Roundup Time: The Left Ruins Everything It Touches

Roundup Time: The Left Ruins Everything It Touches

Roundup Time: The Left Ruins Everything It Touches

In a year of unprecedented douchery, the hits keep coming. Not just face-palming moments over Leftcult stupidity but in outright evil done in the name of compassion.

The hits keep rolling out of Soros’ puppet DA George Gascon. I wrote about his sweeping pro-criminal edicts here. Now take a gander of another one his changes:

roundup time left gascon
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Get that? Regardless of why someone died when shot by the police, the District Attorney’s office will be obligated to the dead person and their family.

Consider: Dec. 2nd marked the 5-year anniversary of the Islamic terrorist attack in San Bernardino that massacred 14 and seriously injured 22 others. You’re forgiven if you don’t quite remember that mass murder since Pravda Media shoved it down the memory hole within a week of the incident. Not their preferred Left narrative. NOW IMAGINE if the SB’s District Attorney office had been OBLIGATED to pay for the “funeral, burial and mental health services” for Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik and their family. This is what Depraved Gascon has instituted.

Avoid Los Angeles at all cost.


Anyone more mendouchious than our Pravda Media this year?

Why are taxpayers on the hook for NPR when they clearly are just another subsidiary of the Democrat Party?

Corruption isn’t just a Biden family business, but having the Deep State protect you is just par for the course for Leftists.

President-elect Joe Biden’s brother James is caught up in an FBI investigation, it emerged Thursday – the day after Hunter Biden confirmed he was the target of a federal tax probe. (snip)

Federal authorities had paused their investigation into Hunter in the run up to the election.


And speaking of people who not just sold their souls cuz #OrangeManBad but who are willing to ignore all the violence and violent threats leveled against more than half this nation …

… really? It’s the GOP and deplorables tearing apart this country because after being assaulted we won’t kiss and make up with our abusers? And the Democrats will not just accept our apologies for ever disagreeing with them but will refrain from stealing votes in the future out of the goodness of their hearts?

Uh. No.


There is no evil that the Left can do that their brethren won’t pass out awards to the perps …


Until next time, pardners. Keep your powder dry.

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  • John C. says:

    Nobody who saw no problem with Al Gore litigating the 2000 election for 37 days has the right to complain when Trump litigates for at least a similar amount of time.

  • GWB says:

    The title says it all.
    But honestly, shouldn’t this have an “Episode #” or something?

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