TX Abortionists Want SCOTUS to Bring Back Abortion

TX Abortionists Want SCOTUS to Bring Back Abortion

TX Abortionists Want SCOTUS to Bring Back Abortion

The average person would probably agree that abortion is an elective procedure. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott thinks so too, and has restricted abortions in his state during the pandemic. But TX abortionists panicked, and now they’re going to the Supreme Court, filing an emergency request to have it back. Because abortion is the Holy Grail of elective medical procedures, and women who seek it must find it, no matter what.

On March 23, Gov. Abbott signed an executive order compelling medical providers to cancel nonessential procedures. The reason was crucial: hospitals would need protective equipment and space for coronavirus victims, and halting elective surgeries would help free them up. Abbott meant business, too: TX Attorney General Ken Paxton said he would prosecute TX abortionists who continued the procedures.

However, the restrictions wouldn’t last indefinitely, and the order would expire on April 22.

TX abortionists did get a brief reprieve from US District Judge Lee Yeakel of Austin, who blocked the total ban on abortions last week. The Lone Star State fought back, though, and on Friday, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, based in New Orleans, partially rescinded the lower court’s order. The 5th agreed with Abbott that abortion is a nonessential procedure, although it did allow for exceptions; if a woman’s pregnancy, for example, neared the state’s 22-week cutoff, she could obtain her abortion.

TX abortionists

Gov. Greg Abbott. LBJ Library/flickr/public domain.

But rather than accepting the 5th Circuit Court’s ruling, TX abortionists fumed. The acting president of Planned Parenthood fumed with them, too. Alexis McGill Johnson called it a “nightmare within a nightmare” and also said this:

“Now is the time to be making abortion more accessible, not less.”

Never mind that hospitals and medical centers in Texas need space and protective equipment. Never mind that an older woman might have to put off that hip replacement and continue to deal with pain. Or that an older man may have to postpone cataract surgery that could relieve his glaucoma. They’ll have to endure deprivations like the rest of us schlubs.

But abortion must come first. Abortion rules above all else. And while the cancellation of nonessential medical procedures has caused many health care workers to lose their jobs, abortionists kick and scream to make sure their grisly trade continues.

Thus, TX abortionists decided to take their protests all the way to the top. On Saturday, pro-abortion groups filed an emergency request with the Supreme Court so they could continue their bloody business. They can’t possibly wait until April 22, you see. As Nancy Northrup, President of the Center for Reproductive Rights proclaimed:

“We will pursue all legal options to ensure no women are left behind.”

Or no unborn child is left within the womb of a woman who might have to wait for an abortion. After all, she might change her mind. She might feel those faint flutterings of her baby for the first time and decide that she just can’t kill that life inside her. Or maybe her husband, boyfriend, or mother might use the delay to talk her out of the abortion.

That would be completely unacceptable to TX abortionists. Because while they proudly call themselves “pro-choice,” the only choice they respect is one which allows them to kill an unborn baby.


Featured image: Lorie Shaull/flickr/cropped/CC BY-SA 2.0.

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  • Lloyd says:

    I have elderly friends who are awaiting elective surgery for hip and knee replacements. They are willing to wait…in pain, for this China virus panic to pass before taking up hospital space that is more needed for virus victims right now. Hmmm….maybe the pro abortion folks need to rethink their position/demands.

    • Scott says:

      Nope, beyond the money maker that it is for the abortionists, at it’s core, abortion is all about greed and selfishness. It’s all about them, not the baby they’re killing. Anything that might possibly inconvenience them cannot be tolerated. Instant gratification !!

  • Dietrich says:

    TX abortionists show their true colors.

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