Purge – It’s Time For A Really Tough Talk

Purge – It’s Time For A Really Tough Talk

Purge – It’s Time For A Really Tough Talk

Oh, my lovelies, we are in the middle of a cannibalistic orgy. We are so focused on Donald Trump that we are eating our own. We are doing it. No one is forcing us. We are picking the bones of each other. Blaming each other. We have lost the plot. I hear your anger and frustration with Trump, but the reality is we need to purge Republican leadership. Tout de suite, mes amis.

I have written a couple of posts this week about this Trump can of maggots. One post described Trump as a villain and got me called a traitor. The other post asked if we were really ready to quit Donald Trump and brought out the trolls. Our Nina followed up with a Trump and Democrat Sore Losers post. It was when I read these three posts back to back to back that I realized how wrong we were. We cannot control Trump or the evil Democrats. We CAN purge the people in leadership positions in the Republican Party. It’s hard to focus our efforts on them, but it’s necessary.

Let’s jump in the Wayback Machine with Mr. Peabody all the way to 2016. Do you remember what we did? The Republican Party promised us that if we gave them the Executive and Legislative Branches they would repeal Obamacare and balance the budget/cut spending. We kept our end of the bargain. We elected Trump and a Republican-led House and Senate. Instead of Repealing and Replacing Obamacare. The Republican leadership admitted there never was a plan. Remember?

Over the last seven years, the GOP has won successive elections by highlighting problems with Obamacare, airing more than $235 million in negative ads slamming the law, and staging more than 50 high-profile repeal votes. In 2016 every major Republican presidential candidate, including Donald Trump, campaigned on a pledge to quickly get rid of it.

Now in total control of Congress and the White House, some GOP legislators are saying that the political assault on Obamacare was an exercise in cynical politics, and that an outright repeal was never on the table.

“We have Republicans who do not want to repeal Obamacare,” said Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala., on Sirius XM Patriot on Wednesday.

“They may have campaigned that way, they may have voted that way a couple of years ago when it didn’t make any difference,” Brooks continued. “But now that it makes a difference, there seems to not be the majority support that we need to pass legislation that we passed 50 or 60 times over five or six years.”

Who was in the leadership of the House and Senate? Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and Kevin McCarthy! John McCain famously gave the big thumb down. John McCain is dead and Swamp Loving Paul Ryan is living the dream. Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy are angling for Majority Leader (again) and Speaker of the House respectively. You have got to be kidding me, right?

Worse than not taking advantage of the GIFT we gave them in 2016. Much worse. They did nothing…nothing to help President Donald Trump. Trump was slandered up Pennsylvania Avenue and down the other. I knew the “pee tape” story from the Steele Dossier wasn’t true. Trump is a germaphobe and the story was ridiculous anyway. Why didn’t Republican leaders know? Or did they know it all was a lie and do nothing? Did they know the FBI was setting up Trump and his associates and do nothing?

McConnell attacked Trump on Election Day 2016.

Notice Texas Senator John Cornyn to the right in that video. Cornyn is safe until 2026, but he bent himself into a pretzel supporting gun control:

Former President Donald Trump referred to Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) as a RINO on Wednesday and warned he is helping “radical left Democrats” implement gun control.

The deal on ‘Gun Control’ currently being structured and pushed in the Senate by the Radical Left Democrats, with the help of Mitch McConnell, RINO Senator John Cornyn of Texas, and others, will go down in history as the first step in the movement to TAKE YOUR GUNS AWAY. Republicans, be careful what you wish for!!!

Cornyn also faced pushback from the NRA this week, as they rejected the Cornyn gun control package as a piece of legislation that “falls short on every level.”

The NRA noted, “This legislation can be abused to restrict lawful gun purchases, infringe upon the rights of law-abiding Americans, & use fed dollars to fund gun control measures being adopted by state & local politicians.”

Not picking on just these servants. So many of them have forgotten that they are servants and resent us for wanting to have a say. The problem has not been Donald Trump alone the last eight years. We gave him a spineless, feckless bunch of lily-livered pishers. Call your local congressman and call your two Senators. Purge McCarthy. Purge McConnell. Send the message that we, the people, want change.

