Retribution Tour: The Latest Media Hysteria

Retribution Tour: The Latest Media Hysteria

Retribution Tour: The Latest Media Hysteria

President Trump has been acquitted for eight days now and Democrats and the media are far from happy. “Look out”, they say. Here comes the Trump Retribution Tour!

This yesterday from our friend Chuck Schumer:

The President is claiming that rigging the rules is perfectly legitimate.He claims at absolute right to order the justice department to do anything he wants. And the President has as his attorney general and enabler-and that’s a kind word who actually supports this view.Does anyone think it’s out of the question that Pres. Trump might order the FBI to investigate Hillary Clinton, Quid Pro Joe Biden or anybody else? Without any evidence to support such an arbitrary violation of individual rights? All I know is some far-right conspiratorial writer who has no credibility who just makes things up, Fox News puts it on, Sean Hannity or someone talks about it and then the President says ‘investigate’. That. Is third-world behavior.”-Chuck Schumer

We especially love the dramatic emphasis on “that (pause for effect) is third-world behavior”. The FBI should not be investigating Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden or anybody else because if it were not for the vast “right-wing conspiracy” and those crazy writers, Hills, Crazy Uncle Joe and anybody else on the side of the Democrats will come out smelling like roses.

Senator Sherrod Brown had this to say:

It’s pretty clear the president of the United States did learn a lesson: the lesson he can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, he can abuse his office, he’ll never ever be held accountable by this Senate.”-Sherrod Brown

Schiff is going off the rails:

Things that make you go hmmmmmm…

And it does not help the media that Trump’s response to the “lesson” he’s learned (as baited by the liberal media themselves) was this:

Now, the media is framing it this way: a bunch of well-meaning politicians-the Democrats-got together to impeach a president because he abused power and engaged in quid pro quo among other unscrupulous acts. They are the good guys on the white horses-or sistas in the white pantsuits…whatever. These said well-meaning Democrats got their wish just before Christmas and celebrated with golden pens in hand, ready and waiting to sign away on the day Donald J. Trump was convicted and removed from office. Voters were turned off by the process and the three-ring Schiff show. But alas, now that he has been acquitted, Trump is on a rampage. Thus, the so-called Retribution Tour has begun.

Democrats and outside analysts are raising red flags that Trump is exhibiting a post-impeachment thirst for vengeance that’s gone beyond bending norms and could potentially cause lasting damage to institutions.”-Lisa Mascaro, Deb Riechmann, Mike Balsamo, Eric Tucker and Padmananda Rama, AP News

As if the Democrats have not caused lasting damage to institutions or anything they’ve touched? Can we look at some of our large cities, anyone? And weren’t the impeachment proceedings themselves fueled by vengeance from the Democrats? They have held a grudge since November of 2016 and were waiting on any plausible reason to pounce on impeachment. If that’s not retribution, then I don’t know what is. They will continue to call it “justice”, though. We all know the President is a New York businessman by trade. What happens in business? A director fires those who are ineffective, who don’t do their job or who lack loyalty. It’s business. Trump, although unconventional, is not playing the political game. He is ousting the people who are not doing their jobs to his liking or who are not loyal.

We can see this example with people like Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman (who was not discharged from the Army, his assignment was just moved with his career still completely intact). As someone’s boss, would you like an individual siding with the competition/opposition? Yet, people are painting Vindman as a victim. Poor U.S. service member who was in ONE combat war, Vindman. This is how Trump treats our military members. Nevermind Vindman is a worm who used his position to gain notoriety and favor. Mr. Weasel-err-uh-Lieutenant Colonel Vindman was not “courageous” by any means. We call this person, in the corporate world, a “climber”. And yes, unfortunately, there are quite a few of them in our military branches. Because of Vindman and other incidents that have materialized over the past week, journalists will call Trump’s house cleaning a “retribution tour”. Senator Chuck Schumer will say this is “third-world behavior” and Schiff will continue to call out corruption to cover up his own.

Look out for the red flags, they say. Donald Trump wants retribution and he doesn’t give a rip about how he gets it. We think it’s making some of the criminals very nervous. We think this sort of retribution is divine.

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  • Lloyd says:

    Liberal Democrats would appear to be the biggest hypocrites ever! Must wonder how much worse they will become when Trump wins again…..??

    • A. C. says:

      You are mistaken in one critical detail. These aren’t Liberal Democrats. They are leftists and socialists using the Democratic party for cover.

  • Scott says:

    Vindman should consider himself VERY lucky to still have his job. He should have been shown the door. Hopefully once President Trump wins reelection, he will not only drain the swamp, but clean out what remains with a flamethrower!
    On a related note, with the dims once again calling for AG Barr to resign, I’d love to see him issue a statement simply saying “I will NOT resign for doing my job”…then watch their heads explode!

