Quote of the Day: Trump Loves Hispanics!

Quote of the Day: Trump Loves Hispanics!

Quote of the Day: Trump Loves Hispanics!

Donald Trump’s disapproval ratings are astronomical. That’s no shock to anyone who even remotely follows politics by now. Women hate him. Minorities hate him. And Hispanic voters? Don’t even think about it. This could be because Trump says idiotic, racist things like referring to all Mexicans as rapists, even doubling down on that assertion later, when a normal person would have figured out that it was a wildly offensive (not to mention inaccurate) thing to say. He also repeatedly attacked Jeb Bush because his wife is Mexican. When two of his followers attacked a man because he was Hispanic, telling police that they did it in Trump’s name, Trump’s response was to call them “passionate” and say that hey, they just wanted to make America great again. Apparently, in Trump’s world, you make America great by physically attacking people based on their skin color. He even kicked a Hispanic reporter out of a press conference, telling him to “go back to Univision” and to “get out of my country”. Is it really any wonder that Hispanic voters don’t like him? Not really, and it’s not because he is pretending to be against illegal immigration to get elected. But hey, it’s Cinco de Mayo, baby! That’s a golden opportunity for Trump. So he seized it by… tweeting a picture of himself eating a taco bowl and saying that he loves Hispanics.

No, really.

So this must be where his inspiration for the spray tan comes from. His skin is the same color as the taco bowl.

In any case, all that’s missing from this tweet to make it really condescending and ridiculous is a gigantic sombrero and some maracas. But you know, he’s just being real, right? All those brown people are good for is making food and working low-wage jobs that Americans won’t work. Right, Trump? Surely they’ll forgive him for calling them rapists and egging his followers on when they violently attack people for being Hispanic, because hey, he ate a taco bowl! And he said he loves Hispanics! That makes it all better!

Interestingly, for what it’s worth, Mexicans apparently don’t like Trump’s pathetic excuse for Mexican food, with one reviewer calling it “so devoid of flavor, it rendered an insult to Mexicans every bit as profound as Trump’s previous pronouncements.” Which really isn’t that surprising. You just know that Trump is the guy who wants food with no flavor, drowning sandwiches in mayonnaise and dousing his disgustingly overcooked well-done steaks with ketchup. On top of that, Cinco de Mayo isn’t even really a Mexican holiday; it’s an American bastardization pretty much celebrated solely so that white people have the opportunity to drink Mexican beer and eat tacos. Trump celebrates Cinco de Mayo with total pandering, trying to sound like he “gets” Hispanics the same way he tried (and failed) to sound like he was genuinely pro-life. It’s as ridiculous as Hillary trying to pander to black voters with a fake southern accent and saying she carries hot sauce with her everywhere.

So the only question is, do Hispanic voters feel loved yet? In Trump’s world, all he has to do is give a patronizing statement and eat some cheap food, and all his past offenses are forgiven. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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