Scott Adams: Health Care Bill Fail Means Trump is No Longer Hitler [VIDEO]

Scott Adams: Health Care Bill Fail Means Trump is No Longer Hitler [VIDEO]

Scott Adams: Health Care Bill Fail Means Trump is No Longer Hitler [VIDEO]

Cartoonist, blogger, and political prognosticator Scott Adams has declared that the GOP health care fail is actually a win for President Trump.

It means that Trump’s ascendancy can no longer be the second coming of Adolph Hitler.


Adams is the successful creator of the comic strip “Dilbert.” He’s also a trained hypnotist and schooled in the techniques of persuasion. Adams pointed out as early as August, 2015, that Trump, the “Clown Genius,” had already “bitch-slapped the entire Republican Party.” In October, 2015, he posited the case for a “Trump Landslide.” Adams saw what no one else did: that the bombastic Trump was raking in voters through the cunning art of persuasion.

Scott Adams and Dilbert. Credit:

All the media wizards were predicting that Trump would crash and burn on Election Day.  Adams had long forecast a Trump victory.

Now Adams has proclaimed that the failure of Ryan/Trump Health Care will bring about a positive sea change for Trump:

With the failure of the Ryan healthcare bill, the illusion of Trump-is-Hitler has been fully replaced with Trump-is-incompetent meme. Look for the new meme to dominate the news, probably through the summer. By year end, you will see a second turn, from incompetent to “Competent, but we don’t like it.”

Once again Adams views the bill’s failure through the eyes of the persuader, not the pundit.

In the 2D world, where everything is just the way it looks, and people are rational, Trump and Ryan failed to improve healthcare. But in the 3D world of persuasion, Trump just had one of the best days any president ever had: He got promoted from Hitler to incompetent. And that promotion effectively defused the Hitler-hallucination bomb that was engineered by the Clinton campaign.


It may be a while before the Trump-as-Hitler meme wears off, especially among the young adult Left. On Saturday, riots erupted at a pro-Trump rally in Huntington Beach, CA, so that Evil Trump image will die hard. But it gradually becomes more difficult to ‘punch a Nazi‘ when his guy is merely incompetent.

Who knew that becoming the Bumbler-in-Chief would be an upgrade for the president? It will be interesting to see if Scott Adams’ further prognostications about President Trump pan out. He has a pretty good track record so far.  It’s fascinating, and yet simultaneously eerie, isn’t it?

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