Roundup Time: Desperate Times, More Desperate Democrats

Roundup Time: Desperate Times, More Desperate Democrats

Roundup Time: Desperate Times, More Desperate Democrats

Here we are, the middle of July. A time when most families would take a week or two to disconnect and enjoy some summer of vacation and relaxation. Democrats have derailed that but are desperate you not notice.

When even CNN refuses to run cover

Let’s just say we suspect that a memo has gone out to try and salvage at least something of the mid-terms by trying to look a little muscular against Pedo Peter’s administration.

The consumer price index showed that year-over-year inflation spiked 9.1% in June, a worrying figure that outpaced every expert prediction. The Biden administration downplayed the seriousness of the figure, repeatedly claiming it is “backward-looking” and does not reflect present-day reality.

Not forward looking? Even Tapper wasn’t buying that and brought up the administrations claim last December that inflation would go no higher. Rouse dismissed that with the risible comment that while American’s “face challenges” they come at it from a “position of strength”.

Nice words to remember when you check the balance on your 401K.



We’re offended that Dave Cicilline’s offended

Democrats are engaged in a desperate version of Kabuki Theater without any makeup. What rational adult is fooled by this?



Don’t you dare notice the Minneapolis War Zone

We’ve discussed feral youth just this week. Minneapolis saw its downtown streets overrun with such groups terrorizing bystanders with fireworks wielded as weapons. Not only hasn’t it stopped, but now it’s moved indoors where fireworks are being set off inside of movie theaters.

Democrat politicians of the area have been studiously silent on this. Save one. And his remarks were received exactly how one might expect …

Michael Rainville said during a community meeting about public safety that he planned to talk to Somali elders and tell them “their children can no longer have that type of behavior.” (snip)

Minneapolis City Council Member Michael Rainville is facing an avalanche of criticism after he blamed primarily Somali youth for a wave of violence on July 4 that included a shooting at a large gathering at Boom Island Park and others launching fireworks toward cars and buildings while driving on downtown streets.
That comment caused Jaylani Hussein, executive director of the Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, to question the sincerity of Rainville’s apology. (snip)

Three of Rainville’s fellow City Council members issued a statement Friday night calling the Ward 3 council member’s words “inappropriate, incorrect and disturbing.”

Feral youth terrorizing the normies isn’t disturbing, noticing it is.



118 Days until Mid-terms — cue the “experts”

Oh, come on now. You knew this was going to happen.

With new omicron variants again driving COVID-19 hospital admissions and deaths higher in recent weeks, states and cities are rethinking their responses and the White House is stepping up efforts to alert the public.

Some experts said the warnings are too little, too late.

And what is too little, too late?

Ali Mokdad, a professor of health metrics sciences at the University of Washington in Seattle … federal health officials need to be push harder on masks indoors, early detection and prompt antiviral treatment.

“They are not doing all that they can,” Mokdad said.

Oooooo … did new lockdowns, mandatory maskings and federally mandated, mail-in ballots make your 2022 bingo card?



Stay frosty and watch out for your local Leftists. They are more apt to try and run under the radar to cause trouble. Don’t let them. Until next time, pardners.

#Resist #Remember in November.

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  • Mark 1:1 says:

    So Council of Economic Advisors Chairwoman Cecilia Rouse says that, during June 2022, gas prices have come down.

    I keep records of my gasoline expenses and (during December 2020) I paid between $1.13/gallon and $1.50/gallon. That is not higher than the current $3.99/gallon I am paying in Texas. Not even close.

    Additionally, every other bloody expense has gone up. From things that come in by truck (like food, drink, and other necessities) to things that don’t come by truck (like my now-discontinued cable service), everything has become costlier.

    • GWB says:

      During June this year gas prices did come down. They went from $4.98/gallon locally to $4.48.
      Which is still more than double what they were back when we had mean tweets.

  • GWB says:

    You knew this was going to happen.
    Well, I was sincerely hoping they would at least try something new. I was hoping for new memes….

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