Rural White Americans Are Ungrateful Losers Says California Democrat

Rural White Americans Are Ungrateful Losers Says California Democrat

Rural White Americans Are Ungrateful Losers Says California Democrat

Rural white Americans are a bunch of ungrateful losers according to David Atkins, California’s regional director of the Democrat party. This was in response to the Trump Squad girls feud, I think. However, given that condescendingly prejudiced twitter blast, I’d say his snobbery is a feature, not a bug.


Where oh where to begin?

Heavily subsidized: Well, there are and have been farmers across the country that received government subsidies for corn, wheat, beans, or other agriculture products. Does that mean ALL farmers are subsidized 100% by the federal government? No. Most if not all the farmers and ranchers I grew up with, including my folks have NEVER applied for a gov’t subsidy.

‘drowning in largess:’ Exactly who in rural America is benefitting from the federal government’s largess so much that it’s overwhelming? Please, show me who and where. Hmmm, I wonder if he means those on welfare? David, there are a LOT of people on welfare in that very BLUE state of California that you reside in. In fact, it’s one of the reasons California’s debt is out of control!

‘blessed with political affirmative action:’ Quite frankly I laughed my ass off at that take. Want to bet, when asked, David won’t have a single concrete piece of evidence showing exactly which section of rural white America has benefitted from political affirmative action? You know why? Because there is none!

‘bills paid by cities and blue states:’ I laughed even harder at this one. I had NO idea that the budgets for Portland, LA, New York City, Seattle, Houston or Chicago were such that they could handle doling out monthly paychecks to all of us rural whites! Who knew??!!

David firmly believes what he tweeted. He looks down his nose at all of us who grew up in rural America because you see, he’s an elite and we …aren’t. Why? Because too many of us deplorables (thanks a lot Hillary) voted for Trump.

He conveniently forgets that it is rural white Americans who feed this country, have gone to war FOR this country, and have been caretakers of this great land.

But Davey doesn’t care about that. And, when called out, he dug a deeper hole.

Isn’t he just something y’all! We are bigoted entitled stupid people because we don’t march in lockstep with the Democrat party. How DARE WE??!!

Victor Davis Hanson wrote this last year, and it applies here. 

“In many ways, the greatest polarization in the country today is along class, not racial, lines, especially between lower- and middle-class whites and rich, coastal-elite whites — as we were reminded by Hillary Clinton’s recent disdain shown the “deplorables” and “irredeemables.”

One of the strangest elements of the American obsession with superficial appearance is the habit of very well connected and affluent whites faulting poor whites for their “white privilege.”

~ Snip ~

Do not underestimate the Trump voter. When they channel-surfed cable news, or heard of the antics that took place on college campuses, or saw street-theater demonstrations on television, they boiled at the idea that they had often worked at minimum wage, saw their jobs outsourced, never discriminated against anyone, and yet were being damned by smug youth who in a few years would draw on their college B.A. cattle brand, their parents’ lobbying, and the good-old-boy network of being rich, white, and from the proper zip code to inherit their rightful place in business, investment, politics, entertainment, the media, or the university. Google all the rich, white, privileged pundits who at one time or another, both in jest and in all seriousness, have called to deport the deplorables and in their stead give amnesty to illegal aliens or import “better” people from abroad.”

Yes, for David, we rural Americans (5th generation rancher’s daughter here), we WHITE rural Americans are indeed deplorable and irredeemable in his eyes. His smug superiority echoes that of far too many Democrats who are turning once decent cities into cesspools of crime and filth all in the name of political correctness. His egotistical lecture ignores the fact that it is the Democrats whom he has aligned himself with that are part and parcel of the problems we are facing across this Republic.

But don’t you dare call him out for his conceited dreck.

No Davey, my pants aren’t in a twist. What I AM doing is laughing at you and calling you out for your snobbery. What I AM doing is telling you that your prejudice is showing, and it ain’t pretty.

David, quite frankly, is an ungrateful ass who thinks he’s superior to all us who had the temerity to vote for Donald Trump instead of their chosen queen, Hillary. He believes that by insulting rural white Americans, we will suddenly see the light and vote Democrat. Good luck with that Davey boy.

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  • GWB says:

    They are heavily subsidized, drowning in federal largesse, blessed with political affirmative action & overrepresentation, have all their bills paid by cities and blue states, but they whine and yell constantly.
    But i’ll be damned if the bigoted entitled stupidity doesn’t constantly try one’s patience.
    But too many vote for racists.
    You keep using words. I don’t think they mean what you think they mean.

    Now, let’s be honest: there is way too much subsidization going on in agricultural America (“rural” is an inappropriate tag in this, as he’s clearly talking about farmers; not all of “rural” is “farm”, or “farm and ranch”).
    There’s also way too much “corporate” in agricultural America. Too many once-family farms have gone back to essentially a share-cropper state.
    And, of course, a lot of that has been driven by (as Freedom Recon notes) federal regulation, followed by subsidies, followed by more regulation.
    And, YES, way too many agricultural Americans love their subsidies. *looks pointedly at Iowa corn farmers* All the rest of us Blue Staters, though, would love to see them gone. We’d love to see an awful lot of the regulation gone, too. And, I think many of us idealize that returning family farms to their family state would still feed the world.

