Protesters Yell During CIA Director Nomination Hearings [VIDEO]

Protesters Yell During CIA Director Nomination Hearings [VIDEO]

Protesters Yell During CIA Director Nomination Hearings [VIDEO]

Gina Haspel is sitting before a Senate confirmation hearing today, talking about her potential future role as CIA Director, and all people want to talk about is torture.

Now yes, it is important to hear what Haspel’s position is on this controversial part of her career, but it seems that some people *cough* Diane Feinstein *cough* are a little lost in the talking points on this one.

Um, kind of a important point, right?

Regardless, Haspel has to keep telling each individual senator who wants their moment in the sun that she would not reinstate an interrogation program.

How many more times is Haspel going to have to repeat herself? Why, it’s almost as if the senators simply want TV time, and don’t care that they’re repeating each other!

Oh, but you know who wanted his say? Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

Yeah…. no.

Safe to say, he’s not leaving Gitmo anytime soon to give his opinion on a future CIA Director.

But that’s not going to stop the protesters! Nothing says “I seriously object” like yelling during a confirmation hearing and being removed by Capitol Police.

So, to sum up Gina Haspel’s position:
1) No, she does not support torture
2) No, she will not restart an interrogation program
3) No, she would not follow an “immoral” order

What more to the senators want her to say? I mean, I know that they wanted her to say that torture is a great thing and she can’t wait to get started again, because then they would be able to rant and scream and raise lots of campaign money off their footage, but these confirmation hearings are such a waste of time. They’ve become a vehicle for senators to make names for themselves, rather than getting good questions and answers with a nominee.

Victory Girls will continue to monitor the confirmation hearings for anything other than senatorial preening.

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  • GWB says:

    If it weren’t for their feckless politicization over the last couple of decades, I would be LESS likely to approve her as head of the CIA when she says they won’t do “coercive interrogations”. I mean, it’s the CIA, WTF are they supposed to do with their days if they’re not allowed to do “coercive interrogations” and assassinations? The only thing left is politics and globull climate change.

    What part of “Covert Ops” do you politicians not get?

  • rbj says:

    The only thing unlawful enemy combatants should get is summary execution.

    She is a terrific appointment, being a career agent and not a political appointee.

  • Romey says:

    Ms. Haspel should have asked for clarification on immoral acts. “Do you mean like killing unborn babies?” Then wait for the answer.

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