Putin’s New Ukraine General Was ‘Butcher Of Syria’

Putin’s New Ukraine General Was ‘Butcher Of Syria’

Putin’s New Ukraine General Was ‘Butcher Of Syria’

There’s a brand new Russian general overseeing Ukraine operations, one who is described as the ‘Butcher of Syria.’


No, this doesn’t look good for Ukraine. Russia is scrambling so Putin will put a vicious general in charge who has been devastating Syria with zero pushback from the United Nations or individual countries. 

Prior to the appointment of Dvornikov, 60, Russia relied on separate command structures to guide its invasion, the official said. There was no single commander overseeing the entire invasion, with most of the big decisions coming straight from the Kremlin, the New York Times reported.

Russian airstrikes in Syria had killed roughly 5,703 civilians by 2017, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Other Russian commanders were involved in the vicious intervention in Syria that turned the war around in favor of Syrian President Bashar Assad. Some of them served longer than Dvornikov, but his appointment likely foretells a significant escalation and heightened “terror campaign” in Ukraine, experts caution.

Zelensky understands what this move means and has warned Ukrainians that, while there are wins in Kyiv for example, that’s just one battle, the war continues. Currently, Russia troops have withdrawn from Chernobyl and Kyiv. However, with this new move by Putin, appointing the so-called ‘Butcher of Syria’ means things in Ukraine could/will get worse before they get better. 

By coming in from the Donbas region, Russian troops are moving into open fields. 

The Ukrainians could find themselves confronting a tougher fight in the terrain of the east than they did in the forested north, analysts say. There, trees provided cover for lightly armed fighters to sneak behind Russian lines to fire at tanks and armored vehicles, using anti-tank weapons such as the Javelins supplied by the United States that have helped tilt the war in Ukraine’s favor.

The battles in the east will look more like those of “the Second World War, with large operations, thousands of tanks, armored vehicles, planes, artillery,” Ukraine’s foreign minister told NATO last week, making an appeal for urgent supplies of new and different kinds of arms.

What does this mean for Ukraine and the world at large? Think about it, this will be a WWII style action across open FIELDS. Which means food supplies, as in WHEAT, for the world are at risk. Currently Ukraine has 30 million tons of wheat in storage. However, 

“Last year was a record wheat-producing year for the whole country,” said Dmytro Grushetskyi, an industrial farmer with nearly 30,000 acres of cropland near the central city of Uman who also runs an agricultural data company that monitors harvests in Ukraine, Russia and neighboring countries. “Ukraine is actually full of grain. Our stocks are full.”

“But now we can’t get the grain out,” he said, putting his finger on the problem that may lead to an enormous spike in grain prices and exacerbate hunger around the world, “which means Ukrainian farmers, and the rest of the world, are screwed.”

Yes, there WILL be major food issues. Particularly given the fact that a good portion of Ukraine’s wheat feeds many 2nd and 3rd world countries. If that wheat can’t leave…SOON, then what? Furthermore, Ukraine’s economy REALLY does rely on agriculture exports. In fact, as this map shows at the link, unless troops have pulled back, Russia controls a very concerning portion of Ukraine’s wheat supply. 

That is something we will ALL need to be aware of. Ukraine and Russia are significant breadbaskets of the world. With Putin continuing this war against Ukraine and reorganizing his troops by bringing in the so-called ‘Butcher of Syria, we can be certain that things WILL get worse before they get better. 

Yes, it certainly does help morale to have major government officials from the EU personally visit Ukraine. It definitely helps morale when Boris Johnson and Zelensky go on a walkabout in Kyiv.

Compared to anything that Putin has done in the last few weeks, such as these weird moves…

Or holding cabinet meetings while he is 40′ away from anyone he is discussing issues with as you can see pictured here. 

Zelensky is beating Putin at the PR game for sure. Will he and Ukraine prevail now that there is an actual general in charge? One who has a prior history of brutality? The next couple of weeks will be highly illuminating. 

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  • Bos'n says:

    Hook , Line , and Sinker !! Ukraine has , and continues to do horrendous things to not only ethnic russians , but now acts so to include using its other citizens as human shields . I’ll say it , Putin ain’t the bad guy here , arming and funding Ukraine will only prolong the inevitable . Give up Donbas region , recognize the sovereignty of the DPR and LPR and call it a day . Signed ,

    U.S. Veteran , Desert Storm , Somalia , and Iraq

    • Nichevo says:

      No, no, no, no, no, no, no. And in case I missed one, no. Otherwise, a cogent statement. I don’t say, a statement of what.

  • Rollory says:

    It doesn’t matter what sort of general he puts in charge. Russian logistics cannot support this level of effort, and certainly not an increased level, for any length of time. It does not matter how brutal the general, the forces in the field will collapse in a matter of months, and Russia has no available replacements for them.

    And telling other people what to do with their country is pretty rich. It doesn’t matter what Stolen Valor Internet Guy says, the Ukrainians do not feel beaten and in fact rather feel like they’re winning, and are going to make up their own minds about Donbass, and right now it looks like they want it back and nothing Russia has done for the past seven years or more particularly in the past six weeks has changed their minds about that.

    • Bos'n says:

      Stolen valor my ass …how dare you . Fuckwit !! Stolen Valor , do you even know what that is ? My V.A. card in my wallet and a sock drawer full of medals that I was awarded says different , in dress blues I jingled when I walked (Does that resonate with you) . Truly Fuck Off !!!! What a Dick! Did you serve ?

  • L G Peet says:

    Recalling how the Added destroyed Armenian armor with drones and other innovations, and that the Turks — who made those drones — are aiding Ukraine, I wonder if massed tank formations are of the past.

  • bob sykes says:

    The problem with Ukraine is that it infested with actual Nazis who are committing actual Nazi atrocities. It is true that in the recent election the Nazis lost representation in the Rada, but they are heavily infiltrated into the Ukrainian government and military, and they control both. They were able to force Poroshenko to repudiate the Minsk accords he negotiated by publicly threatening to kill him. Zelensky ran on a peace platform and a negotiated settlement with the Donbas separatists, and the Nazis forced him to back away from his promises, too.

    Large numbers of regular Ukrainian military openly wear the sonnenrad (a Nazi symbol) on their uniforms.

    And then there is the fact that the present war was ultimately caused by the US attack on and removal of the legitimate, democratically elected Ukrainian government in the coup of 2014.

    PS. As to butchers, the US/NATO invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Yemen have resulted in the deaths of nearly 1 million Muslim civilians. A worthy successor to the US/UK carpet bombing of civilian neighborhoods in Germany and Japan in WW II, Dresen, Tokyo…

    Stop the self-righteous lying BS.

  • Barney says:

    bob sykes – Go back in yer hole, the sky is falling.

    At least Ukrainian snipers have a new target.

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