#Shirtstorm Feminists Attack Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds

#Shirtstorm Feminists Attack Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds


The European Space Agency made history when their Philae lander touched down onto a comet. This was a major accomplishment, not just for science, but for humanity. The comet, 67P, is only 2.5 miles wide and can travel tens of thousands of miles per hour.

But unfortunately — albeit also unsurprisingly — feminazis cared not a whit about what an incredible achievement this was, and zeroed in on one thing: the shirt that Dr. Matt Taylor was wearing in an interview:

matt taylor

The shirt is clearly famous women in science fiction, such as the 50 Foot Tall Woman and Wonder Woman — and was made for Taylor by a female friend of his. But because the shirt had women sort of scantily clad, it was apparently unacceptable — and the Atlantic writer Rose Eveleth kicked off the feminazi mob when she sent out the following tweet:

The femisogynists talk constantly about how women are so interested in science, technology, and engineering, but when there is a major, groundbreaking story involving those exact subjects, the only thing they can do is whine about how a shirt hurt their feelings. The mob was relentless, until Taylor actually broke down in tears apologizing, at a time when he should have been celebrating the greatest achievement of his life.

In response to this ridiculousness, Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds penned a column at USA Today that was nothing short of brilliant:

It seems to me that if you care about women in STEM, maybe you shouldn’t want to communicate the notion that they’re so delicate that they can’t handle pictures of comic-book women. Will we stock our Mars spacecraft with fainting couches?

Not everyone was so censorious. As one female space professional wrote: “Don’t these women and their male cohorts understand that *they* are doing the damage to what/whom they claim to defend!?”

No, they don’t. Or, if they do, their reservations are overcome by the desire to feel important and powerful at others’ expense. Thus, what should have been the greatest day in a man’s life β€” accomplishing something never before done in the history of humanity β€” was instead derailed by people with their own axes to grind. As Chloe Price observed: “Imagine the … storm if the scientist had been a woman and everyone focused solely on her clothes and not her achievements.”

Yes, feminists have been telling us for years that women can wear whatever they want, and for men to comment in any way is sexism. But that’s obviously a double standard, since they evidently feel no compunction whatsoever in criticizing what men wear. News flash: Geeks don’t dress like Don Draper.

Because Reynolds committed the ultimate sin of using a feminist’s own words against her, the bully mob set their sights on him next, because how dare anyone do such a thing?! The lunatics clearly had nothing they could say to rebut Reynolds’ argument, so they resorted to flat-out lying, claiming that he had “doxxed” her a la Anonymous, or published Eveleth’s personally identifiable information. It wasn’t even remotely true, of course, but that didn’t stop them from making it up and doing everything they could to smear him and ruin his reputation.

The problem here is that everything Reynolds said was right. Feminazis relentlessly bark about how empowered women are — thanks to so-called feminist leaders like Eveleth, Jessica Valenti, and Amanda Marcotte, of course — yet they lose their minds because, oh no, someone wore something that they didn’t like! A woman that actually was strong and empowered wouldn’t act like a Victorian-era woman fainting because they saw too much skin somewhere. And they’re hypocrites about it too, considering that they organize Slutwalks and encourage women to dress as skankily as possible — but heaven forbid a man wear a shirt that they don’t approve of.

Even worse is a man making them look like the shrill, hysterical harpies that they actually are. That’s unforgivable. Wear something or say something that the feminazis don’t like, and they’ll set out to destroy you, all because they can’t actually make a coherent, logical argument defending their ridiculous behavior. It’s especially ridiculous considering that there’s no room in feminism for perpetually offended whiners who get their panties in a wad over imagined sexism and fake misogyny when there is actual real misogyny and oppression in the world. When is the last time that these “feminists” were concerned about Yazidi women being sold as sex slaves? Or the injustices visited upon Middle Eastern women on a daily basis because they have to live under sharia law? There’s a rape epidemic in India, women are dragged off the streets and forced into late-term abortions in China, and women are executed for killing their rapists in Iran. Yet the people who claim to be fighting for women’s equality are raising hell over a shirt that a scientist wore and because someone quoted them accurately and made them look like the nutjobs that they are.

It almost makes me embarrassed to be a woman — but then I remember that only about a third of all American women identify with these raving lunatics, and I feel so much better. No wonder they have to invent reasons to be offended. It must be hard to realize that you’re utterly irrelevant.

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  • Mutnodjmet says:

    We’re Glenn Reynolds’ “flying monkeys”, dontcha know! πŸ˜€

  • Greg says:

    India does not have a rape epidemic. It has a false rape epidemic. Iranian woman murdered a man and then falsely cried rape.

    • EndOfPatience says:

      Citation? Or did you make that up?

      • karen straughan says:


        There have been other articles written that are more detailed. In one I read some time ago (on a major in depth news site), a female sexual assault investigator in New Delhi estimated that about half of the complaints that come across her desk derive from consensual sex between unmarried people. In most such cases, the woman is attempting to compel the man into marriage (sometimes there was a proposal before the sexual relationship began, and then his parents refused to give permission, sometimes there is a pregnancy to deal with, etc).

        The majority of these cases are “resolved” by the “rapist” and “victim” getting married and the “victim” dropping the complaint. This is such a common occurrence that the courts have publicly announced that consensual sex outside of marriage should no longer be considered rape, despite a legal history of considering it as such, as women are clogging up the court system with frivolous complaints that end at the altar rather than with a conviction.

