Socially Distant Biden/Obama Campaign Video

Socially Distant Biden/Obama Campaign Video

Socially Distant Biden/Obama Campaign Video

Looks like the boys are getting the band back together again. They are hoping to catch some of the faux Greek column lightening in the bottle. Yes, you guessed it. Barack Obama joined Joe Biden in a socially distant campaign video. Old BHO is hoping to drag Joe’s sleepy carcass across the 2020 Presidential Election finish line with his famous charisma.

After teasing the video, theatrical release style for several days, the Biden Campaign dropped it this morning. The video is nearly 16 minutes long and is titled, “A Socially Distanced Conversation: President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden”. The campaign virtue signaled right there in the title. I could not find out who directed the video, but it’s loaded with high production values.

The video begins with the former President and his former Veep arriving, masked and separately, in those now famous unmarked, black SUV’s. The set location is Barack Obama’s private Washington D.C. office suites.

Quite theatrically, the two men arrive at the suites from elevators opposite each other. I just have to say this upfront, Obama’s lack of pants break makes me crazy. I know it’s a matter of personal style. I prefer a mid-break, like Biden’s. Obama goes with the no break look. It makes him look like he has grown an inch or two and his clothes don’t fit. Sorry about that brief segue.

Here is the socially distanced video. We’ll discuss after:

Oh my stars and garters, these two have never, ever been called out for their denigration of anyone who isn’t them. Since President Donald Trump is the one destroying the legacy of the Obama/Biden years and the fount of all evil on the face of the Earth, the trash talk rolls of their tongues like Cherry Coke.

According to Obama and Biden, they took responsibility for everything that happened during the 800 eight year reign.

“Can you imagine standing up when you were president and saying, ‘It’s not my responsibility. I take no responsibility.’ Literally. Literally,” Biden says. Obama’s response: “Those words didn’t come out of our mouths when we were in office.”

Memories are so short, especially when you live in cloud cuckoo land. Some of us, raise your hand, remember Obama blaming Bush for EVERYTHING.

Next, the socially distant Obama and Biden, sitting in a lovely, wood-paneled room in Obama’s office suites, discuss relatability. The gist being that Obama/Biden can relate to the common man and Donald Trump cannot. I would guess that neither Obama or Biden has ever watched Donald Trump relate to 50,000 people at a rally. Or, if they have, they see it as part of Trump dividing the Nation. From the New York Times:

Mr. Trump has been “deliberately dividing people from the moment he came down that escalator,” Mr. Biden said. “And I think people are now going, ‘I don’t want my kid growing up that way.’”

Mr. Obama responded by saying, in part, “The thing I’ve got confidence in, Joe, is your heart and your character, and the fact that you are going to be able to reassemble the kind of government that cares about people and brings people together.”

If pandering brings people together, Obama is probably right about Biden. Remember when Biden told Charlamagne tha God that if you were still deciding between him and Trump, “you ain’t black”? Or, this past February, which was the last time he has used a fake black accent, at the Nevada Black Legislative Caucus?

While discussing the challenges that would face him, if he were to win the Presidency in November, Biden says something that explains part of why I would never vote Democrat. Biden says:

“We have to change the way in which we deal with allowing people an opportunity to make a living.”

“Allowing people an opportunity to make a living”. Are you freaking kidding me? Each American is his/her own agent. We make our own opportunities, Joe. And, Joe has the crust to mention building infrastructure, too. Hidin’ Biden has forgotten the “shovel ready jobs” stimulus from 2009. Obama put Biden in charge of that stimulus. The money disappeared down a big hole (I have my theories.) and the shovel ready jobs remained unshoveled.

And, as Obama nodded like he cared, Joe discussed the need for a whole new healthcare plan. I have seen that movie and it was a disaster. That led to jawboning about the current healthcare crisis between our two heroes. Trump doesn’t listen to the experts and he has quit on the American people. Please, sweet Jesus, I am 4:20 seconds into this mental abortion, and I cannot take any more.

Barry and Joe claim that they set up a global early warning system for pandemics. Are they talking about that wholly-owned subsidiary of the Chinese Communist Party, the World Health Organization? The one that lied repeatedly? These two really do live in cloud cuckoo land.

Okay, so I only made it to the 5:20 minute mark. But, I think we have the picture. I wish that Obama and Biden would permanently socially distance themselves from all us us. The video has good production values but the conversation between these two is BORING and reminds me of local campaign commercials. I would bet even Biden voters and Obama sycophants can’t make it through all 15:50 of this snooze-a-thon.

Featured Image: Barack Obama/Joe Biden/Wikimedia Commons/cropped/Public Domain

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  • RebeccaH says:

    I couldn’t even begin to watch that. I remember those two from the Obama years, and it was nauseating back then.

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