Dear Liberals: #DougJones won and Hillary is still not president

Dear Liberals: #DougJones won and Hillary is still not president

Dear Liberals: #DougJones won and Hillary is still not president

Roy Moore lost to Doug Jones and now the internet is on fire. Liberals are celebrating what is apparently 1) a massive blow to Trump, 2) a turning point in which Dems will be able to start reclaiming political seats in order to gain majorities in congress, and 3) a general step in the right direction against non-progressives, who are universally bigoted slime monsters.

In short, the liberal response has been in line with expectations.

–Real quick though, as an aside to any liberals who might be reading this: the guy you’re swooning over won an election (marginally) against an alleged child molester. In other words, it wasn’t hard to do. You celebrating that is like celebrating a win against an alleged serial killer or an alleged dog fighter. There is nothing to be proud of here. Maybe next time you could save your crowing for a win against a solid opponent instead of one who might show up on To Catch a Predator–

Anyway, there’s one interesting social media trend pertaining to the Jones victory. There are a ton of posts about the election that somehow congratulate or celebrate Hillary Clinton… as if Jones’ victory is also some kind of victory for her. I’ve gathered a sampling of such tweets just below.

Here’s a fun tweet. We’ve got some ex-heads of state made to sound like they belong in the Mean Girls universe:

We’ve also got a post that channels Charlie Sheen:

We’ve got subtle digs at the white women who voted against Hillary in the 2016 election:

We’ve got JibJab renderings:

And we’ve got the “Jones will do what Hillary could not” sentiments:

Liberals are getting ahead of themselves here. Jones’ election doesn’t change the fact that the beautiful American electoral machine saved us from four years of President Hillary. And Jones’ election does not mean that the people of Alabama regret voting for Trump or are more ready to vote for liberals from here on out. Rather, as I wrote above, the election demonstrates that Alabamians marginally wanted Doug Jones more than an alleged child molester.

The fact that liberals have jumped on today’s election as an opportunity to try to raise Hillary up is embarrassing. This election is one of their biggest victories so far against Trump? This election is vindication and justice for Hillary?


Today’s saddest “Yay Hillary!” tweet, though, was from Hillary herself:

The saddest bit is her rallying cry, “Onward!” It’s like she thinks she’s William Wallace leading the Scots into battle against the English… but in reality, she’s simply an ex-presidential candidate remembered for being so disliked that she lost to a reality TV star with vast opposition and no political experience.

Somehow, many liberals are still a little romanced by the self-acclaimed “pantsuit aficionado.” Granted, her dismal experience in the 2016 election does give them a sense of injustice they can use to flame the fires of their Trump-related discontent.

But really, liberal friends… we hope that, one day, you can just let Hillary go.


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  • GWB says:

    Yeah, their guy barely beat a guy smeared as a child molester.* And somehow this means Democratic tidal wave in 2018! (They claimed the same when they won here in blue Virginia, too.)

    What’s really interesting? The idea that they must think every Republican can be beat because we’re all child molesters. Once again, prog=projection.

    (* Mind you, they were running a flaming prog, too. Not an easy guy to vote for, for most southerners. Any idea what the turnout was?)

  • Kevin Donegan says:

    “Dear Liberals: #DougJones won and Hillary is still not president.” Please inform tRump that Hillary lost. He can’t seem to get over he lost the popular vote and he brings her up every day making her relevant. It’s been over a year and the LOSING presidential candidate is still talked about multiple times daily on Fox News and from the imbecile-in-chief in tweets. Move on. We have.

  • Johnny says:

    Okay, lets all chant it together – you know the words by now:
    “This marks the beginning of the end for Trump!”
    Ho hum. The beginning of the end – again.

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