        This is very similar to how things were often treated in our past in the west–the defiling of a woman of good moral standing was essentially considered to be rape (later, this was downgraded in some jurisdictions to a different felony: “seduction of an unmarried woman”. The last such law was stricken in the US in the 1960s, I believe).

        Under common law (reflecting scripture), a woman had a right to compel marriage from the man if she was so violated and if she chose. I would guess there were many cases where the woman’s parents pressured or even forced her to do so, however, the only person who could be compelled by the law in such a situation was the man–he could be legally compelled to marry his “victim”.

        Feminists have looked at such cases in our own history and made the blanket assertion that “rape victims were forced to marry their rapists”, which removes the issue from any historical context, and which also completely ignores the fact that the situation stemmed from a “defiled” woman’s right to compel marriage from the man who defiled her.

        I have no doubt that in short order, feminists in India will be making the same claim about the multitude of cases currently brought by women to compel their boyfriends to marry them. These, too, will be magically transformed into “only a few years ago, women in India were forced to marry their rapists!” and the western media will swallow it hook, line and sinker.

  • Suzanne H Alexander says:

    Howdy All,

    I’m 75. I was a feminist when that word stood for something, mostly equal pay for equal work. So, we got it. And a lot of us were pretty darn happy about it. But then something bad happened. A bunch of femi-nazis took over the feminist movement and turned it into hate-man-fest, and that kept on building until we have the hellhole that exists today. These poor, addlepated young/not so young women are trying desperately to turn the craven others into their hate-filled shadows. They will not win. There are many of us who love men and who will stand up to the addlepated.

    Want to fight? Let’s get it on you silly twits. I’m old, but feisty and tough.

  • Critical Eye says:

    They are more concerned about who the enemy is than who the victims are. Compare the number of articles written about “Rape Culture” on American university campuses vs the number written about “Rape Culture” in Rotterham, with 1400 children aged 11 – 15 raped and beaten. The story that reinforces the Evil White Male Patriachy drumbeat is repeated.

    • SDN says:

      That’s because the rapists of Rotherham, unlike British scientists, only cry “allahu akbar” as they remove heads. Much safer to target Doctor Matt.

      Cowardly hypocrites.

      The incentive system, if you want these harpies to leave you alone, is obvious.

  • J. Marie Wilder says:

    And the loons are free to go around costumed as vaginas…sheesh!

  • Halophilic says:

    As an unapologetic liberal on most issues, the last few years of feminist insanity on the Internet has really started to open my eyes of the progression of extreme authoritarianism on the Left. I used to think the religious Right had the monopoly on moral busybody-ship but no longer. More and more conservative outlets are the only places offering legitimate, reasonable criticism of these insufferable hags; and are the only places not stifling discussion.

    • Jodi says:

      Very good observation. And welcome! πŸ˜‰

    • richard40 says:

      Yes, I remember when as a libertarian I defended the left, when the moral majority was trying to censor them. Now I know that all too many of them, except for you Halophilic, were just a bunch of damn hipocrites, who did not care at all about censorship and free speech. They were only upset that it was not them doing the censoring. I am glad that some old time liberals like you are finally waking up to the totalitarianism of todays leftists.

  • Alan says:

    Is there a bigger stereotype than women going berserk about some little misbehavior or error?

    But seriously, folks, that guy should have been smart enough to know that he was dressed inappropriately for a public appearance. Just for that, he deserves what he got.

    • Larry J says:

      Here’s a question, perhaps someone knows the answer:

      Did he know in advance that he was going to be interviewed, or was he selected by the reporter because, perhaps, he looked interesting? I don’ t know.

      Personally, I wouldn’t wear that shirt to my own cremation but that’s just because I don’t like flashy clothes. The outcry by the harpies was completely out of line.

    • Halophilic says:

      I disagree that it was inappropriate and I don’t think any the vocal opposition to the shirt has been on the grounds of its inappropriate nature but rather it’s supposed sexist nature.

      He was some rocker dude scientist that just landed a drone on a comet and was given the shirt from a (female) friend of his. I’m not certain it could have been a less appropriate time to wear it.

    • Philosophy says:

      Disagree. For people to complain about what others choose to dress themselves in, shows how shallow they are. That’s like saying a woman deserves to be raped because she wasn’t covered by a burka. Just shit. The man didn’t deserve your sort of ridicule. The man deserved recognition for the work he did. That’s what was on the agenda, not his ruddy dress code.

    • richard40 says:

      He deserved some gentle chiding for not dressing professionally, just as somebody wearing a loud colorful shirt filled with flowers would be. But he definitely did not deserve to be called a sexist misogynist whose conduct was driving women out of STEM. So no, he did not deserve what he got from the insane leftist feminist harpies.

  • Big D says:

    When I heard about this my immediate reaction was “Are you kidding me? The guy put a probe on a rocket and you’re moaning about his shirt? Grow up
    Some people just seem to cruise through life looking for excuses to get butthurt.

  • Tom Accuosti says:

    “… that guy should have been smart enough to know that he was dressed inappropriately for a public appearance. Just for that, he deserves what he got.”

    So, you’re saying that he deserved it because of what he was wearing? Sounds like something I’ve heard before…

    (I know that you weren’t thinking along those lines, but the comment was funny in the context.)

  • J. Marie Wilder says:

    Personally, I have always believed too much importance has been placed on the outside. This scientist achieved what no one has before. That brilliance should be celebrated.

  • WhoTheHell_Cares says:

    ” No wonder they have to invent reasons to be offended. It must be hard to realize that you’re utterly irrelevant.”

    Modern big ‘F’ feminists are the new neanderthals. Out of touch with current reality and oblivious to their own looming extinction.

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