Roundup Time: No More Quiet Parts, It’s All Out Loud

Roundup Time: No More Quiet Parts, It’s All Out Loud

Roundup Time: No More Quiet Parts, It’s All Out Loud

For years, even decades, each time a Democrat said the quiet part of their agenda out loud there has been a scramble to bury it, spin it or otherwise make you believe it was never really said. Now they just don’t care.

Quiet part out loud: Nadler is clear about coming for your guns.

This little exchange from July 20th is quite enlightening:

Bishop: Is there anyone on the other side that would dispute that this bill would ban weapons that are in common use in the United States today?

Nadler: Yeah, that’s the point of the bill.

Bishop: To clarify, Mr. Chairman, you’re saying it is the point of the bill to ban weapons that are in common use in the United States today?

Nadler: Yes, the problem is they are in common use.

Which bill? The latest 100-page anti-2A behemouth that can be summed up in a single sentence. Ban all semi-automatic guns. All of them. What guns will Democrats allow you?

(3) Paragraph (1) shall not apply to any firearm that—

(A) is manually operated by bolt, pump, lever, or slide action …

Isn’t that cool? You’ll be allowed to own a gun that is no more modern than 1880. For now.



When Dems are in power, you’re not to criticize “The Man”

Yes, it’s the old saw about If Democrats didn’t have double standards they’d have no standards at all; however, these paragons of “the little people” have no problem lashing out when you refuse to obey.

Just a note that Sheila Kuehl, braindead Leftist and erstwhile Dobie Gillis actress, has long been a local pain-in-the-a** fixture in Los Angeles area politics. She has loved to tout her “working families” bona fides by claiming to have walked her first picket line as an 11 y/o but when push comes to shove, the Little People should shut up and obey their betters when it comes in mandated masking and anything else declared a health emergency.



New chapters in Newspeak

The Left has always wrestled to control the narrative. And redefining words to their liking has been top of the list. Here’s some of the latest:

1) New York City Health Department is demand that WHO rename monkeypox because the name “monkeypox” stigmatizes “vulnerable communities”. We have some suggestions but we don’t think NYC Health would appreciate them. Certainly Sebastian Kohn won’t.

2) The name of the Asian Giant Hornet (aka murder hornet), the invasive species that has shown up in Washington State and British Columbia and destroys native bee species has now been renamed. “Asian” is out, “northern” is in because in spite of the fact that these hornets are native to northern Asia, describing them as Asian just demonizes Asian people and causes them harm. Or something. Really. Disregard that the discrimination against Asians comes from Harvard or San Francisco school system. Concentrate on the hornets.

3) Update your acceptable language note cards when speaking of breast feeding …



DEI should DIE

If this is going on at the Feds

Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz pressed the State Department’s chief Diversity and Inclusion officer Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley over an email allegedly excluding “straight, white men” and people of the wrong religion from being hired.

… including the “Inclusion officer’s” equivocating about what’s going on, just think of what a greenlight Biden and ilk have given to rapacious HRs across the country.



Turning 11 year-olds into Stasi

Why can’t Johnny do math? He’s too busy compiling dossiers on his classmates.

A New York City public school encouraged students as young as 10 years old to keep a list of all the “microaggressions” they witnessed, both at school and in their own families, according to materials from the school’s curriculum reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon. The same students were also asked to list their gender identity—”cisgender,” “nonbinary,” or “trans”—as well as their sexual orientation on a graded worksheet. (snip)

The book also asks students to surveil their friends and family for racist behavior. “Grab your notebook,” one “activity” instructs readers. “Look and listen for the microaggressions around you. Write them down and note your observations.”



The quiet part disappeared in 2016, even as Democrats PR Division, aka mainstream media, work tirelessly to spin what they can and bury the rest. Don’t comply with the speech codes, keep your powder dry and your pantry stocked and #RememberInNovember

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  • GWB says:

    Sounds to me like Gina just openly confessed to breaking several civil rights laws AND the Constitution. Maybe someone in Congress should set about firing her. HAHAHA!! I crack myself up.

    Maybe a citizen should set about firing her? As in “out of a cannon”.

  • NTSOG says:

    Regarding Monkey Pox: today’s headline in an Australian paper “WHO chief advises reducing sex partners to avoid monkeypox”. Who’d have thought the WHO would have recommended such a sensible practice?

    In fact the article continues: “That means making safe choices for yourself and others, for men who have sex with men,” Tedros [Director General of WHO] said. “This includes, for the moment, reducing your number of sexual partners.”

    The article continues “WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said 98 per cent of the monkeypox cases detected since the outbreaks emerged in May have been among gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men. He called for those at risk to take steps to protect themselves.” Perhaps those involved in ‘cavorting’ in a dangerous and unhealthy manner might also consider that they are spreading a disease that can affect others who are not of their sexually deviant tribe? However I doubt that the warning by the WHO will curtail the self-indulgent hedonists of the Left. It’s generally about their Rights and to hell with everyone else.

    What is alarming is this: “The Australian government’s health direct website says monkeypox can be spread from person to person via infected droplets from coughs or sneezes being inhaled or landing in the eyes, nose or mouth; physical contact with infected bodily fluids or scabs or blisters, for example, from sexual contact; and touching bedding, towels or clothing used by an infected person.”

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