Everytown Goes Full Turnip

Everytown Goes Full Turnip

OK, OK – I know the Bloombergian Organization for Reviling Guns (BORG), otherwise known as Crazytown for Gun Confiscation, probably surpassed turnip a long time ago and has been coasting on full rutabaga for a while, but turnips are funny, so turnip it is. I like calling them the Borg – a vast collectivist hive of drones that forcibly assimilates individuals into their vast collective in order to achieve “perfection.”

Fits, doesn’t it?

So the “president” of their little hive John Feinblatt, dedicated to relieving you of your rights, penned an opinion piece for the New York Times yesterday that echoes in more detail Shannon Watts’ ignorance on Twitter a few days ago. It’s like these two share a brain – a defective brain, but a brain nonetheless.

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