#TakeAKnee: Cowardly Roger Goodell Won’t Require Players to Stand for National Anthem

#TakeAKnee: Cowardly Roger Goodell Won’t Require Players to Stand for National Anthem

#TakeAKnee: Cowardly Roger Goodell Won’t Require Players to Stand for National Anthem
Roger Goodell: Social Justice Warrior (Photo Credit: OffTheMonsterSports.com)

Victory Girl Jenny wrote a terrific post on the player kneeling issue and its detrimental affects on our nation here. If you haven’t yet read it, please do. It’s dead on.

Meanwhile, amid some half-empty stadiums and declining television viewership, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, following two days of talks on, among other subjects, the issue of kneeling before and during games, decided he just won’t put his foot down:

And that, my friends, is the face of cowardice leading the NFL. Despite his denials, he’s decided that the NFL is now a political organization tasked with social justice, rather than a product like any other purchased by consumers.

Meanwhile, the Jaguars, who did this while in London weeks ago…

…are now oh-so-apologetic to their local military. You know what, boys? You owe the country an apology for your disrespect. Pardon me while I don’t hold my breath waiting for you to understand just how egregious your behavior was. And is. Check out how one of their own decades-long fans says he was treated when attempting to lodge a silent counter-protest:

The sign policy excludes political verbiage.

Oh, I see. Political protests are the bee’s knees for Jaguar players, but a major violation of sign rules for fans. Got it. We wouldn’t want to drag politics into the game, would we? Those double standards sure are piling up. **Massive eye roll**

It’s clear that the player protests are not going to stop. At this point, the reasons for kneeling range from police brutality, to Castro-loving Kaepernick blaming Trump for his unemployment, to the “gender pay gap” (has anyone seen a female professional football player recently? Bueller? Bueller?). It’s now more about winning a wrestling match with the sitting President of the United States. It’s small, it’s petty, and few are listening to their schizophrenic message. And what Goodell doesn’t seem to understand is that this is a fight he and the NFL are not going to win. The people are speaking with their feet:

…and with their remotes. We’re shouting to them loudly and without apology that we do not care about their politics. We’re here to be entertained, to escape reality for a few hours; not to have leftist, Marxist politics shoved into our faces by pampered millionaires, many of whom likely don’t lift a finger to help their communities in a constructive way, nor wish to discuss the very real problems plaguing communities of color: failing schools, rampant drug use, absent fathers, and a general lack of hopefulness that the American Dream is within their grasp. No, the NFL, acquiescing to its employees, has taken the George Soros side of this argument: that America is bad; America is racist; and America is not worth defending. And were the time ever to arise requiring her defense, the message is that she shouldn’t be defended. And that’s a message that’s never going to sit well with the NFL’s fan base. It’s a dangerous path they’re walking, and one the majority of Americans will not follow. After several decades of viewership, many, including me, have chosen to cease watching professional football. They’ve shown us who they really are, and it’s apparently the hill on which they’ve chosen to die. I, for one, won’t be following them off that cliff.

And as for Roger Goodwell? He’s weak, and he’s a coward. He should resign. Or be fired. Immediately. Oh, and replaced with this person:

Photo Credit: Independent Journal Review

Anyone in a leadership position who willfully allows employees to damage its brand has no business retaining a position of power and leadership. And Goodell should be held to that same standard.

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  • Johnny says:


    “I’m going to be more assertive now, as long as that’s OK with the rest of you guys…”

    Sheesh – what a milquetoast.

  • Scott says:

    Goodell has someone put wax paper on his seats, so his candy ass dont stick! F him, and the national felons league! The need to be treated like a child throwing a tantrum (which they are) ignored until they change their behavior. If they end up! collapsing and going away, that’s fine too, but in the meantime, they should damn sure loose their tax exempt status

  • Bucky Barkingham says:

    Goodell had no choice in the matter. The football thugs would disobey any mandate to stand if he made it, so then he would be shown as being even more weak than he is. IMHO the NFL is rapidly becoming like WWE.

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