South Bend Takes Aim At Mayor Pete

South Bend Takes Aim At Mayor Pete

South Bend Takes Aim At Mayor Pete

South Bend, Indiana, is in a lot of turmoil after a police shooting that has many questions to be answered. And those who are the angriest are taking aim directly at their mayor, Pete Buttigieg.

After Mayor Pete took a lot of heat at a rally last Friday, a town hall was scheduled for Sunday afternoon. It got loud.

The town hall, which was held in South Bend a week after Eric Logan, an African American man, was killed by a police officer, grew tense as visibly angry black residents confronted Buttigieg and Police Chief Scott Ruszkowski over systemic failures with the city’s law enforcement.”

Buttigieg, speaking calmly as audience members grew increasingly vocal, said the city will share information as soon as officials are able to do so.”

The 37-year-old mayor, who has seen his popularity skyrocket in polls over the past several months, has sought to quell the anger in the community following Logan’s death, and he temporarily left the campaign trail last week in order to address the incident.”

The issue shines further light on what is becoming a major stumbling block for Buttigieg as a presidential contender: his lack of popularity with black voters, seen as a must-win demographic for candidates seeking the Democratic Party’s nomination.”

The city and the activists know that they have national attention, and they want answers.
Mayor Pete might be saying that he’s responsible, but there’s no doubt that his role as mayor is taking a backseat to his presidential aspirations.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, a clearly emotional Buttigieg said anger and frustration over race relations in the city had been “hurled” at him. He said he did not know if it was smart politically to open himself up to such audiences, but “it’s my city, and I love my city. It’s my job to face it.”

He also took to the stage just hours after another fatal shooting in the city, which left one person dead and nine injured in a bar early on Sunday morning.”

Buttigieg, 37, remained calm throughout the town hall meeting even as he struggled to make himself heard, shouted down by mainly black protesters, some of whom shouted “liar!” as he sought to explain how he will deal with the shooting investigation, and as he promised transparency.”

He said he wanted an independent, outside investigation of the police shooting, and will also ask the U.S. Justice of Department to investigate.”

I have no doubt that Buttigieg will be at that debate. I’m also equally sure that someone will ask him about what is going on back home in South Bend. And even with all his smooth, polished talk, Mayor Pete is being measured up in the eyes of his own city and found lacking.

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  • zenman says:

    Wow, I hadn’t seen video of it yet. He looks way out of his league.

    If Mayor Pete can’t manage a city like South Bend, how is he going to manage the Federal government?

    That’s the only question we should be hearing from now till he drops out.

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