Sedition, TDS or Wishful Thinking

Sedition, TDS or Wishful Thinking

Sedition, TDS or Wishful Thinking

Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) continues to live strong in Hollywood. Instead of taking a very hard look at his own industry and the way it treats women, director Duncan Jones has gone on the record pushing the idea of the military staging a coup. That’s right, he is so concerned about the government subverting elections that he floated the idea about “democratic” politicians talking with the military about stepping in and overthrowing the government.

Now, this tweet is beyond ridiculous in several ways. The first is the assumption that the GOP tampered with elections. Considering the long history of the Democrats in certain parts of the country making sure even the dead got to vote, I wonder why he is now so worried about the United States. Oh, I know — Trump. TDS has twisted so many into believing the end of the country, and possibly the world, is nigh.

This belief also flies in the face of evidence recently coming to light about the bias of those investigating the purported Russian connection to the election. Fox News has obtained approximately 10,000 texts between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, former members of Mueller’s probe into Trump and the Russian connection. These texts seem to confirm not only a bias toward Hillary Clinton but a deep seated bias toward Donald Trump, a bias that would make it difficult to conduct an unbiased investigation into the allegations against him and his campaign. To add even more mud to the water, Strzok and Page had been engaged in an extra-marital affair with one another.

Two days ago, USA Today said, “Justice demands that these matters be pursued with the utmost honesty, probity and impartiality. However, evidence is emerging that special counsel and former FBI director Robert Mueller’s investigation of alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election, as well as the Hillary Clinton email investigations, have been fatally compromised by naked politics.” Strzok not only showed his bias in his tweets but in his actions as part of FBI Director James Comey’s investigation into Clinton’s e-mails. It was Strzok who changed the wording of Comey’s “draft language on Clinton’s use of her illicit server from ‘grossly negligent’ to ‘“extremely careless,’ which is the difference between criminal behavior and an unconscious error.”

But, in Duncan Jones’ world, that sort of bias and manipulation is all right. TDS is alive and well.

As Twitchy said, this “sounds a little bit like Hillary Clinton warning of the danger to democracy posed by the losing candidate not accepting the results of the election.” But let’s see, is there any proof out there to support Jones’ fear? I know, let’s look at Alabama’s special election yesterday. Surely, if the Republicans, especially the current Administration, was going to interfere in an election it would have been that one. Haven’t the liberals been telling us that a Roy Moore loss would spell disaster for Trump and the Republicans?

Hmm, except it looks as if Roy Moore didn’t win the election. The results aren’t final but it appears Doug Jones won the race by approximately 20,000 votes. That seems to put a nail in the belief the Republicans would do anything to keep their majority in the Senate and, frankly, to keep power anywhere. The voters of Alabama spoke and there has been very little, basically minimal, allegation of any attempt at intimidation at the polls. There were no troops present, making sure only the “right sort of people” voted. There’s been no allegation of questionable mail-in ballots.

This last tweet says it all. Jones apparently believes only “democratic” politicians are capable of determining if the election process has been subverted and they, alone, should be the ones to talk with the military about taking action. At a time when it is becoming more and more obvious that those same democratic politicians — or at least their appointees and hires — had no compunction in subverting the investigative process, that is worrisome to say the least. It is yet another example of how those suffering from TDS have on blinders when it comes to the actions of their own party or preferred candidate.

Not that it is surprising. After all, Duncan Jones is a member of the Hollywood elite, the same elite that for years turned a blind eye to the actions of men like Harvey Weinstein. Now that his abhorrent behavior has come to light, they are falling all over one another in an attempt to distance themselves from him and all those others who are being dragged into the light of the public eye to answer for their actions. So I find myself asking this: is Jones really that worried about the country or is this an attempt to throw a smoke bomb to obscure the trouble Hollywood finds itself in?

No matter what the answer, one thing is perfectly clear. Those suffering from TDS have no qualms undermining the foundation of our country as long as it serves their own purpose. They also have a very selective memory when it comes to intimidation at the polls, voting irregularities and other actions many of us have seen happening over the years. Fortunately for all of us, our military understands what its duty is and it isn’t to make sure the “right” candidate — as determined by a group of politicians or by Hollywood — rules the country.

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  • GWB says:

    These texts seem to confirm not only a bias toward Hillary Clinton but a deep seated bias toward Donald Trump
    I think you meant the second “toward” to be “against”.

    entrenched Republican judges destroy voting records
    I’m sorry, WHAT?!? When have Republican judges done this thing? I’m pretty sure this is a Democrat thing.

    Surely, if the Republicans, especially the current Administration, was going to interfere in an election it would have been that one.
    Oh, but they did. They went out against Moore, because he wasn’t a member of their patrician club.

    After all, Duncan Jones is a member of the Hollywood elite
    Who is he, again? I’d have to google to even know what movies he might have directed. We might need to redefine “elite”.

    Each year, we edge closer and closer to some bizarre scenario from Piers Anthony’s fifth book in his Bio Of A Space Tyrant series. *smh*

  • Johnny says:

    One word. Projection.
    Remember “Hillary’s Law”:
    Whatever the Left accuses you of, it’s something that they themselves are engaged in up to their eyeballs.

  • Stacy0311 says:

    I think Duncan Jones would be a little surprised at what the military might be willing to do to “defend democracy”.
    And I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be rounding up who he expects them to

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