Stacey Abrams Sets Out to Save Democracy

Stacey Abrams Sets Out to Save Democracy

Stacey Abrams Sets Out to Save Democracy

There are few things more laugh-worthy, or maybe cringe-worthy, than reading that Stacey Abrams  is gearing up to protect democracy by “fighting voter suppression.” Remember, this is the same Stacey Abrams who refused to accept the results of the last election and admit defeat. Do we dare hope for an unbiased and fair voter protection program from her? The short answer is a resounding “No!”

Before you decide I’m being unfair, consider this. Her program is designed “to provide technical and financial assistance to help Democrats in key states strengthen their voter protection operations ahead of next year’s general election.”

Hmm, so the only “voter protection” she’s concerned about centers around Democratic votes. Not very democratic of her, is it?

It also punctuates the irony of this tweet from Vogue.

The answer to Vogue’s question is not only “No”, but “Hell no!” You don’t save our democracy by focusing on protecting only one side of the political arena. This is nothing more than partisan politics. The question is what steps her program will take to “protect” these voters and how the program will impact those who aren’t identified as friendly voters.

But, damn, she’s doing it up right, starting with the name of her program: Fair Fight 2020. The goal of the program is to “work with state parties in battleground states to more closely monitor voter protection ahead of next year’s general election.”

Hmm, isn’t that interesting? Not only is her group only worried with protecting the voting rights of a very specific sort of voter, it’s only interested in doing so in certain states. I guess the rest of the country, not to mention those not wise enough to vote Democrat, are out of luck.

But she’s supposed to be saving democracy.


If the purpose of the group isn’t enough to convince you Abrams has a very specific goal in mind, her own words should:

There are only two things stopping us in 2020: that people have a reason to vote, and that they have the right to vote,” Ms. Abrams said. “I’ve decided to leave it to a whole bunch of other people to make sure they have a reason to vote.”

Does anyone have any doubt about who the “us” is? It’s the Democratic Party. They’ll do whatever they have to in order to not only keep control of the House, but to take back the Senate and the White House. Oh, they’ll pretty it up and tell everyone they are only trying to protect the foundations of our nation but don’t let the fool you. If that was their goal, we wouldn’t have candidates like Bernie and Warren running, candidates who believe in a platform that is the antithesis of what our Founding Fathers believed in. We wouldn’t have the others willing to give our nation away by failing to secure our borders or keep our military strong.

But there’s another possible reason for Abrams to be taking this course instead of running for president herself, especially since her chances of winning the nomination are slim to none.

Separately, Abrams has been floated as a potential vice-presidential pick for an eventual Democratic nominee, particularly if former Vice President Joe Biden, a 76-year-old white man, claims the nomination.

Even her announcement of the Fair Fight 2020 initiative sounds like a campaign speech. The video is long but it is worth the time to view it. After all, we need to know what the other side plans. Otherwise, how do we counter it?

Maybe Abrams isn’t as crazy as we thought. She scores points with the DNC by helping “protect” votes in key states. You know that part of doing so means she will appear in those states, making speeches and pressing the flesh. So what does she get in return? If AP is right, she possibly becomes the running mate for whoever wins the nomination. So she gets more national attention, helping whether she claims the VP slot or decides to run for office in Georgia again.In return, the Democrats get to point to how she is protecting the “voters”, all the while screeching about how evil Trump is.

Let’s not be naive here. This could also be a very smart move on the DNC’s part. She is exactly the sort of politician pretty much guaranteed to send Trump onto who knows how many Twitter rants. If that happens, you know the DNC, not to mention the mainstream media (yes, I know, that’s pretty much saying the same thing) into hysterics. They will point and whinge about how it proves Trump is racist, sexist and any other kind of “ist” they can think of.

And lost in all of this will be that democracy isn’t being saved by Abrams and her Fair Fight 2020 organization.

I’ll even admit to wondering if Fair Fight 2020 won’t stoop to some of the same levels we saw in 2012 when members of the New Black Panthers showed up at polling places in Pennsylvania. Back then, 75 Republican election monitors were turned away from the polling places. A judge had issue an order allowing them to return to the polls. At the time, people wondered what might be happening at the polls that the Dems didn’t want folks to know about. What is to prevent that from happening again, especially since this supposed anti-voter suppression organization is clearly aiming to help one party over the other?

We’re going to have a fair fight in 2020,” Abrams said. “I’m going to use my energies, and my very very loud voice to raise the money we need to train those across the country in our 20 battleground states to make sure that Donald Trump and the senate take a hike and we put people in place who know what we need to have.”

Fair?How is it fair when you are not protecting everyone from voter suppression?

Don’t let her rhetoric fool you. Abrams and the Democrats have a very clear agenda and it has nothing to do with saving democracy or with preventing across the board voter fraud. Abrams said it herself. They will do whatever it takes to defeat Trump and take control. The only voter suppression we have to worry about is what will be done to silence Conservative voices.

So to answer Vogue, no, Stacey Abrams can’t save democracy but she sure seems to be doing her best to tear it down. Just like so many others in the Democratic Party.

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Featured Image: Stacey Abrams – Caricature. by DonkeyHotey. Creative Commons 2.0 license.

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  • Wfjag says:

    Mainly, it’s another scam. She sets up a nonprofit and solicits donations so she can pay herself very well for doing the one job she does well – going around and proclaiming that she is an oppressed victim. If Whoopi ever retires, she’ll have a good shot on becoming the new “diversity” face on The View.

  • Pete says:

    No, she is not going to save democracy, but she is willing to destroy it in order to gain power.

  • SDN says:

    Which is why Republicans should be setting up the lawsuits to get the injunctions to make sure Democrats can’t fraud their way in.

    If your state has an organization similar to, support it.

  • MikeGiles says:

    If you pay attention, what Abrams is really stating is her belief that because there are a certain number of black people in Georgia, she should have received all of their votes; which should have been enough to push here to victory. Unfortunately for the Dims, they can no longer count on a monolithic black vote – as if one ever existed

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