Report Of Active Shooter At Colorado Planned Parenthood (UPDATES)

Report Of Active Shooter At Colorado Planned Parenthood (UPDATES)

See most recent UPDATES to this story at the end of this post.

There are breaking reports of an active shooting situation at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs.

Planned Parenthood location, Colorado Springs (photo: Google Maps)
Planned Parenthood location, Colorado Springs (photo: Google Maps)

There are confirmed reports of officers being shot as well.

There are unconfirmed reports of one dead and four injured as well, and multiple outlets are reporting that the shooter is barricaded inside.

Victory Girls will be posting updates as we hear more about the ongoing situation.

There is a report coming out that the shooter may have been aiming at passing cars while in the Planned Parenthood parking lot.

Police reported in a tweet just after 12:30 p.m. that a gunman was shooting at passing motorists near the intersection of Centennial Boulevard and West Fillmore Street.
The Planned Parenthood location is just north of that intersection at 3480 Centennial Boulevard, but it had not been confirmed early Friday afternoon if their building was the target of the gunman.

If this is true, the shooter may have barricaded within the Planned Parenthood to just get away from police. There is no further confirmation on injuries.

Fox News is reporting that a third police officer has also been shot. Other media is confirming that.

The reports on the number of injured are fluctuating.

This is repulsive.

Twitter is bringing out the trolls at the moment.

Because people watching Twitter just know everything.

There is a preliminary report on the suspect.

One officer said on his radio that the gunman shot out the back window of his cruiser as the officer tried to “get a look at him,” the paper reported.

A dispatcher said the gunman wore a long coat with a hunting-type hat, the Gazette reported.

There is no official confirmation on the suspect’s age or race as of yet.

The media is actively walking back the “at” to “near” the Planned Parenthood.

The clinic is near a strip mall.

And police are now saying that there is no Planned Parenthood connection.

The initial 911 call about the shooter came from the Planned Parenthood, which accounts for the initial media reports. However, it is now looking much more likely that the shooter was targeting the shoppers at the strip mall. Police are also now cautioning that they do NOT know where the shooter is.

Which means that the “barricade” story is either untrue, or the shooter was able to slip out. Either way, this is still a developing situation. Pray they find the shooter quickly.

The shooter is still on the move and active.

And local media may be giving away police locations, so other media are trying to call them out.

This is what was tweeted:

One of the Gazette reporters is tweeting everything they are hearing off the police scanner. How is that even remotely responsible?

This is how “active” crime stories are now reported.

A quick police press conference update just reported a fourth police officer has been injured in the most recent exchange of gunfire.

There is still no firm number on the civilians injured.

And the police spokesman has confirmed that the shooter is moving around INSIDE the Planned Parenthood building, where police exchanged shots.

Hopefully the shooter can be taken down quickly now without more injuries. It is looking more and more like the Planned Parenthood building became a quick hideout, rather than the target.

One local hospital is confirming that they have received 5 patients from the shooting; no word on if they are police or civilian victims.

Fox News is reporting that civilians are being taken to safety.

This is a brutal, fluid situation that is ongoing. It gives a feel of a deadly version of hide and seek, as the shooter is continuing to evade police throughout the building.

Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains has released a statement:

There are new reports that the police have engaged the shooter yet again:

Penrose Hospital is reporting that they have received another patient:

And the Colorado Springs police is reminding people that they have NOT released any suspect names to the media, so if any are being reported, they are pure speculation.

The next police press conference is scheduled to be at 4 pm local time.

The press conference revealed a few new details.

Lt. Catherine Buckley of the Colorado Springs Police Department told a late afternoon news conference that the gunman, described as wearing a long coat and armed with a rifle, had begun firing from inside the building after a roughly 90-minute lull. “I can’t say the number of injured or how many casualties, if any,” she said.

Buckley also said a fourth officer was wounded Friday inside the Planned Parenthood building in the latest exchange of gunfire.

Local hospitals were reported treating at least seven injured from the shooting.

The police anticipate that this crime scene will be active for the next several hours, as the gunman brought items with him that will need to be cleared in order to make the building safe. Lt. Buckley also confirmed that the shooting began at the Planned Parenthood, and did not start as a bank robbery (there is a bank located nearby), but whether the Planned Parenthood was the target or the eventual hideout is the big question. Nine people are reported as being treated at hospitals, via the Gazette, and Lt. Buckley said that they are continuing to evacuate the building, but would not confirm that there are any hostages.

The entire update from Lt. Buckley can be viewed here.

The suspect is in custody after surrendering.

A gunman surrendered to police at 4:52 p.m. Friday outside a Planned Parenthood in western Colorado Springs after an hours-long standoff all afternoon.

Eleven people were taken to hospitals, including five law enforcement officers.

This crime scene is going to take hours, if not days, to go through. It is also going to take a lot of time to figure out motives.

There are unconfirmed reports at this time that one police officer and one civilian were killed.

We will continue to post updates on the condition of the victims as we learn them.

Sadly, confirmed.

No word yet on any civilian deaths.

Terrible, terrible news.

The fallen police officer was with the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs police department, and has been identified as 44 year old Garrett Swasey.

Pray for his family, and for the families of the other victims.

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