CNN Commentator Thanks Cuban Soldiers on Veterans Day

CNN Commentator Thanks Cuban Soldiers on Veterans Day

For an professor and supposedly intelligent man, Marc Lamont Hill sure didn’t do his homework. Or this was a horrible, terrible, gross trolling moment. You make the call.

Marc Lamont Hill is a CNN commentator, BET host, and liberal college professor. And he tried to honor veterans today by putting this picture up on Instagram and Twitter.
People quickly noticed something that the academic liberal did not – that isn’t a picture of American troops.

Hill acknowledged that he’d screwed up.

Which begs the question – how do you “just” realize that? Have you never SEEN a American soldier, sailor, or Marine before, Professor Hill?

Oh, but he CARES, Hill does. See, he takes his dad to the VA all the time.

But he couldn’t post a picture of his father, who served, on Veterans Day? He posted a picture of Cuban soldiers??

Ignorant mistake, or leftist trolling? You make the call.

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