  • GWB says:

    This yesterday from our friend Chuck Schumer:
    Wow. That’s a Napoleonic level of projection. Just wow.

    For those who were convicted of lying to cover up his crimes
    Ummm, you’ve had 3 years to find these crimes and evidence to support your accusations. WHERE ARE THE CRIMES? WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE?

    He demands his enemies be investigated and prosecuted.
    When all your enemies are criminals, that is a sort of natural progression….

    But alas, now that he has been acquitted, Trump is on a rampage.
    If you strike at the king, and all that….

    could potentially cause lasting damage to institutions
    Sorry, Skippy, but that damage was done prior to Trump’s election. Heck, it’s been ongoing for several decades now.

    We all know the President is a New York businessman by trade.
    Heck, he’s a bred New Yorker right down to the marrow.

    [LTC Vindman’s] assignment was just moved with his career still completely intact
    Heck, he’d been on the NSC since before Trump was elected, right? Even with him due to rotate this summer, he had still been at a special duty assignment longer than most officers spend at a regular assignment! He was way overdue this move back to regular Army work.

    a “climber” … there are quite a few of them in our military branches
    My dad always told me, “No one worse in the Air Force than a LtCol bucking for bird. They tend to be worse than even a bird bucking for his first star.”

    Schiff will continue to call out make false claims of corruption

    We think this sort of retribution is divine.
    And this is my only concern. While I agree that the retribution is good and necessary, we are just as susceptible on the right to the idea of Hero Worship or Savior Syndrome and the cathartic influence of revenge. If we want to maintain our republic, we have to tamp that down, work on educating the electorate for 2024, and find a fighter or two for 2024 who can actually move the Overton Window back to the “right”. Slaughtering the enemy on the field of conflict is a necessary start. But we also have to reclaim the ground lost by not “dying” on this hill for a handful of decades.

  • DaveM says:

    The thing about 3rd world behavior: I remember seeing an article a few years ago about how one of the upper-level people in the Israeli government was being prosecuted for violating the nation’s law. I don’t quite remember who it was or exactly which law, this sort of thing happens pretty regularly in various western governments, but for the people in nearby countries, 3rd world to the last of them, they felt envy. Their government, if someone was politically connected and in the upper parts of government, they could literally murder people without punishment.

    The house tried to go after Trump, but they never developed a case where impeachment was feasible. Even if you accept that the president did something, and they hardly proved that, it still didn’t rise to the level of an impeachable offense.

    As for Biden. His son was given a posh position where he basically did nothing in order to earn a lot of money. The company itself was rather a dubious one, and when the country investigated it for potential corruption, Biden had a few words and the guy looking into it was fired. Up to this point isn’t even contested. Biden bragged about the second half and the first half is public record. Now, did Biden do so for his son, ignoring the interests of both countries? We don’t have evidence to that extent. Is it a reasonable theory of what happened? Yep!

    In a 3rd world country, the politically connected Former vice president would either a) not be questioned, or b) would be pulled off the streets by burly guys and there still wouldn’t be an investigation. We’d like to know if he was working in our interests or his own. And if his own, punishment seems pretty reasonable.

    And for Clinton… well, she literally had an unauthorized e-mail server that she kept outside of government control, apparently not well secured, on which she definitely had classified information, which, were it to leak, could put the lives of Americans at risk. This is also known, and, well, frankly, it is already illegal. The full extent of what she did isn’t really known and we’d like to know. Does it rise to the standard of jail time? Yeah, probably. Is it unreasonable to investigate her? No.

    In a 3rd world country, the politically connected Clinton would either be left alone or dragged off the street. But neither of these things happened. We want to investigate a crime that isn’t even in question. And, if it reached the standard, there should be a punishment.

    Without any evidence to support…? What is Schumer smoking? There is evidence, that is the point. On the other hand, they invaded the privacy of the president and his associates on the basis of evidence that they knew was not trustworthy, abusing a court where the accused has no voice, and the side which is supposed to give both sides of the story decidedly suppressed anything which would get in the way of their warrant. If you want to talk 3rd world, the Democrats are completely behaving that way. They want political shields for all of their people who acted illegally. They want to send any Republicans they can stick anything to jail for as long as the law allows. I can hardly believe the Gaul of them to make such claims. Projection isn’t just a river in Egypt, Mr. Schumer. And you’re projecting so hard you’re likely to blow out your bulb.

  • JSS says:

    Did Sen. Schumer really say “……Hillary Clinton and Quid Pro Joe Biden.” He’s not supposed to refer to the sainted former VP, who’s always fighting so hard for the average working stiff, by President Trump’s nickname! TDS is just as virulent an infection in the Democrat party as coronavirus is for the rest of us and like coronavirus there is no vaccine.

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