#Charlottesville Fallout: Protests Spread To Other Cities [VIDEO]

#Charlottesville Fallout: Protests Spread To Other Cities [VIDEO]

#Charlottesville Fallout: Protests Spread To Other Cities [VIDEO]

The chaos that began over the weekend in Charlottesville is already spreading across the United States to other cities.

A police line separates protesters in Seattle’s Westlake Park on Sunday (photo: Ken Lambert/Seattle Times)
In Seattle, a planned pro-Trump rally (put on by a group called “Patriot Prayer” which identifies as libertarian) and an Antifa group were kept separated by police, despite the Antifa group trying to get to the pro-Trump crowd. Both groups had permits that had been approved well before Charlottesville, and one group was clearly spoiling for a fight.

Seattle Police issued a dispersal order to the Antifa group to go back to their permitted area, and ended up arresting three people and confiscating weapons.

Of course, that didn’t stop the rhetoric. It doesn’t matter that this group wasn’t alt-right. All that matters is that Antifa got stopped from beating them up.

In New York City, Trump Tower was the target.

A pro-Trump group did show up to Trump Tower, and just like Seattle, the NYPD kept the groups apart.

And while Antifa is busy complaining about and trying to take on Trump supporters (who are apparently all Nazis now, according to brain trusts like Jessica Valenti), the neo-Nazis are moving on to begin another riot at yet another college campus. On September 11th, no less.

A “White Lives Matter” protest is scheduled to be held on the campus of Texas A&M, following the White Nationalist protests that turned violent in Charlottesville, Va. on Saturday.

The protest is currently scheduled for September 11 and is being organized by political activist and former A&M student Preston Wiginton.

Students have already begun to organize in the same way that they dealt with Westboro Baptist Church.

In 2012, Westboro Baptist Church attempted to picket the funeral of a fallen soldier and the Aggie Family joined together to protect his funeral by forming a maroon wall. Today, the threat to our campus comes from a different group of fanatics, and we must respond united.

As such, Saw ‘Em Off is proud to announce a revival of the Maroon Wall! The protest is schedule to take place on September 11 at Rudder Plaza by the MSC. We will be making a silent, outward facing wall around the plaza to protect our students and show that the Aggie Family’s commitment to its own is far greater than any force trying to divide us.

Good for them. Hopefully the police will keep Antifa away and let the Texas A&M students have their own demonstration against these stupid clowns.

But as the chaos spreads, Charlottesville is still reeling from this weekend. Both suspect and victim have been identified.

Fields has been charged with second degree murder, among other charges.

And those who participated in the initial march have started to get the blowback that most people knew was coming, with people being identified via social media, and in at least one case, fired.

This story is far from over.

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  • GWB says:

    We will be making a silent, outward facing wall around the plaza to protect our students

    And there’s my only problem with this. It seems to be about keeping bad ideas away from the poor, vulnerable students. *smh*

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