#RNCinCLE: Ted Cruz Says Choose Freedom [VIDEO]

#RNCinCLE: Ted Cruz Says Choose Freedom [VIDEO]

#RNCinCLE: Ted Cruz Says Choose Freedom [VIDEO]

Tonight was the night. Would Ted Cruz endorse Donald Trump in his speech to the Republican National Convention or not? Well, you be the judge.

Honestly? Watch his speech again. Who did Ted Cruz endorse tonight? Our Constitution? Absolutely. Freedom? No question.This Republic? Unequivocally.


From his speech:

“We will unite the party by standing together for shared liberty.”

Liberty and Freedom. America. Those were the themes Ted Cruz put forth.

Ted also hit it out of the park concerning national security, domestic issues, honor, integrity and more.

Did Ted Cruz endorse Donald Trump during his speech? No. Did he congratulate him on his nomination? Yes

Early in Ted Cruz’s speech he hit on a value, a shared freedom, a code that too many Americans don’t remember or haven’t been taught.


Right now our country is in an uproar like I’ve never seen. An uproar that my parents haven’t seen (although 1968 comes somewhat close). So I believe, strongly, that Ted Cruz’s Constitutional point is one we REALLY need to remember. Its We. The. People.

Tonight Ted Cruz stood up in front of the RNC, the delegates, this United States and in fact the world and said – vote your conscience. There is absolutely everything right and nothing wrong with that. What he advocated is, in fact, the very bedrock of our values and rights that this country enjoys through the beauty and liberty of our Constitution and specifically our First Amendment to the Constitution.

Certainly he was booed. Unfortunately, it might be that some of the adverse reaction was ginned up for ratings. Seems that follow on speakers, Newt Gingrich for one, had to quickly redraft their speech to do “damage control.” That’s saddening, maddening and unfortunately politics for you.

What I do know is this. An American stood up on the world stage and spoke about American ideals to the US and to the world. No matter our divisions, no matter whom we choose as a candidate, Ted Cruz demonstrated what we should all remember and embrace. Freedom Matters.

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  • Johnny says:

    There’s a time and a place for everything.
    Cruz’s classless and self-serving performance went over about as well as a fart in church.

    • mudbug says:

      I agree. I didn’t disagree with anything he said – including “vote your conscience”, but he was at the REPUBLICAN convention and he should have been prepared to endorse the candidate. If he couldn’t do that, he should have stayed home. If he had, it probably would have served him well. Trump didn’t have to invite him in the first place and to his credit, he didn’t object to his speech even though he knew what Cruz was going to say.

      He says he’s going to run in 2020 regardless of who wins this year. I was a supporter of his till the end and my advice to him would be “don’t bother.” There are a lot of good conservatives I can vote for in the primaries.

      • GWB says:

        There are a lot of good conservatives I can vote for in the primaries.

        Either your definition of “lots” or of “conservatives” is not the same as mine.

        • mudbug says:

          Maybe. I would gladly vote for Rick Perry, Scott Walker, or Carly Fiorina if they ran next time. Three is usually a pretty good primary field so I consider that ‘lots.’ You’d have to decided if they fit your definition of ‘conservative’, but they fit mine pretty well.

  • OC says:

    If Trump is such a master manipulator of the media, it ani’t showing during the RNC. It’s been one thing after another taking the spotlight OFF Trump. I guess when you campaign on the cheap, this is what happens.

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