Schools Plan On Closing For #DayWithoutAWoman, Domino Effect Begins [VIDEO]

Schools Plan On Closing For #DayWithoutAWoman, Domino Effect Begins [VIDEO]

Schools Plan On Closing For #DayWithoutAWoman, Domino Effect Begins [VIDEO]

Some schools are actually going to be closed on Wednesday for the “Day Without A Woman” strike. Why? Well, because teachers are primarily women, and there are some schools out there who are now expecting to be shorthanded.

Nope, this is not a joke.

Chapel Hill-Carrboro schools will be closed to students on March 8 – proclaimed as “A Day Without A Woman” – because the school system expects to be shorthanded.

Durham Public Schools also is discussing closing schools on March 8 but no decision had been made. Superintendent Bert L’Homme said he’ll talk about the possibility with staff and make an announcement on Friday.

Chapel Hill-Carrboro Superintendent Jim Causby made the call, changing next Wednesday to a teacher workday. Students won’t be expected to make up the day because the school system is on schedule to meet the required number of instructional hours anyway.

Causby made the decision because principals and other supervisors in the school system reported that they expected a high number of staff members to be absent on March 8.

And this is apparently not the only case.

Let the domino effect begin. As noted previously, what happens when you want to strike, but you are counting on someone else to watch your kids so you can do so? Are you planning on just abandoning the kids? And there is no downside for the teachers involved here – thanks to the guaranteed length of the school year, they will just get to make up the lost day before school ends in the summer if they need to make up those hours! You had vacation plans? Too bad.

Actions have consequences. Women, if you planned on striking come Wednesday to make a statement about a “Day Without A Woman,” you might want to check in on what your kids will be up to. Your day might be getting slightly upended if you were depending on other women to be caring for your kids – like the teachers at your child’s school.

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  • Scott says:

    I hope that this is a version of day without an immigrant on steroids… if you bail without notice, you’re fired!! then it can be a week / month / year without a deadbeat woman…My wife works her ass off, and she would never consider taking part in such a stupid demonstration. She knows damn well how much we value her (me and my son… a couple of misogynists, if you believe the leftists..), and anything but the grrrl power the progtards support… her and her .45 can take care of themselves… a true independent woman! God bless her!

  • Lynn says:

    The single greatest path to gender equality around the world has been advancing girls’ access to education. By all means, let’s throw that out for a day so we can wear our pussy hats again.

    Dollars to donuts, the teachers union is behind this.

  • Sea Dragon says:

    Agree. At best, no pay, at worst “you’re fired!”

  • GWB says:

    This is so idiotic. But I propose that we make the libs complain that we only appreciate them once a year – the minute they get back from their protest, demand they get you a sammich! And a coffee or beer! (You ladies that don’t have the luxury of protesting demand it too! This is equal opportunity abuse!)

    As I said for the Dw/oIA (Day without Illegal Aliens), if you’re that important then you can’t really walk off the job, can you? And if you can, then you can obviously be replaced.
    (BTW, this was why unions needed gov’t protection – because a LOT of the people they wanted to organize could be replaced easily, and that defeats your strike tactic.)

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