Dinesh D’Souza’s America: Is It Also Yours?

Many of us are coming off of two weeks of exhaustive reading of legal opinions as the Supreme Court closed out its 2013-14 term. In learning how to write a legal opinion, law school students are taught to lay out the issue from the start, then present the facts, the law, the application of the facts to the law, and the conclusion as to how the issue is decided.SCOTUS If you read any of the recent Supreme Court decisions you will see this basic pattern being followed. So from the start of this article, I am presenting you with the issue: Whether the recently-released movie entitled America is worth going to see. I submit to you that the correct response to this issue is in the affirmative.

Lucky for you I am not going to structure the rest of this article as a legal argument. Instead, I have identified the issue in order to set a goal—to persuade you to go see a movie that could truly have a bearing on helping to heal the growing division in this country.

AmericaLet me also say up front that I am not being compensated in any way for writing about the movie America. There is no capitalistic incentive for me to plug the movie. Rather, as cliché as it may sound, it is patriotism and love for this exceptional country that prompt me to focus on the movie America in this week’s article.

Trust me when I say that I will not spoil the movie for you by giving substantive details. Indeed, I cannot begin to scratch the surface of all that filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza packs into this 100-minute film. But I have many friends and relatives who will not go see this movie if they hear that it is a “D-word”–documentary–or if they think it is merely a rebuke or slamming of Obama and Democrats in general. I want our Victory Girls readers to understand that this movie provides a premise that everyone, no matter their political persuasion or their lack of knowledge or interest in current events, should ponder and reflect upon. I am not being overly-dramatic in saying that the continuation of our country’s very existence depends on these issues being addressed, before they rip us apart completely.

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