Prince Charles preparing to take over British Throne

Prince Charles preparing to take over British Throne

queen-elizabeth-ii-prince-charles-2009-5-18-18-51-15 It appears that Prince Charles is preparing to take over the throne as Queen Elizabeth scales down her royal duties.  The Queen, who will celebrate her 88th birthday on April 21st, is passing more of the royal responsibilities to Prince Charles. One of the more telltale signs is the merging of Charles’ media staff with the Queen’s media staff.

The heir to the throne will also accompany his mother to the beaches of Normandy later this year.

The trip is to mark the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings, Charles accompanying the Queen on the trip further adds to speculation that it may be the monarch’s final engagement overseas.

A French government official, who was involved with organising the D-Day anniversary events, revealed that: “We have been told this will probably be the Queen’s last official foreign visit.”

Queen Elizabeth has probably waited this long to retire since Charles needed an especially long time to grow up.  Perhaps he’s up for his kingly duties now that he has sown his wild oats.  Hopefully his scandalous days are  well behind him.

1908384After reading some trivia about Prince Charles, we now know that the future Kind of England loves poached eggs on many dishes, he once sent a bottle of Scotch to recovering alcoholic Ozzy Osbourne (a special kind of insensitivity!), his vegetables must be steamed in a particular brand of mineral water, and most unimportantly, he sleeps in the nude – always.  Now that’s a disturbing mental image.

It will be interesting over the coming weeks and months to see how they go about transferring the crown from Queen Elizabeth to Prince Charles.


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  • ALman says:

    I wonder. No, wander, though I do that as well. Your remark got me to wondering how many people sleep in the nude. Surely, there’s been at least one study done. I also wonder whether it’s reliable? What methodology was used, or whether it was “ballpark” guessing? It’s something I’ve tried, but to no avail. I always felt, well, so naked!

  • Dana says:

    This is the right thing to do. His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, is the longest serving Heir Apparent to the throne since the 18th Century, and has been trained for the job for nearly six decades.

    Trouble is, he’s just plain goofy on things, but the saving grace in that is that, as King, he will still be primarily a figurehead.

    Perhaps Kate will embed God Save The Queen for me! 🙂

    • ALman says:

      Dana, Dana, Dana. Cosmo is your reliable source? Besides, this article was obviously written for women. Remember, women have hoo-haahs; men have heave-hoos. Moreover, while I don’t have as many medals as Prince Charles, I do have a few. If I were to sleep in the nude, how could I wear them to bed? I think I’ll just keep with wearing the red flannel long-johns and overcoat. I’ve been told they make me look “hot”!

      • Dana says:

        You pin the medals to the headboard, where your latest conquests can be suitably impressed. (Don’t mention that the Purple Heart for “shell fragments in the eye” meant egg shell fragments, and you’ll be OK.)

        Besides, when you sleep naked, the people with hoo-hahs will have much easier access to your heave-hoo, and perhaps they, too, will give you a medal. 🙂

        • ALman says:

          After the uproarious laughter stops, there’s only one thing to be said (in the tradition of Burns and Allen). That is, say good night Dana. Priceless. I’ll toast you tonight with an Irish Highball!

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