Race2Dinner For A Huge Helping of Hate

Race2Dinner For A Huge Helping of Hate

Race2Dinner For A Huge Helping of Hate

The holiday table is supposed to unite us-family and friends-with different ideologies and perspectives-in a time of communal peace and serenity…unless you’re an organization that dubs yourselves Race2Dinner.

If you partake in one of Race2Dinner’s events, you will be the host, and then subject to a tongue-lashing from the guests, especially if you are white.

Actually, only if you are white will you get a tongue-lashing and perhaps, be made to cry. Because your race is the problem, you see. Take a look at this from Dr. Phil:

According to Race2Dinner founders, Saira Rao and Regina Jackson, crying is “a cynical tactic used specifically by White women to reframe the conversation.”

Well, Dr. Phil, the only rule we have at dinner is that you cannot cry at the table. And we all know why, because White women tears, it shifts the whole conversation from what you’re trying to engage in to ‘oh poor so-and-so, ain’t it awful, they made her feel bad.'”-Regina Jackson

The Race2Dinner dynamic duo, Rao and Jackson, have co-authored a book entitled, White Women: Everything You Already Know About Your Own Racism and How to Do Better. An iInstant New York Times Best Seller. How do white women do better? By reading this garbage, apparently:

You know what you’re doing. But you pretend not to. You’ve pretended so long for decades, centuries, that some of you have managed to convince yourselves that you’re immune to white supremacy, that you have been vaccinated by goodness.”-White Women: Everything You Already Know About Your Own Racism and How to Do Better by Regina Jackson and Saira Rao

The life of the dinner party right there, no? All white women know what they’re doing. But despite the odds, Jackson and Rao have risen to prominence. How? Well, Jackson knew how to “code switch” and how to “carry herself and not be a threat to white people.” Jackson was a “token”.

Rao was also a “token”. The “token brown friend to countless white women”. She “allowed white women to believe that their friendships with her made it impossible for them to be racist.” Such a superpower she has. She allowed them to be friends with her. But it was all a ruse.

So, what have these “token brown friends” in Denver decided to do? Crash white, suburban dinner parties and charge $5,000 dollars for a party of 10 women to be verbally assaulted and call the grift Race2Dinner.

To be quite honest, what we charge is for a dinner for 10 people. That’s not a lot of money. If you consider you go out to a nice restaurant in Cherry Creek, you have cocktails, you have wine, you have dinner, you have dessert, that’s not a lot of money.”-Regina Jackson

Do the math. That’s a $500.00 plate of hate they’re serving up. Wait a second…isn’t math racist or something?

It doesn’t matter if it’s $50,000, or $5 or five cents. You know why people are worked up about this. People are worked up about this because white people think that them doing this work is ‘charity’ and we should be paying them, so even a penny would be too much. The fixation on price is 100% racist and 100% white supremacy.”-Saira Rao

Again, because math is racist. Everything is racist.

Guaranteed somebody pissed in something she has eaten. At least once. Correction: the cost to be abused at a table in someone’s home by complete strangers is outrageous. But hey, grifters gonna grift.

And, apparently, it takes one grifter to know another. Rao and Jackson used to recommend their affluent, white, dinner party attendees read Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility, but, they say, why put another dollar in a white grifter chick’s pocket?

It’s so funny how many of them want to be our friends. We’re like, We don’t want to be your friends. Be your own friends!”-Saira Rao

No, we really don’t want to be friends with you, Ms. Rao. Why? Because you are a damn hateful human being. I don’t care what your skin pigmentation is. And ladies? If you’re even entertaining paying these two $5,000 so they can sit at your table and insult you in the name of woke intellectualism, perhaps you are part of the problem and you probably deserve to be made to cry in your plate of Yankee Pot Roast.

We want people to, No. 1, call a thing a thing. Quit pretending like you don’t see sh*t, and start using your voice and your power to make change.”-Regina Jackson

So let’s call a thing a thing. See something sh*tty, say something. Hey…isn’t that what we’re doing here?

If you want a taste of the hate these ladies are serving up, you need not look any further than the Preface of their collective thoughts:

We are a dark mass. We even look the same to you. You can’t and won’t bother to pronounce our names. Why learn the name and the face of the brown woman who serves your favorite breakfast burrito every Tuesday?”-White Women: Everything You Already Know About Your Own Racism and How to Do Better by Regina Jackson and Saira Rao

Ummm….paging Doctor Jill Biden….?

Why do Randall and Richard get so annoyed when you get them confused? They both are tall, black men with beards in IT. Anyone would confuse them. But you? You are dirty blond, whereas Beth is a strawberry blond. It’s Catherine with a “C” and not a “K”. Your eyes are green but turn blue when it rains.

You are unique as f#ck.”-White Women: Everything You Already Know About Your Own Racism and How to Do Better by Regina Jackson and Saira Rao

You know, cancer shows up as a dark mass as well.

But is this doing better? Doing better would be some crazy liberal kicking these crazy, hateful two women out on their asses for disrespecting them in their own homes instead of mindlessly going along with this verbal abuse. That, I would pay to see on Bravo. Pass the mashed potatoes. Yes, Regina and Saira, I know mashed potatoes are mostly white. Clearly, I must be racist for eating them and thinking they are delicious but here’s some code for ya:

IDGA (flying) F.

Photo Credit: daryl_mitchell from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons/Cropped

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