Politico Reluctantly Admits Joe Probably Lied About Everything

Politico Reluctantly Admits Joe Probably Lied About Everything

Politico Reluctantly Admits Joe Probably Lied About Everything

Politico, in quite the delicate tap dance, reluctantly admits that Joe very likely lied about everything.

The entire article really tries to not say that Joe lied while admitting that yes, Hunter and The Big Guy along with the rest of the Biden family benefitted from Joe’s connections. 

One of the many disputes that followed the leaking of Hunter Biden’s laptop contents, one of the thorniest has been the case of the April 2015 dinner at Cafe Milano.

Emails from the cache suggested that Hunter Biden hosted a dinner in a private room at the tony Washington restaurant that included both his father and an executive from the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, which had appointed Hunter Biden to its board. An email from the executive, dated immediately following the dinner, thanked Hunter Biden for the chance to meet his father.

Politico then reports on the multiple denials from Joe and the White House explaining that there were no formal NOR informal meetings. Or by inference, no phone chats either. Those denials became a problem after Devon Archer’s testimony this summer.

Now, suddenly, Politico is admitting that we probably shouldn’t believe anything Joe says or said about Hunter’s business dealings. 

A POLITICO review of recent congressional testimony and exhibits, along with court filings and media reports, casts doubt on several statements made by Biden and his representatives.

They include the president’s claim that he has never discussed his relatives’ business dealings with anyone and his suggestion that the appearance of emails apparently belonging to his son was the result of a Russian plot, as well as Biden’s denials that his son made money from China and that his relatives have profited off of the Biden name.

Republicans, meanwhile, have turned up no proof for the claims of Biden’s most zealous detractors: that he took official actions on account of his relatives’ business dealings. And as for the Cafe Milano dinner, there is no indication that Joe Biden discussed business or offered favors to the energy executive that night.

In other words, since there wasn’t an actual recording made of the dinner conversation, how will we ever know if Joe, Hunter, and the rest talked business? Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t. We, according to our betters at Politico, should only assume it was an innocent gathering for a terrific meal. Uh huh… 

Then there’s a deep dive into explaining how the laptop wasn’t real, nor verified. It was all just a Russian plot because those 51 intelligence dudes told us it was. Nothing was real about the laptop and it was totally fine to dunk on the New York Post while locking them out of social media for over two weeks.

But now it is real because the Washington Post and New York Times reluctantly verified the laptop contents were genuine and hadn’t been manipulated. Now, Politico has to admit that yes, the Cafe Milano dinner DID happen. 

Archer’s testimony specifically contradicted claims relayed in a Washington Post fact-check that Biden had not even sat down at the dinner and had only spoken to one other attendee: Alex Karloutsos, a Greek Orthodox cleric.

“That’s not correct reporting,” Archer testified.

Archer said the then-vice president ate dinner along with the group. “I remember just a regular dinner where there was a table of conversation,” he told House investigators.

Biden’s alleged contact with a Burisma executive is a sensitive matter in part because of claims, promoted by Trump’s allies during the last presidential campaign, that Joe Biden demanded the firing of a Ukrainian prosecutor who had been investigating Burisma on account of his son’s position with the company.

That last paragraph is a knee slapper given that Joe is ON CAMERA bragging about how he got the guy fired! 

At the time, that prosecutor was specifically looking into Burisma Holdings. The same company that Hunter Biden was a board member of. 

Tony Bobulinski gets the Politico tap dance treatment. Yet, he’s having none of what Hunter Biden and his attorney, Abbe Lowell are trying to do. 

“All of the allegations contained in Mr. Lowell’s 10-page letter to U.S. Attorney Graves are patently false, and I look forward to exposing these lies and laying out the facts in a public forum in short order,” Bobulinski said in the statement.

“The sad thing for our country is that Hunter, Jim and Joe Biden along with Abbe Lowell know they are all false and are trying to weaponize the DOJ against me.

The tortured tap dance continues with Politico’s reluctant admission that maybe the Biden Brand did benefit from business dealings in China and elsewhere. The reports “indicate” that there were signs Joe’s family benefitted from his name. 


Yes, where did all that cash come from? 

When Joe suddenly has $2.7 million in CASH to pay for his beach house, red flags should’ve flown all over the place! 

I guess, unexpectedly, the Biden Brand is getting a touch toxic. 

According to Politico, Joe probably lied about everything. All I can say is, “Welcome to the party pal!” 

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  • John Shepherd says:

    There is a simple reason the MSM is now “reluctantly” admitting that Biden is corrupt. It looks like Trump has the nomination locked up and having duped a majority of Republican primary voters again they are getting ready to dump Biden. Trump will lose to anybody else. Republicans have once again proven themselves to be the stupid party.

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