#SyrianRefugees: European Countries Reintroduce Border Control as U.S. Continues Resettling Muslims

#SyrianRefugees: European Countries Reintroduce Border Control as U.S. Continues Resettling Muslims

#SyrianRefugees: European Countries Reintroduce Border Control as U.S. Continues Resettling Muslims

Last week, Victory Girl, Jenny, discussed the report that the Obama Administration has been whitewashing the continued growth, strength, and expansion of ISIS. And anyone who has two brain cells to rub together could see the growing threat, and the inevitability of refugees fleeing ISIS’ brutality. Well, that deluge is overwhelming Germany and other European nations. So much so, that many European countries have now reintroduced border control, just as we continue resettling Middle Eastern Muslims. Ever wonder what it looks like to lead from behind? Here ya go:

Pamela Geller posted this photo reportedly of a banner over a highway overpass in Germany (hat tip Jihad Watch):

Photo Credit: Pamela Gellar
Photo Credit: Pamela Gellar

Translation: “Your children will pray to Allah or die!”

But just as John Kerry makes excuses for Iran chanting “Death to America” as he hands it the keys to the nukes it so desperately wants, Germany’s vice chancellor has reported the nation will allow one million Muslim migrants into Germany this year alone.

Meanwhile, Canada, echoing many Middle Eastern countries, has reportedly said it will not be increasing its intake of “refugees,” citing national security concerns. But we won’t be following their lead. Nope. We’ll be welcoming in at least another 10,000, atop the 1.5 million we’ve already settled throughout the nation since 9/11. And if anyone thinks there’ll be a vigorous vetting system in place to make certain that ISIS, or any other Islamic terrorist organization, isn’t creeping in along with them, I have an extra suspension bridge I’d like to unload. Because if our own southern border is any indication of the lackadaisical attitude of the Obama Administration toward national security, there is no way that we can ever trust that Islamic terrorists have been rooted out.

State Senator Jason Schultz. (Photo Credit: BareNakedIslam)

At least one vocal politician has expressed an alternative view to that being fed to us by the mainstream media. Iowa State Senator Jason Schultz had this to say:

"Migrants" flood through Hungary, on their way to Germany. (Photo Credit: The Indepedent)
“Migrants” flood through Hungary, on their way to Germany. (Photo Credit: The Indepedent)

Might I remind you that 72% of the influx of refugees are male—healthy, fit, young Muslim males—and only about half are Syrian. The rest are from other Middle Eastern countries, despite the reports by most mass media highlighting the desperate plight of the endangered Syrian refugees. This stat comes from the U.N. itself. Remind me again: What’s the demography of a typical Islamic Jihadist? And how many of the Muslims who’ve emigrated into Europe have assimilated into their culture? Or into ours?

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not without compassion, or a desire to help those in dire need of assistance. The Yazidis come to mind. Did the Obama regime help them in any kind of timely manner when ISIS chased them up into the mountains to die? No. It’s also routinely ignored the continued mass genocide of Christians at the hands of ISIS. But now, all of a sudden, it professes to care about the refugees it’s very own foreign policy helped create.

In case you’ve forgotten, here are a couple of “refugees” that we allowed into our country:

Photo Credit: NY Post
Photo Credit: NY Post

Remember the Tsarnaev brothers? They went on to murder three American citizens, and injured about 264 others in the 2013 attack on the Boston Marathon. The Islamic jihadists who murdered nearly 3,000 people on 9/11 were here on temporary visas. Have we learned nothing?

The point is this: It only takes one ISIS operative, or a captive audience of potential jihadists who’ve flooded un-vetted into your nation, to make for a very bad day.

ISIS has already shown itself adept at unconventional warfare, including on social media targeting would-be jihadists worldwide, and erecting an army capable of overtaking other countries. And fundamentalist Islamic groups like CAIR—who pose as “moderates,” mind you, to advocate for the Religion of Peace—routinely use our dangerous affinity for political correctness against us, successfully shaming the weak-minded amongst us into tolerating the intolerable. Consequently, I’m afraid that Europe, and America if we continue allowing in relatively un-vetted Muslims from the war-torn Middle East, will eventually be force-fed a very hefty dose of reality.

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