Schmidt Unleashed in Bizarre, Gloves-Off Twitter Rant

Schmidt Unleashed in Bizarre, Gloves-Off Twitter Rant

Schmidt Unleashed in Bizarre, Gloves-Off Twitter Rant

Meghan McCain was not shy and has never minced words when it comes to her father’s former adviser, Steve Schmidt. One might say that Meghan’s disdain is unfounded. One might say, yeah, it is and Schmidt is a snake.

Recovering Republican strategist, Steve Schmidt, has said his share of crazy things over the years but according to this, he got a bit unhinged last night on Twitter. The former adviser, who was also part of The Lincoln Project could stand it no more. That was it, Meghan McCain called him out for covering for a pedophile (his Lincoln Project co-founder, John Weaver) and he had about as much as he could take.

I can explain this. When I kicked @MeghanMcCain offof the 2008 McCain plane, because of her outrageous behavior, I talked to her mom and explained what was happening and why. Cindy got weepy and said “I just want to say I raised two good sons” I said ‘everyone knows you did'”-Steve Schmidt

Why did she get sacked from the campaign? Because her blog in 2008 became a tad bit controversial. She did continue to campaign for her late father in the heartland. But Schmidt, he’s pissed and he’s not giving up.

And then, there’s this:

A homophone?! Anywho…

And Schmidt kept it going. This whole rift between Schmidt and Meghan McCain is proof that corruption and bad behavior occurs on both sides of the aisle. Sure, Steve Schmidt was involved in the grift known as The Lincoln Project. Lucrative side ventures, millions of dollars paid to founders as “management fees”. He is, undoubtedly dirty. A person who apparently left his child at home so he could do John McCain and his campaign a favor? But was, indeed, persona non grata at McCain’s funeral? Curious, to say the very least. For certain, Steve Schmidt is no saint.

But neither is Meghan “do you know who my father is” McCain. McCain has been whining about the GOP for years on end. What did she do to fix it? She sat around the train wreck of a coffee-klatch called The View for four whole years. Like her or not, Meghan McCain capitalized on her father’s name. So much so, she decided to use his name to promote her new book:

Really, Meghan? You’re so torn-up about your father’s death that you drag a photographer from People with you and strategically place your new book at his grave? Love hard. Grieve Hard. Promote Hard.

But even after this shameless promotion, McCain’s Book, Bad Republican, is a flop; with just 244 copies sold in the first few days. That rivals the amount of subscribers when CNN Plus was unveiled.

The duplicity that tragically plagues both of these characters is apparent. I do not know who is worse. Steve Schmidt running off at the mouth in consecutive tweets about Meghan McCain or Meghan McCain posing in front of her father’s grave to promote her book.

Further proof that Twitter is a cesspool.

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  • rbj1 says:

    To quote Kissinger, can’t they both lose?

  • Linda S Fox says:

    She’s not the WORST person on the planet. There are probably people who could have done a worse job defending GOP principles. But, not many.

    Her appearance at the graveside reminds me of the pictures of the Kennedy family at JFK’s grave. Posed, intended for public display, and checking off an item on a list. Most of us remember our dead on holidays, but we to it by hoisting a beer, laughing over old stories, and shedding a few tears – OUT of sight of the media.

  • Roger says:

    Klatch not clutch; coffee klatch. Megan is a piece of trash, Steve Schmidt is worse as is The View.

  • Dagwood says:


    His name doesn’t quite qualify as a homophone for the word I have in mind, but his reputation sure does smell like it.

  • Cimmaron says:

    She hates Trump (rightfully so) because of the stupid thing Trump said about prisoners of war. Schmidt is a low life grifter.

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