Tackled: Kaepernick Gets Sacked on Iran

Tackled: Kaepernick Gets Sacked on Iran

Tackled: Kaepernick Gets Sacked on Iran

Last week, anti-Capitalist-Capitalist and NFL has-been, Colin Kaepernick was hyping up his new Nike shoes. This week, Kaepernick has turned foreign policy advisor to only get tackled multiple times.

It all started with this little ditty:

It’s our guess that Kaepernick did not study what actually led up to the Iranian Revolution in 1979 or any of the events that transpired afterwards. But, this was way before Mr. Kaepernick was even a twinkle in 1987. And we couldn’t possibly expect him to have learned about this within the school systems in his VERY white neighborhood of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin (88% white). They didn’t tackle this subject matter, I’m sure. Kaepernick couldn’t even be bothered to watch a video that is under two minutes long to give him all of the information he needs to know before spouting off.

Nevertheless, Kaepernick doubled down with yet another tweet:

America has always sanctioned and besieged Black and Brown bodies both at home and abroad. America militarism is the weapon wielded by American imperialism, to enforce its policing and plundering of the non white world.”-Colin Kaepernick

And…the defense comes in for the tackle:

Didn’t teach that at University of Nevada, did they?

Where are your Nike kicks assembled again, Colin? And how much a pop are you selling them for? Oh, yeah. That’s right. Portions of the sales go to fund organizations helping “black and brown” oppressed individuals here in The United States. Doesn’t matter Asians in China and Vietnam were oppressed in the Nike factories responsible for making them! Right. Gotcha.

I’m not sure who is expecting Kaepernick to have an ounce of class, ever, or courage for that matter. Enlist, show up and go to a boot camp? The guy could not even properly show up to a practice at the proper venue.


Suffice to say, Kaepernick has been tackled on his multiple attempts at a woke-as-a-joke touchdown. Tackled because of his dizzying intellect, no doubt. In Colin Kaepernick’s world, killing a top general of forces in Iran who has collaborated with Hezbollah and Hamas (just to name a few) is bad for “black and brown” people. Side bar: Do Iranians even call themselves “black and brown people”?! Sacking a top Iranian general who was largely responsible for killing innocent protestors (facing legitimate oppression) and American service members is bad. Taking action against a country that has blatantly lied to us multiple times and was taken at its word by at least two feckless administrations is “American imperialism”? Jimmy Carter took Ayatollah Sayyid Ruhollah Mūsavi Khomeini at his word to have revolutionaries break into the US embassy in Tehran. Barack Obama kissed Iran’s ass and sent Iran U.S. dollars to fund their continued efforts to “defeat the great satan“. Imperialism, much, Kaeps? How many “oppressed” Americans would $400 million feed and educate, anyway?

So, if you believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything, Colin…perhaps you should pack up your life in “Imperialist America” and move to Iran? I hear they really like your type there. You can chant “Death to America” but they *may* have a problem with the whole shoes-for-profit-celebrity-endorsement-thing and your unfiltered Twitter feed and you may have to check with the powers-that-be before you open your big, uneducated mouth about something you know very little about.

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  • Scott says:

    This idiot has a barely room temp IQ, and not a clue about the world.. He’s a perfect example of the worthlessness of a college degree, at least when it’s received due to affirmative action, or a sports scholarship.. I don’t know if his adopted parents are as stupid as him, and intentionally raised him this way, or if he just happened to turn out this way despite their best efforts, but in the end, they should have left his dumb ass in the ghetto where he’d fit in.

    That being said, he should be dropped into Iran, so he can show his solidarity with those brown people he so reveres..

    And to hell with Nike. They may have been a good company once, but their business practices, and support of an anti-American racist like this clown have proven them to be one more “woke” company that needs to go broke.. sadly their are more than enough hood rats, ghetto trash, and self important leftists that will continue to buy their overpriced crap

  • Joe in PNG says:

    He’s a modern version of the old Minstrel show, selling radical chic to the white Trust Fund Capitalism-sucks-where’s-my-corner-office types.
    I do wonder if he’s aware of that fact?
    In any case, it will be interesting to see if his overpriced merch will actually sell enough to justify his contract.

  • Isolden says:

    Did anyone mention that Iranians are technically Persian and therefore classified as white?

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