Polis Says NIMBY! Ships Illegals To NYC And Chicago

Polis Says NIMBY! Ships Illegals To NYC And Chicago

Polis Says NIMBY! Ships Illegals To NYC And Chicago

NIMBY! Jared Polis, Democrat Governor of Colorado doesn’t want illegal immigrants in his sanctuary city. He and Denver Mayor Michael Hancock are hopping mad that they have to deal with this issue. So, the new plan is to ship them off to NYC and Chicago!

According to Polis’ spin, he’s shipping them to NYC and Chicago because that was the original destination for these illegal immigrants! 

However, the Democratic governor told POLITICO shortly afterward that the state has been helping asylum seekers reach their final destinations — including New York City — for weeks. The only change has been a recent winter storm and ensuing travel catastrophe that created a backlog of migrants wanting to leave Denver, which is now being cleared.

Boy howdy. That’s quite a spin he’s got going on. It’s a spin that isn’t appreciated by NYC’s Eric Adams. 

There’s “no more room at the inn,” Mayor Eric Adams said Tuesday after word that Colorado plans to ship migrants to New York City and Chicago.

Adams called the migrant crisis a “national embarrassment” as he renewed his call for a billion dollars in emergency relief from federal officials on WABC radio’s “Sid and Friends in the Morning.”

“We received over 30,000 asylum seekers that are in need of not only shelter, but food, education for children, health care and some of the basic items that are needed,” Adams told radio host Sid Rosenberg, as he continued his call for financial support from the feds.

He then continued to whine about how “unfair” this is! We don’t have the resources! We don’t have places for them to stay! Except there ARE places for them to stay. In Chicago’s case, it’s a closed down school. However, neighbors are now saying NIMBY! 

The city had said there were no plans to turn the old school into a migrant shelter, despite construction work being done there and documents that suggested otherwise. On Wednesday night, city officials said indeed there is such a plan.

The community meeting Wednesday night at the Harriet M. Harris Park fieldhouse, 6200 S. Drexel Ave., was advertised as a “conversation.” But there wasn’t really a discussion.

Instead, the city launched into a presentation about why the old Wadsworth Elementary is set to become home to asylum seekers by next week.

Whoopsie. So the city of Chicago LIED to its constituents? You. Don’t. Say. 


Denver Mayor Hancock was so upset about the arrivals of illegal immigrants due to our horrendous open border policies that he declared a State of Emergency. 

Again, both Polis and Hancock proudly declared Denver and by proxy, Colorado, to be a sanctuary city and state. 

Mayor Hancock didn’t like the “sanctuary city” term but supported the concept, “If being a sanctuary city means that we value taking care of one another, and welcoming refugees and immigrants, then I welcome the title.” Why isn’t he welcoming these migrants now in the spirit of Christmas?

Colorado Governor Jared Polis also rolled out the welcome mat. Last year, “In a letter to the President Joe Biden, Gov. Jared Polis says Colorado is ready to help refugees and immigrants from Afghanistan resettle.” If Colorado welcomes Afghanis, then why not migrants from Central America and elsewhere?

Exactly! But now Polis is proclaiming out loud what he’s been practicing for the last few weeks. NIMBY!!

That’s another nice bit of spin from Polis. Let’s not make this political! Except he is making this political on multiple levels. While Colorado isn’t a declared sanctuary state, it’s been quietly one for some time now by tacitly approving Denver’s move to be a sanctuary city. 

Keep in mind, these latest busload(s) of illegal immigrants is supposedly a surprise to NYC’s Eric Adams. Yet, if Polis has been doing this for weeks now, what’s the issue? Maybe because of behind the scenes shenanigans? Such as the fact that there could’ve been agreement for Denver to house some of the illegals for a time? But where? One location comes to mind. The Denver Stock Show Complex. 

Except that’s not going to happen given the Stock Show starts this week and runs for the next two. Can’t have illegals cluttering up the joint when people are here from all over the world. It would be bad optics on Denver and Colorado! 

Never you mind all that. As Hot Air’s David Strom points out here, Polis is signaling that he’s doing this out of compassion so that the illegal immigrants can get to their chosen destination. 

Meanwhile, the homeless situation in Denver and along the Front Range is such that tent cities are being set up in warehouse parking lots on the north side of Denver. 

No, this isn’t compassion. This is a political game. This is a game where the Democrats don’t want to deal with the consequences of their actions and so, they are shipping the problem off to other cities. Out of sight, out of mind. NIMBY at it’s most Democrat finest!

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  • Lloyd says:

    Really…Sanctuary cities don’t want to offer sanctuary? What?…..Were they just posturing….you know, just checking boxes?

  • Sgt. Steiner says:

    Sure, house them in the Denver Stock Show Complex. When the Stock Show leaves town, herd them in and give them cleaning implements. Inform them their first job is to clean their house.

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