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  • Harry says:

    Hello Toni,
    Your story was spot on and music to my ears. McConnell has sold the United States out to the Communist Chinese for personal gain and the cowardly backstabbing McCarthy has crippled the Republican House almost from day one. When lowest of the low scum, Paul Ryan personally appointed McCarthy as leader and Speaker I knew right then that he was cut from the same cloth as Ryan, and I have not been proven wrong yet. They both should have been removed a long time ago. Donald Trump has been tested by the worst kind of fire, has been attacked from all sides 24/7/365 for nearly six years, and during that living hell, he Made America Great Again, and he deserves another shot at the 2024 Presidency. DeSantis has not been tested like Trump has and very few men could have endured what Donald Trump has and still is enduring. DeSantis doesn`t have that kind of grit, in my humble opinion.

    • Toni Williams says:

      Harry –
      I agree. The Democrat Media Industrial Complex is still going after Trump full bore. The Mar-a-Lago raid. I don’t think too many could withstand the assault he has.


  • Cameron says:

    We CAN purge the people in leadership positions in the Republican Party.

    Do I have to wear a goofy mask for said purge or are street clothes acceptable?

    In all seriousness, all political animals need to be reminded that they exist at our sufferance. Perhaps we will see that happen soon.

    • Toni Williams says:

      I like the idea of all black with pearls, but you do you. McConnell and company hate us.

      • Cameron says:

        Hm. I still have my old duster from back in the day. And a slight disagreement: They don’t hate us. They hold us in contempt because they think we are beneath them. Hate requires more effort on their part.

  • Kevin says:

    I say this with as much respect as possible … the Republican party’s problem is bigger than its’ leadership (which is part of the problem) and until you address it, it will continue to haunt your party no matter who is in leadership. It’s the Big Lie around wide-spread, rampant election fraud. Election night showed the nation that not only is the Republican leadership … (Former President Trump. Just so you know it took every ounce of energy I had not to use a disrespectful reference to the former President but I am working hard at writing my message so people can take it in without getting defensive) … The divisive lie created and spread by the Former President has ripped apart this nation even after every stone was overturned to search for fraud. Aside from a few isolated, small incidents (usually committed by supporters of the Former President), nothing has been found. Ballots were counted, recounted and recounted, voter rolls and ballots scrutinize, voting machines analyzed and the list goes on. If the Republican party excises the leaders they see as ineffective or who are unable to enact what their constituents want yet to continue so spread “The Big Lie,” most likely the same outcome will occur no matter who is in the Republican leadership.

    Here is the only way the “Big Lie” can be excised … it has to be done by those in Republican leadership and those that have been the biggest spreaders to tell their constituents and the nation, “I apologize for spreading this lie. It’s false. Elections in the United State are safe and secure. We lost elections because we either didn’t have the message to improve the voters lives or the candidates were flawed; not because we were cheated out of a win.”

    • Well, yes, so long as Republican leadership continues to believe the Big Lie, Democrats will continue to control the levers of power.

      The Big Lie being that elections are “the most secure and honest ones ever.”

      • kevin says:

        All you have to do is come up proof (evidence or argument establishing or helping to establish a fact or the truth of a statement) that they aren’t secure and honest. Because your candidate lost doesn’t mean elections are rigged. Maybe it’s because your side put up “flawed” candidates. BEFORE Trump republicans actually had a platform that stated what they believed in and where they would take the country. AFTER Trump, the only thing the party stands for is sending Trump as much money as possible to pay his bills. I suggest you make wiser investment choices.

    • Kevin says:

      I woke up this morning albeit a bit early to some amazing news … the Democrats hold the senate and a conservative district in SW Washington which has always been a Republican stronghold flipped Democratic. The headlines in multiple news outside pretty much went like this … Every election denier lost their bid for whatever seat (Secretary of State, Governor, Senator, et. al.) for which they were competing. There’s a simple equation that has proven true … Former President Trump = Election Denier = Loser. Again, until the Republican party excises the cancerous lie spewed by the former President, the Republican party will mount loss after loss after loss.

