Queen Elizabeth Gives Great Gifts To The Trumps

Queen Elizabeth Gives Great Gifts To The Trumps

Queen Elizabeth Gives Great Gifts To The Trumps

Despite how some people in Britain feel, Queen Elizabeth II has always been nothing less than a class act when it comes to state visits by United States presidents.

And she has proved it once again with some stupendously awesome gifts to President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump. Gifts are a standard part of state visits, and the queen (and her staff) showed a lot of thought in these gifts.

In Trump’s case, that present came in the form of an abridged first edition of Winston Churchill’s The Second World War. Originally published between 1948 and 1953, Churchill’s series of histories on WWII were pulled from his own notes on the conflict, during which he served as England’s Prime Minister. The abridged copy received by Trump was reportedly printed in 1959 and is covered in gold-tooled crimson with gilt edges and cypher as well as silk endpapers and hand-sewn headbands in the colors of the American flag.”

Trump is said to be a longtime fan of the iconic British PM—press secretary Sarah Sanders posted a photo of him sitting in Churchill’s chair during his working visit to the U.K. last year—making the the gift a special, personal touch.”

Along with the book, the president also received a set of Duofold pens—a fountain pen, a rollerball, and a ballpoint pen—in the Queen’s exclusive design.”

The sound you hear right now? That’s the history buffs among the Victory Girls turning green with envy. We are choosing to ignore the snark that is already out there and focusing on the sheer magnificence of the gift itself.

The First Lady received quite a beautiful gift as well.

We don’t know yet what gifts the Trumps brought for Queen Elizabeth, but odds are good that it won’t be an iPod of Trump’s greatest speeches.

We also got a look at the president being a typical guy. Queen Elizabeth gave President Trump and the First Lady a tour of the Royal Collection at Buckingham Palace.

Well, the First Lady saved her husband’s bacon.

The Trumps were on a tour of Royal Collection artifacts at Buckingham Palace’s picture gallery when the president was shown a pewter horse he had given the Queen during his last visit, and asked if he recognized it.”

“No,” the president said, according to the Guardian.”

“Yes, this is one of ours,” the first lady reportedly said to rescue her husband.”

The Trumps gave the pewter horse to the Queen when they met her at Windsor Castle last July.”

Some Twitter users were more forgiving of the president than others.”

“And it was something he gave to THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND,” one Twitter user wrote.”

“Yeah, I don’t think my husband would recognize gifts we’d given someone either,” another Twitter user wrote.”

I’ll give the president a pass on this one (because yes, this is totally something my husband would do as well), but good on Melania for doing her husband a solid in that moment and saving face in front of the queen.

Who knows if the Trumps will actually get to keep their gifts from Queen Elizabeth, but it is definitely the thought that counts.

Featured image: official White House photo by Andrea Hanks, via the White House Flickr, public domain

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