Rock Stars: Valedictorians, Tea Partiers, Tennessee Patriots and Trey Gowdy

Rock Stars: Valedictorians, Tea Partiers, Tennessee Patriots and Trey Gowdy

We need more rock stars. No, not Hollywood’s version, or that peppy drink so many of us rely on to jumpstart our days, but fearless, unwavering, truth telling, honest-to-goodness Rock Stars. Like the fierce Roy Costner IV, valedictorian of his graduating class at a high school called Liberty. Roy ripped up his secular speech sanctioned by school administrators, and instead delivered an impassioned, inspiring, defiant Lord’s Prayer to his classmates, greeted with uproarious applause.

We need Rock Stars like Wetumpka Tea Party President, Becky Gerritson, who sat before Congress this week, shared her story of vicious IRS targeting, then looked them square in the eye and fearlessly said, “I’m not here as a serf or a vassal. I’m not begging my lords for mercy. I’m a born-free American woman, wife, mother, and citizen. And I’m telling my government that you’ve forgotten your place.”

We need Rock Stars like John Eastman of National Organization for Marriage, who, after listening to Representative Blumenauer defend the IRS who discriminated against him, halted his Congressional testimony and stated, “I really have to respond to the scurrilous things that were said on the other side. Representative Blumenauer, it’s your kind of statement that have empowered IRS agents to make determinations about which organizations qualify for the public good and which do not…And how sad it is, Rep. Doggett, how sad it is that efforts to educate about our Constitution have become a partisan political issue that you think people ought not to get tax-exempt status for that.”


We need Rock Stars like the 1,000-plus free-speech ralliests who gathered in Tennessee this week, where U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee, Bill Killian, arrogantly, and falsely, tried to dictate to his own electorate that any criticism of Islam is a Civil Rights violation. The undaunted rally-goers refused to accept the violation of their own Civil Rights.

We need Rock Stars like Super Bowl champion and Catholic Matt Birk of the Baltimore Ravens who declined attendance at a meet and greet with Mr. Obama because of his “God Bless Planned Parenthood” statement, a corporation that performs more than 330,000 abortions every year.

And we need Rock Stars like Representative Trey Gowdy, near tears in a recent IRS oversight hearing because, as the IRS was wasting our tax dollars on Las Vegas conferences and glitzy swag, his own state of South Carolina was furloughing police officers and teachers. He sees, he understands, he’s heartbroken, as I am, that our precious Republic is on the brink of complete annihilation by would-be tyrants. He sees that a police state is already here, and that if we are to save it, we must stop looking away and stare tyranny straight in the eye, not back down, and yank it out by its roots.

When Barack Obama was elected to a second term, I literally slumped to the floor and wept. I wept for our Republic. I wept for what I see is its destruction at the hands of a man who hates it. I wept for those who still wear blinders; and I wept for my child, and your child, and all the children who will inherit what our obstinate politicians are creating. If they succeed, it will no longer be the America that I know and love, but a very different America, an America where we no longer award hard work, we no longer strive to be the best we can be, we no longer encourage critical thought and criticism of government, and we longer have true freedom. It will be an America where every one of us will be watched by Big Brother in its fear that we may step out of line. That is the lost America that Mr. Gowdy and I weep for.

I’ve never felt as dire about the state of my country as I do at this moment. And never as hopeful. It’s going to take Rock Stars to save it. It’s going to require standing up, refusing to sit back down, and unabashedly speaking the truth until, as Senator Rand Paul did during his brave thirteen-hour filibuster, our voices give out. We’ve seen in the past several days more and more citizens doing just that. They must be our inspiration. We must become the Rock Stars, you and I. We must be the Roy Costners, the Becky Gerritsons, the Trey Gowdys of our time. We must make beautiful noise; we must rattle ear drums; we must never give up fighting for our Republic. And we must provide inspiration for others, for those of us still too afraid to look, or still too afraid to speak. For we are the only things standing between glorious liberty and a permanent, oppressive police state.


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