Rihanna and The Caped Crusaders of COVID-19

Rihanna and The Caped Crusaders of COVID-19

Rihanna and The Caped Crusaders of COVID-19

Rihanna has been very vocal about her support for COVID l9 patients over the past few weeks. So vocal, she had this to say to fans after pressures to get into the studio to record:

If one of y’all motherf#ckers ask me about the album one more time when I’m tryna save the world, unlike y’all president….on sight!”-Rihanna

Why yes, she dissed the President. Big surprise, we know. But in an angry rant, she just called (probably an audience of mostly teenage girls) motherf#ckers. Classy. But I guess we can’t expect too much from an artist who brings out the inner dirty girl in some of us.

No disputing Rihanna’s talent. I’ve been guilty of having a few Rihanna tunes on my play list. Has Rihanna been instrumental in using her talent and wealth for good in the fight to end this pandemic? Sure. She’s Actually contributed a great deal more than her counterparts. Jay-Z only donated $1 million (that’s $500,000 between him and wifey, Beyoncé, a mere drop in the bucket when one adds up the net worth of them both). Rihanna also partnered up with her Twitter’s Jack Dorsey to donate $4.2 million to help domestic violence victims in Los Angeles amid people quarantining to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Page Six all but calls her Mother Teresa for this feat.

Madonna, dreadful creature that she is, again, is doing her part. After taking down her dreaded bathtub video off of Twitter, she announced that she is throwing a million bucks at Bill Gates to come up with a COVID-19 vaccine. Because Bill Gates and Barack Obama tried to save the world and Donald Trump wrecked it. This from earlier this week; freshly-coiffed, injected with fillers in her face and sporting a t-shirt with satan on the cross (in honor of Easter week, we presume):

Rihanna and her foundation donated PPE to the State of New York. The $5 million raised from her foundation was used to supply food banks, testing programs to health care training operations and medical supplies. She has, singlehandedly, done more than Madonna or Jay-Z, I will give her that much. However, publications like Page Six sing the praises of these celebrity “heroes” donating a pittance of their annual earnings to Coronavirus relief. Let’s get real, here. $1 million is a drop in the bucket for Madonna and Jay-Z. Chump change, if you will. But those who idolize them want you to know what wonderful, sacrificial, generous human beings they are in their superhero capes…saving the world!

And calling their fans motherf#ckers at the same time. Nothing like some good, old-fashioned fan appreciation there.

Here’s the deal. These famous people are struggling to stay relevant in this time. When grocery store workers, health care providers and emergency medical staff are pounding the pavement daily to keep us going, they’re donating some, not all, probably not even a 10 percent Biblical tithe equivalent of their enormous yearly incomes. “Look at me”, they say. “I am trying to save the world here, Mo-Fos”! We’re glad some of them are at least monetarily helping in ways they see fit. But, please. With as much wealth as they amass, they should be helping! But the fact of the matter remains that they are still entitled elites who think they are above God. They have enough success and money that they don’t have to handle life with class and grace. They don’t have to treat their fans with dignity and respect. They can call them names. Why? Because they are the chosen few-the Caped Crusaders who want to make sure you don’t forget who they are in favor of other priorities at this time. Let’s see if the name calling continues when Rihanna’s album finally drops. It’s only taking her the better part of four years.

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  • Andrew B says:

    Rihanna is a) incredibly beautiful and b) extremely unpleasant. She is helping support abused women (yes!) while famously refusing to condemn the man who violently abused her (boo!). She is rich and, simultaneously, low rent. She wants to empower women while also showcasing their abuse on video for profit (“Bitch Better Have My Money”). In short, a typical celebrity.

  • Lloyd says:

    For this self-absorbed bitch to contribute however much money pales when compared to what average, every day Americans contribute out of their shallow pockets. Please….no more mention of celebrities here….it only detracts from the beauty of real people.

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