    But, ungrateful?!? We’ve gone into projection territory with this. Americans in Flyover Land are enormously grateful for everything – from life to death, and every bit in-between.
    What rubs this elitist wrong, though, is that we’re not grateful to HIM. We don’t bow to our betters on the coasts, and in the cities, and particularly in the newsrooms and places of political power, thanking them for our daily bread. No thanks. All I’ve asked is for you to get out of my way, and you won’t do that – so I’ve got nothing to thank you for.

    • Ryan says:

      Problem is both subsidies and regulations need to go in tandem

    • Richard McEnroe says:

      Well, you know, we probably SHOULD grovel in gratitude. I mean how can we possibly get by without cities full of edgy thought keaders typing away?

  • Hate_me says:

    The lesson of the last election is lost on many.

  • MortMain says:

    Reminds of Governor Pineapple in Illinois.

  • Lloyd Barnhart says:

    This is a good example of the first lie…..Tell it, and it will be picked up and repeated via social media, and soon….to the liberal left, it is the truth!!!

  • Richard McEnroe says:

    Time to shut off the oil. And the water. And the electricity. And the food…

  • Skillyboo says:

    I think it’s time rural White Americans pick a leftist city and stop sending their food products there. Maybe get truckers to stop delivering. Maybe a week, or so, of no food might educate them about how we’re all in this together.

  • Tokies says:

    well to begin with that’s not fully how subsidized systems work. what it does is puts a huge FLOOR on your biz. in the form insurance, roads, to areas that are not cost-effective to even put a road in. I can keep going. I mean there’s tons and tons of grants. Both organic grants and regular ole conventional. Heavily subsidized most of Rural America is. Very few places in rural America even if we made food WAYYYY more expensive would ever be worth the cost that’s put into it. At the same time that’s socialism. It’s how it works roads to farms and ranches that don’t make the money. Funding to hopefully get more jobs in that area for people who don’t work on the farms blah blah blah. All kinda stuff in states that don’t pay into the federal gov what they put in. If he doesn’t like socialism then frankly he’s in the wrong party. It’s very important those rural areas are populated. Firefighters all kinda stuff comes out of those areas to keep fires under control. I can keep going on that part as well.

    “I wonder if he means those on welfare?” — he’s mostly talking about the corporate farms my guess. As most people in rural America have a second job and are not full-time farmers. They are closer to hobbyist farmers who sell some things regularly. Like a wife running 400 turkeys a year blah blah blah. Very few are fulltime experienced farmers. In a sense. they are farming enough to keep the farm but not really succeeding farming. It’s actually very similar to a college debt crisis. Because huge corpo farms eat so much of the market smaller and medium-size farmers don’t get the experience level to run real farming operation as a fulltime farmer. add on to the fact that it’s hard to go on vacation and take breaks due to the amount of farm labor that isn’t fulltime farm labor since we treat farm labor so poorly in America. I mean how do you attract quality workers who will stay with your farm for 20 or 40 years when you don’t pay well and you don’t offer healthcare.

    This word “grateful” what does it mean in regards to how someone should act. As a black person in America, I’m constantly told I’m not grateful enough. Without a layout for what exactly I should be grateful for. At the same time

    As for the charge of racism. I’d say again racism isn’t free. It’s vice that is paid for by the people you are doing it to and by the person who wants to do it. Rural white Americas voting patterns has sealed in the GOP. Rural white Americas voting patterns have rescinded important parts of the voting rights act. Rural White Americas have the voting power to vote in WHATEVER system they desire. This is the system they have mostly voted in. It’s been a long time since it’s between 50/50 power. The few times it has been it’s been pretty disastrous for working-class voters. Clinton and the GOP house GOP Senate voting in that awful TTP that was blocked by most of the DEM party. but Clinton is a light right-wing southern politician.

    As for your point about Hillary clinton.. she wouldn’t have been as bad a choice a Trump but she is an awful choice. Straight up AWFUL … along with nancy and chuck, it would have been bad but we also wouldn’t have probably crashed. Like we are about to AGAIN under the GOP. I think though there were other choices on the table that rural America could have made namely Bernie. white rural America could have voted in the dem primary and rolled him into office. They choose not to. They choose to pay there ride for a little racism jig and some dude who told you he had no plans but could give them there hearts desires. He did and were about to crash AGAIN. like we do with every GOP prez since Regan. Because trickle-down economics is a crash machine.

    As a black person who is hunted by white rural Americas voting patterns. I wouldn’t say I wish rural America was grateful. I do wish rural America would love itself a little. Realize climate change is coming and get the money to start changing over poor farming practices that are gonna screw them over as weather patterns change. I wish rural white America would realize that if you got someone being racist you will have to pay for that racism someway. maybe it’s in the fact that blue-collar workers don’t get medical leave. maybe it’s some other way but someone is going to pay someone America depends on is going to pay for it. Maybe you should stop voting for that party. So, I guess in this rambling post-close. I wish Rural America was a bit more thoughtful. I am a human being. I work hard the same as yall do. 2 jobs actually. I had two jobs in college and never got to stop the two jobs because a GOP president gave a bunch of rich people tax cuts and the banks gambled money. I never stop working 2 jobs since college. I’m tired. I want rural America to realize it has a bunch of voting power and I want rural America to make a list of what it wants that’s not dumb shit.. so we can just give it to them and be over. not talking about tanks of raw sewage from pigs either. I’m talking about real stuff. cos your customer the people that buy the food have already said several times no to that.. forcing it on folks using voting power will just end up with even more people not eating the food from convin farms and yall going belly up. make a list as long as it makes sense and it’s not racist bernie will probably do it.

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