Slate: Crude and Classless is Now “Revolutionary”

Slate: Crude and Classless is Now “Revolutionary”

Slate: Crude and Classless is Now “Revolutionary”

What’s revolutionary glamour according to Slate? Look no further than Megan Rapinoe and the U.S, Women’s National Soccer Team.

Now, we normally would excuse a little bit of drunken debauchery had there not been the history behind co-captain, Rapinoe and her team. But Slate is calling their appearances the “dawn of a new era”.

The 2019 U.S. Women’s National Team has been swaggering and stumbling from one celebratory public appearance to the next, pausing only to pour Champagne into one another’s mouths and to lead ecstatic crowds in chants against wage discrimination. Between the team’s parade in Manhattan, their segment on Good Morning America, and their onstage moment at the ESPYS, a lot of fans of the USWNT have gotten their first opportunity to see the players out of their soccer kits. They have not disappointed.”:-Christina Cauterucci, Slate

And, just like that swaggering, stumbling and dropping f-bombs on live television is glamorous. What’s the revolutionary piece, though?

Take the sunglasses many players wore for the entirety of their week’s agenda: on the flight to New York from France, all through their victory parade, during the ceremony in which New York Mayor Bill de Blasio gave them keys to the city, and inside City Hall. Yes, they were probably trying to conceal the evidence of their extreme hangovers, but they were also making it easier for us to tell them apart. (There’s a lot of long brown hair on this team.) Also: Is there anything cockier than wearing sunglasses inside a government building?”-Christina Cauterucci, Slate

But Vogue thinks she’s a “badass”. We know, that’s not saying much.

As a woman, I am proud when female teams take the win for our country. This, for me, and I feel for most Americans, is obviously not about women not “behaving” themselves. I’m not some delicate little flower who cannot handle (or has not ever uttered) the occasional f-bomb or has never been falling down, obnoxious drunk. Been there, done that stupid in my 20s. This is not about the bloodshot eyes, the hangovers, the sunglasses, the fact that these women went a little wild and crazy after their win. This is not about Rapinoe being a lesbian (which will be the next argument I will bump up against when challenged on my views here). This is about what our society is defining as “glamorous” and as “revolutionary”.

All of a sudden, it’s “revolutionary” to be topless underneath a blazer?! Since when?! It’s “revolutionary” to wear sunglasses in a government building? No, it’s not revolutionary. It’s disrespectful, arrogant and just stupid. It also illustrates what a bunch of immature, classless clods some of these women are. There is no dignity there. They have won their trophy, disrespected their country, (thanked New York City though) and now are being hailed as glamorous? What in the actual (insert expletive here)?!

Yep, Slate. It is the “dawn of a new era”…or error as the case may be. Being a jerk, being ungrateful to a country for the opportunity it has given you and wearing sunglasses in a government building because you are so blottoed is now the definition of a “revolutionary woman of glamour”? These women are not revolutionaries. Most of them are just following the purple-haired co-captain’s lead and she has more balls than brains.

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  • Martin says:

    Her future’s so bright she’s gotta wear shades or something. Edgy woomun.

  • CaptDMO says:

    Congratulations (eg) Ms. Rapinoe!
    In your behavior “protesting” social and financial gaps, you have CLEARLY demonstrated you are NOT one of…US.
    Allow me to mansplain the social mechanics of “The Chicken or the Egg”.
    OR you can simply watch it unfold in the curious case of “The Muppet Babies Wreck the House”

  • Lloyd Barnhart says:

    Sadly, these soccer players are being celebrated across the country by many, despite their anti-American behavior…their foul language…their intolerance…their poor sportsmanship and their turning sport into politics. One must wonder what effect this will have on the thousands of youth soccer players in this country. I certainly hope our young soccer players will be better than these losers who happen to have won the World Cup.

  • Scott says:

    These arrogant asses think they’re all that, and want equal pay as men, because of their “skills”… here’s an idea, they think they’re so great because of their 13-0 win over Thailand? Put them up against a middle of the pack mens team.. hell, put them up against the dead last mens team, and instead of 13-0, it’ll look more like a runaway college football score… I’m betting 30-0, or similar.

    This PC bullshit has to be called out or what it is, until it stops. Add in all the points Lisa makes about what no-class clowns Rapinoe and others on the team are, and there’s a perfect reason to not womens soccer..

  • GWB says:

    It’s disrespectful, arrogant and just stupid.
    Meh. But it most certainly is NOT ‘revolutionary’.

    The idea that crudity and unrefined behavior is “cool” and “glamorous” isn’t news. There’s always been a subset that thinks that – most of them outgrow it. It’s always disappointing, though, to find a grown adult wallowing in that sort of asininity.

    Yes, sadly, these ladies have been truly unimpressive when it comes to anything but their playing field victories.

    Lloyd Barnhart says:
    I certainly hope our young soccer players will be better than these losers who happen to have won the World Cup.

    We already know they are better. Oh wait, you meant behavior off the field, not skill on it………

  • Pyrthroes says:

    Christopher Steele, soon to be played by a suitably tinctured Mamacita channeling Sojourner Truth (qv), made MzBill/Pelosi-crats’ bed in a Sheremetyevo one-nighter, and contracted Trump with burst balloons to irrigate it.

    If it’s “class” Rats’ swivel-hipped Clinton-Epstein-Mueller DNC doth seek, panhandlers clustered ’round a flaming, rag-soaked barrel in some South Bronx back-alley would be a big step up.

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