      I wrote a long email to friends about a story in the Oregonian the other day describing a sickening plague on our nation that I first had experience with in about 2003… sex trafficking of young girls. (https://www.oregonlive.com/crime/2022/11/woman-made-harrowing-escape-from-vicious-pimp-in-seattle-police-say.html) Bear with me here. Having spent 20 years of my professional career working with homeless, drug addicted, mentally ill adolescents in the Pacific Northwest, I came to understand a phenomena not many people do; no matter how emotionally and physically cruel, vicious, or abusive a “boyfriend” was to a “girlfriend,” I or my staff could never say to her “He’s hurting you. You need to leave him.” Whenever I or a staff member would counsel the girlfriend and just mirror back the abuse her boyfriend was inflicting upon her, the girlfriend would always say, “You don’t know him like I do! He loves me! You’re wrong!” The only thing that would happen when the truth was presented to her was she would turn against me, my staff and support the boyfriend.

      The former President is the abuser and the people that support him are the victim and sadly the only thing that anyone can do no matter how much evidence is given to the victim is to sit back and watch her being abused until she comes to the conclusion on her own that her boyfriend is an abusive monster. Many times these young women never come to that realization and end up being abused throughout their lives from one boyfriend to another. These (most often) young women will always find the one abuser in a crowd of me. It never fails.

      The former President has one and only one priority in life and that is him. Everything he does overtly and covertly is for his benefit. Sadly, a large number of Republicans will never see this or understand his selfish motives.

      Until such time the former President is excised from the Republican Party, the loses will continue to mount. You can get rid of every Republican holding office now, but until you deal with the insidious lies that have taken over your party your losses will only go up. The Republican party needs an intervention. Period. Full Stop.

      • Scott says:

        Your paragraph about the email you wrote explains perfectly why inner city democrats keep voting for the party that has turned their once great cities into third world shitholes. You are spot on about the self destructive mentality, you are just too indoctrinated to realize that your whole argument is projection and that it’s actually the dems that do and have used those techniques of control for decades.
        As to why “election deniers” lost s consistently, it goes back to the same thing. All you dem voters believing the propaganda put ouut by the party and the media (one in the same, I know). The left has mastered the propaganda control pioneered by their heros Stalin and Goebbels..
        But good on you for describing the cycle of abuse and denial used by the left for those that don’t already recognize it

        • Kevin says:

          I did my part in explaining why people follow Trump. All you did was say, “Oh, yeah! I know you are but what am I?” Give me one example (ONE!) of a democratic lunatic leader in the last 50 years (or ever for that matter) that people have followed blindly who ignored all the reports (first hand and well documented) about his abusive, ignorant, vile behavior. I’m going to hold my breath. You just proved my point.

          • Joey says:

            If you want to talk about vile behavior, let’s talk about that senile peso in the Whit House right now. Don’t kid yourself Kevin. You have no clue why people follow Donald Trump. You drank the Kool Aid a long time ago. You can breath now, bitch.

          • Joseph Robinette Bide, Jr. Barack Hussein Obama. William Jefferson Clinton.

            Outside of your range, but also Lyndon Baines Johnson. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson.

            That is just those who managed to make their way into the White House, of course. I don’t have time to fool with a propagandist, and would probably manage to find the limit of the comment text box to list all of the rest.

  • Carol Marks says:

    Been saying this for years. But people are too afraid of change. They think it’s radical to drain the swamp.

  • Yeah-Me-Neither says:

    Ds would rather be captains on the Titanic than members of an American Cup racer that wins.

    Rs would rather be in the minority, so that they can whine and carp and tell us all the great things they would do, if only they had a majority. Of course, when they had the majority, they whined and carped about all the things they would do if it weren’t for that pesky filibuster rule in the Senate – a rule that they could have changed.

    Both groups collect massive amounts of money to continue the process, while the nation becomes a laughing-stock.

    If all the politicians in Washington, D.C. were to disappear in a flash, it would not be the worst thing to ever happen.

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