason for concern.”

Joe Biden, of course, is constrained by current events to be stuck in his basement, where he is continuing his penchant for gaffes and appearing to continually read notes to keep him focused during live interviews. While Biden currently might be up in the polls, that lead is soft and mostly due to the current cirumstances – and the fact that the media is in an all-out war with President Trump.

The media may be able to shield Biden from real questions about Tara Reade, but if this slow drip of circumstantial evidence continues, expect to hear the drumbeat of Bernie Bros and hard lefties to get louder.

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  • Joe in PNG says:

    That the Dems haven’t used this and Biden’s almost obvious senility to remove him from the race is interesting.
    It may be due to a fear of kicking off an internal civil war between the old line vs Bernie Bros.

    They may also be intending to “punt” this election- the mess from Covid 19 is going to take painful years to clean up from. Right now, they can just blame Trump for all their problems (especially the ones they created), but a win in Nov means they have to own it. Letting Orangemanbad take the hit for the next term (especially for a lot of necessary but unpopular decisions) is probably looking pretty good.

  • James Raclawski says:

    “POTENTIALLY eviscerate democrat moral relevance… ”

    that in itself is a word arrangement that only exists here on this comment squirt…. investigate the allegations.. (but you won’t you political hacks….) this should be an exercise in REALITY where as the justice kavanaugh circus(hearings) was a criminal fabrication

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  • Mona says:

    Here’s my problem with this allegation, why didn’t you bring this up while he was Vice President for 8 years? I’ve been sexually assaulted before and yes I didn’t tell anyone for a couple of years. I have a problem with this allegation because, while he was a sitting Senator you said nothing, Vice President you said nothing, he’s been out of office for almost 4 years and now as he begins to run for President you’re talking loudly and proudly. Which is suspect to me.

  • Fen says:

    ” why didn’t you bring this up while he was Vice President for 8 years? ”

    She probably did. We just didn’t hear about it because the media was gushing over Obama.

    We are only hearing about this in the first place via an article in The Union. If the media had shown no interest in reporting it, we likely still would not have heard about it:

    From The Union, April 2019: “A Nevada County woman has added her voice to a recent spate of allegations that former vice president and possible presidential candidate Joe Biden touched her when she worked in his U.S. Senate office.”

    This is also common with victims of sexual harassment and assault and fits a familiar pattern: women are silenced or stay silenced, and only when a GROUP of them start to come forward about an abuser to they come out and add their voice. Hence the meaning behind “Me Too”.

    I agree that women should handle this differently. Unfortunately for whatever reason, when women receive unwanted sexual attention at work (ranging from harassment to outright assault) they are more interested in making it stop (for them, not others) than they are in punishing the perp.

    It may be because they feel that being required to prove it will get them drug through the mud. This is commonly referred to as “the 2nd rape” by victims – a betrayal by authorities and friends that they trust who scrutinize them with the equivalent of “what were you wearing?” and “were you giving him mixed signals”.

    So this DOES follow the pattern we see in most sexual assault cases like this. I do NOT find it suspect.

    I do agree that their needs to be an informal statute of limitations on these kinds of allegations – don’t come forward 10 years later when all the evidence has been rendered circumstantial and the defendant is expected to testify where he was on some night a decade ago.

    OTOH, the Left denied Brett Kavanaugh any due process for Ford’s dramatic performance, and they should have to experience the fruits of that farce. Otherwise, they will do it again and again and again.

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