#SydneySiege: Man Horan Monis’ Girlfriend Admits ‘I Am A Terrorist’ [VIDEO]

#SydneySiege: Man Horan Monis’ Girlfriend Admits ‘I Am A Terrorist’ [VIDEO]

#SydneySiege: Man Horan Monis’ Girlfriend Admits ‘I Am A Terrorist’ [VIDEO]

As has been widely reported, the dramatic ending to the terrorist takeover of a cafe in Sydney has left two deceased victims, along with the deranged perpetrator, and a heartbroken citizenry in its wake. But there’s another self-described jihadist running around Australia, unrestrained by authorities.

Pal Murder Victim
Noleen Pal, allegedly murdered by Monis and Droudis. (Photo Credit: Mail Online)

As detailed here by fellow Victory Girl, Deanna, 49-year-old “Fake Sheik” Man Horan Monis, an Iranian refugee and the man responsible for the deaths of two Australian citizens after taking hostages inside a Lindt cafe in what looks like an ISIS-inspired terrorist attack, has a lengthy, and very disturbing rap sheet that includes multiple counts of alleged rape and at least one count of alleged murder. And according to reports, he had an accomplice in the killing of his 30-year-old former wife, Noleen Hayson Pal: Amirah Droudis, his 34-year-old spokesperson and girlfriend, a Muslim convert and self-described “terrorist” who is strolling around the streets of Australia a free woman. Pal, after being lured to an area home, was stabbed eighteen times and then set on fire, allegedly by Droudis. Following the murder and their subsequent arrests, both Monis and Droudis were inexplicably freed on bail. A YEAR ago.

In this video from clear back in 2009, Amirah Droudis describes herself as a “terrorist:”

And here she is stating her happiness about the Holocaust and 9/11:

And here’s “Sister Amirah” supporting Monis’ claim that women are responsible for their own rapes:

Excellent question.

And it looks like authorities are zeroing in on Droudis:

All of this insanity begs the query: What were either of these jihadist lunatics doing walking freely around the streets of Australia, where they were a clear and imminent threat to everyone around them, as proven so violently in a quiet cafe in Sydney? And why is Droudis—an admitted terrorist and alleged murderer—still free? I think I know the answer. And its name is The Deadly Culture of Political Correctness.

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  • Appalled By The World says:

    3 words-Axis of Evil.

    Put the Jihadists and the Left together and death and mayhem ALWAYS ensue.

  • J.Marie says:

    Politically Correct is only rules-of-destruction for communists who want to tear down Judeo-Christian societies and rebuild them in their image. The primary problem I see is that people are more than willing these days to turn their backs on their Christian faith and heritage. When this cornerstone of western society is removed, there’s nothing but a vacuum for the leftists to fill. And they have done so in spades.

    • Jodi says:

      Exactly ^^^ In order to “give” us everything we need, they first have to kill God.

    • Appalled By The World says:

      This is very true. The crazy part is that these same commie types will give a free pass to the most intolerant and bloodthirsty god of all times in illah just to achieve their utopia-probably because their own demi-gods (Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc) were almost as bloodthirsty.

  • Chris in N.Va. says:

    Lest we be too hasty, even though it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, swims, smells, procreates, eats and poops like a duck…

    …how can we be positively sure it’s NOT a duck and merely a woefully misguided hippopotamus that simply THINKS it’s a duck, thereby giving a bad name to peaceful ducks everywhere?

    And what about the anti-duck backlash that will inevitably burst forth (like it always does, dontcha know) from those intolerant, ignorant, hate-filled duck-o-phobes?

    Mustn’t be too quick to rush to judgement, now, eh?

    I say —-


  • Jason says:

    I would say that it is un-freaking-believable but it isn’t. Too much political correctness and not wanting to upset the crazy killing cultists because, well, they might want to cut your head off!

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