Seattle Mayor Ed Murray Finally Resigns, Only Took Five Sex Abuse Accusations [VIDEO]

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray Finally Resigns, Only Took Five Sex Abuse Accusations [VIDEO]

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray Finally Resigns, Only Took Five Sex Abuse Accusations [VIDEO]

The progressive liberal bastion of Seattle has finally decided how many accusations of child sex abuse and rape it takes to get a Democrat to resign in this city.

Not one or two.

Not three.

Not four.

FIVE. And if you look carefully, there’s a sixth allegation wrapped into the fifth.

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, who will resign at 5 pm today, September 13, 2017
The allegations of child rape and abuse against soon-to-be-resigning Seattle Mayor Ed Murray have stretched back for decades. Actual accusers appeared in 2008 and their story was deemed “not credible” by the local press – who later had to explain their decision. This last April, a civil lawsuit was filed by a third victim. Murray, a well-known progressive gay Democrat, denied all the allegations. His legal team took great care to point out that all three accusers led troubled pasts, filled with criminal records and drug problems.

Once a fourth man came forward, Murray dropped his re-election bid. Which he announced from… a public bath house. Seriously, you can’t make this up.

When the lawsuit was dropped by the filing victim, Murray then tossed around the idea of becoming a write-in candidate for the primary, but was ultimately talked out of it.

Then the Seattle Times dug up substantial records from the state of Oregon’s Department of Human Services, long thought destroyed, from 1984. In those records, social workers for the state of Oregon concluded that Ed Murray had abused his foster son (one of the original two accusers from 2008) and the file was kept in order to keep Murray from being a foster parent ever again in Oregon.

Published in the Seattle Times, from the Oregon Department of Human Services
Murray. shameless, continued on as mayor, even as the weak-kneed city council bleated softly about “maybe” resigning. After all, throwing out such a loyal Democrat? A progressive in good standing? A married gay man? Not in Seattle! Not even with LGBTQ groups asking for his resignation.

So, for the last five months, the relatively sane people of Seattle (I assure you, they exist) were forced to continue on with this – let me put this bluntly – shitshow. Murray’s term would expire at the end of 2017, and since he had no decency, and the progressive Democrats refused to push the issue (Republicans? What Republicans? This is a one-party town. Two parties if you count the Democrats and Socialists separately), the general public was just trying to wait this out.

And then a fifth accuser came forward. This time, it was a younger cousin of Murray’s, who said when he was thirteen years old, Murray sexually abused and raped him as well.

Dyer’s mother ran a strict household, he said; his bedtime was 8 p.m. Murray typically went to bed an hour later. On some nights, Dyer said, Murray forced him to have oral sex.

“I felt it was wrong and I felt dirty,” Dyer said, but, “he told me it would be OK and it would be our secret and not to tell anybody.”

Dyer said it went on until Murray was accused of abusing a boy at the Little Flower group home.

Yes, there is a SIXTH allegation of abuse in there. Murray, in his early 20’s at the time, was a counselor at the Diocese of Brooklyn’s Little Flower group home for children in that time period.

A spokeswoman for Little Flower, which was founded in 1930 and has since expanded to provide multiple services for children and families, confirmed that an Edward Murray worked at the Long Island group home from June 4, 1975, to Aug. 29, 1976. The spokeswoman said she found no records explaining why Murray left the job.

The newspaper also interviewed Dyer’s mother, who corroborated that her son told her several months after Murray left that he had been sexually assaulted.

Several months later, after Murray had moved out, Dyer told his mother he had been abused, they said.

“I immediately got a hold of a doctor, and we sent him to somebody to talk to,” Sottile recalled.

“I didn’t know what to do. You know, I’m a single parent,” she added. “I did what I thought was right. I didn’t know you could press charges or anything like that. I wish I had.”

Murray, who this time could not smear his accuser’s past of jail time and drug use, blamed a “family rift.” Anyone else hearing a classic narcissist and abuser here?

It was all finally too much for tolerant, gay-friendly, liberal progressive Seattle.

Thanks to the statute of limitations, the only courts that can convict Ed Murray of being a peophile and a rapist are the civil courts and the court of public opinion. There are reports that Murray has cleverly hid assets under his spouse’s name so they can’t be seized in a judgment against him. His crimes now hang over the candidate he endorsed – and who accepted his endorsement – and the entire city government. Remember, there are no elected Republicans within the city of Seattle. Every single Democrat who did not call for Murray to resign should be asked “how many child rape allegations does it take?” Governor Jay Inslee, a spineless coward and Democrat, offered the single lamest press statement EVER when talking about alleged crimes of this nature.

“Mayor Murray is doing the right thing by stepping down,” Gov. Jay Inslee said in a statement. “He has done good things for Seattle and his resignation will allow the city to move forward.”

This entire case – sad, disgusting, horrible as it is, with probably little resolution for victims and no legal punishment for Murray – again proves that Democrats really don’t mean it when they say that victims claiming sexual abuse should always be believed. Hillary Clinton said that. Her actions all say otherwise. I’m sure every Democrat in Seattle would say the same. They did not make a courageous stand insisting that Murray resign or be removed. They chickened out. As the allegations and evidence piled up, they stayed silent. May their silence condemn them all now.

But this is Seattle we’re talking about. So long as you have a D after your name, you’ll never be asked the hard questions. Just ask Ed Murray, whose crimes against children were covered up for decades by local media (who wanted to be “fair” until they gathered “credible” sources), the Democrat machine (who would never remove one of their own), and a city so afraid of not hurting anyone’s feelings and being super-tolerant… that they were willing to tolerate an alleged pedophile finishing out his term as mayor.

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