CNN Commentator Thanks Cuban Soldiers on Veterans Day

For an professor and supposedly intelligent man, Marc Lamont Hill sure didn’t do his homework. Or this was a horrible, terrible, gross trolling moment. You make the…

Carly Fiorina Takes On The View

Carly Fiorina has had it with liberal women and their “double standards.” The women of the low-rated talk show “The View” decided to mock Carly Fiorina’s face…

Meet the Newly Elected Women in Congress

Meet the Newly Elected Women in Congress

For the first time the number of women in Congress will break 100. According to the Washington Post, the post-election total stands at 101, but could grow….

Post-Birth Abortion Support on the Rise on College Campuses

According to The College Fix, post-birth abortion support is on the rise on campuses across the United States. These fanatical pro-aborts are so extreme that they openly…

White House Asked Ben Carson To Apologize for Offending Obama

Someone needs to give the Obama White House a primer on a little document called the Constitution.  After Dr. Ben Carson’s highly conservative and controversial message at…

Thank you, Chris Christie, For Being a Traffic Bully

With the plethora of scandals to choose from in the Obama administration, it seems strange that anyone would care about whether or not Chris Christie allowed, directed,…

Shirtless WA State Rep. Beefcake Mike Hope is Too Sexy For the Constitution

Shirtless WA State Rep. Beefcake Mike Hope is Too Sexy For the Constitution

WA State Rep. Mike Hope, known to gun owners nationally as the “Republican” who is heading up the anti-gun legislation efforts in that state, decided to pose…

Reports Say Government is Keeping a Political Dissident List

Think detention camps.  What comes to mind?  Germany?  What about the term “political dissident”?  Probably conjures up images of Soviet Russia. The problem is you should be…

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