Shaun King Buys Show Dog With Donor Funds

Shaun King Buys Show Dog With Donor Funds

Shaun King Buys Show Dog With Donor Funds

As we kick off this Monday in dystopia, we bring you a grifter story from the files of Shaun King.

The tale of Marz the Mastiff begins with King and his Grassroots Law PAC having spent some $40,000 in donor funds that went to Potrero Performance Dogs.

According to this, Shaun’s Grassroots Law PAC looks to have put a $10,000 dollar deposit down on a Mastif in December and a $30,650-dollar payment in February to Potrero Performance Dogs, completing the transaction and an acquisition of a new family pet.

So much for the “marginalized” and “disadvantaged” doggos out there. Nothing but the best for Shaun King and his family. Can’t have some half-breed mutt protecting that million-dollar home in the New Jersey suburbs. You see, for Socialists like Shaun King, adopting a dog from a Fauci beagle laboratory or from a shelter in the inner city or from a rescue from a dog meat festival in China is just beneath him.After all, he needs a big, ol’ purebred mastiff to bark at the door should some of the people he has stolen from come to his door. Shaun King needs that peace of mind when he puts his head down on a pillow at night in his (white) neighborhood.

Apparently, this wasn’t the first time Shaun King brought a new pup into the family. In 2020, while he stumped for fellow million-dollar-lake-home-Socialist, Bernie Sanders, the family adopted an 8-week old Bernedoodle. Again, not a mutt for the King family…a Bernedoodle. A Bernedoodle from a breeder will set a family back about $2,000-$5,000. A mere drop in the bucket of donor funds when compared to a $40,000 mastiff. So much for “adopt, don’t shop”.

Let’s do the math here. In 2019, after an investigation, Shaun King claimed to only receive a $4,166 monthly salary from Real Justice PAC and “no compensation at all” from Action PAC, the predecessor to Grassroots Law PAC. He said he was “literally the only person” on Action PAC’s staff who does not get paid.

Literally the only person in the world, I think, who can afford a million-dollar home and a $40,000-dollar pooch on that salary!

This luxury dog expense may not be illegal for a PAC, but it shows little respect for King’s donors.”-Scott Walter, Capital Research Center

You think? And even less respect for people like Samaria Rice, who called out Shaun King for raising money in her deceased 12 year-old son’s name all while she remained homeless.

Glad her family finally saw some of that money. As far as rich donors like Facebook cofounder Dustin Moskovitz and his wife and the heiress to the Hormel meat packing company who donate to the sham named Shaun? I say if they are stupid enough and want to piss away their money thinking that they are doing anything to better the marginalized by donating to this fraud, they deserve to lose their fortunes.

But, Marz the Mastiff’s time at the King household has come to an end. Apparently, the doggie was a little too energetic and rambunctious for Shaun and family. After he tore up the latest collection from Ethan Allen in the King’s lakefront home, Marz was sent back to California and Potrero Performance Dogs to be shown at the American Kennel Club competition earlier this month where he went on to win Best In Show. Effectively, $40,000 dollars in donor funds from Shaun King’s PAC have, uh, gone to the dogs.

Generosity is giving until it makes you uncomfortable.”-Shaun King

Honestly, I hope Marz the Mastiff finds a better family. Personally, a grifter like Shaun King does not deserve any pup to warm his Orvis slippers on a cold, winter’s day in Jersey while he plots out his next scam to funnel funds to his personal endeavors. God loves a Mastiff and a Mutt. God does not love a scam artist like Talcum X, AKA: Shaun King.

Featured Image: Central Washington University/ Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

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  • One of the whitest things Talcom X could do is spend $40K on a show dog.

    Of course, this is more about laundering donor money. The dog in question stays with the breeder. So all Sean did was take grift money, pay it to someone, and that someone presumably paid some it back. King is a D lister grifter, he’s just piker compared to BLM (which took over after $outhern Poverty Law Center squirreled its hundreds of millions in various Cayman banks).

  • Cameron says:

    Oh look; Snow J Simpson is in my newsfeed again.

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